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Christopher Go and amateur astronomy

Christopher Go and amateur astronomy

Hi, I’m Helen from the Royal Astronomical
Society, and I’m here with Christopher Go, who’s been working on the Juno data. So could
you tell me very briefly what you do with the data? I don’t really work on Juno data, but I
take my images and my images are used by the Juno team to basically plot where they’re
gonna shoot on Jupiter. And secondly, also to understand what they’re trying to image. So I hear you’ve a lot of tips for people
trying to take images, and obviously we’ve got a lot of amateur astronomers involved
in Juno. It’s been quite amazing. So what sort of tips would you give to people? Well, to get the best image take care of the
little things. And get a lot of image. Yeah, and I believe you were saying something
about the jet stream yesterday in your lecture. Yeah, so a lot of people seem concerned about
that, what’s the problem with the jet stream and taking photos? The problem with the jet stream is, if your
over the jet stream, then there is no way you can take any good photos so, as long as
your free from the jet stream, then you have a chance to get a great image. So what would you recommend for people who
are right under it, I mean, move? Go to sleep. Just wait, yeah so there’s nothing you can
do about it. Ok, so there was something about cooling the telescope, and some things like
that I think. Yeah, taking care of the little things like
collimating your telescope, cooling the telescope, making the tube inside the telescope have
the same temperature as the background air. That’s very important in getting the best
image. And also if, if conditions aren’t that great, capture a lot of images and do some, it will allow you to do more aggressive sharpening after. OK, cool. Well it’s been a pleasure to talk
to you Christopher. Thank you very much. So I’m Helen and we’ll see you next time.

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