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CNN Absurd 2020 Predictions

CNN Absurd 2020 Predictions

100 Replies to “CNN Absurd 2020 Predictions”

  • Lord Commander Manny says:

    We should start our own progressive party. Where does it say only 2 party system. In Europe there are over 10-20 political party

  • Lord Commander Manny says:

    Sanders and Alexsandra O Cortez for VP

  • Lord Commander Manny says:

    We need a street fighter to embarrass trump

  • Ken McGuire says:

    Cortez,Pelosi, Walters Democrats are Idiot's nobody can beat Trump

  • Maker Shaker Waker says:

    What about your bias Cenk? You say their bias scream through the screen… You Literally scream your bias through the screen.

  • Jeri Kourkoumelis says:

    Biden and Sanders have the best chance

  • Paul Park says:

    What do you guys think about Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke?

  • Kreepy Kritter says:

    IdPol rears its head again. This is the DNC you built, Cenk. On your head be it.

  • Adrienne Olson says:

    I want to see Ojeda rise up. He could appeal to the people who voted for Trump because of his military background, speech for the people, and radical out there non traditional political role. He also could appeal to progressives, liberals and the center because his focus isn't partisan. He just wants America to be fixed, and less corrupt.

  • Salt & Pepper says:

    CNN is fake news. One of the reasons I don't mind when Trump bags out those CNN dickheads.
    Bernie Sanders is still ranked number 1 to the people.

  • Carl Creighton says:

    wow you're a condescending prick I know Amy Klobuchar's name more than your name sink? Your name is sink something right? asshole nobody ever elected you to be a shit talker

  • Bryan Hernandez says:

    This makes me want to volunteer and donate for Kamala and/or Amy in the primaries. He’s such a condescending piece of shit. I can’t wait to help you and your idiots lose, again, like in 2016. 💃🏾

  • Star Channel says:

    U may have a group of candidates but we have a trump .

  • K Jaime says:

    I guess you're unaware that California moved its primary up to Super Tuesday, March 3. And the commenter made a remark about how much clout she'll have there. So that will be a huge advantage right from the start. I agree with him that she'll also likely not be the nominee. She'll have only been a Senator a single year when people start voting. She's too green (not Green–sorry for the Dad joke). As for Beto, (1) he'll probably sweep the South just like Clinton did. Unless it's an African-American running like Jesse Jackson, the South **IS** "more conservative," even among their Democrat voters. That's just how it is, and it's why Sanders got off to such a horrible start he could have never caught up. I don't like this, so I'd like to see a much more progressive "mainstream-acceptable" candidate like Warren run instead of O'Rourke or Biden. I do hate to be ageist, but I do think Sanders will be too old. We just elected the oldest first-term President ever, and while there's no real comparison, I really don't want us to top that record again in 2020.

  • Peter van Dort says:

    K harris is not African American but Indian from India.

  • Griffin Surett says:

    Im a republican but Cenk is totally right. This proves cnn is fake news

  • Duygu Ozkan says:

    wow, I haven't watch this channel in 3 years, youtube suggests it and Cenk's like "EsTaBLisHMenT" every 3 seconds

  • TheeChronicle says:

    Kamala is my pick too. Kamala or Bernie

  • TheeChronicle says:

    I’m a progressive and I’d vote Cory booker

  • BackwoodsHunter.243 says:

    My money is on Beto

  • Paul Dygert says:

    Shit is sickening

  • Greg K says:

    Anyone, anyone in the Democratic party is better than Trump. And Bernie Sanders is also way better than Trump. But remember, Bernie isn't a Dem. So they will be more likely to nominate a Dem than an outsider.

  • Jonathan Carkner says:

    This guy is so annoying and conservative.

  • Tissue Cat says:

    My top pick is probably Warren, but Sanders is a very close second. If it becomes clear it's a race between Sanders and Biden, I'll vote for Sanders.

  • Kieran Steede says:

    Used to love this show. Until it became clear it was only interested in ideological purity and protecting their own candidates. They focus almost as much time as tearing down their Democratic allies than they do fighting the Republicans.

  • Raised Right says:

    Never thought I’d ever agree with TYT, but this video actually makes somewhat sense…

  • MrsHyde92 says:

    If democracy was real, Bernie would already be the current President! Same goes for 2020, Bernie's the people pick! No other candidate is half as popular as he is! All the rest are just being desperately pushed because DNC knows none of them have a chance against Bernie!

  • Jamal Oakman says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It like he forgets that trump won states that aren’t progressive (Penn, Wisconsin, Michigan). Maybe that’s why they have more pro-working Democrats to the top of the list and Bernie in the middle 😒

  • Andrew Wall says:

    Just to be clear, this is supposed to be a STATISTICAL ANALYSIS of candidates' chances. Harry Enten doesnt have a degree in statistics. His work is only in politics.

  • Edwin Amazona says:

    Its going to be a walk in the park for Trump. Keep crying liberal Democrats.

  • Benjamin Walters says:

    Cenk is looking at who is idealogically most progressive for who wins the Democratic nomination but fails to realize that someone as extreme as Bernie wouldn't win a general election

  • Matt King says:

    If anything, the Trump election showed us that when Americans are angry and afraid they vote conservative. As much as I would like to see a progressive president elected, it probably won't happen in 2020. There is still too much angry and fearful momentum currently on the side of Trump. The Democrats need a moderate candidate who has bipartisan appeal.They need someone who can calm independents and moderate republicans and convince them to leave Trump and vote Democrat. Hillary alienated white working class Dems as well as left progressives who supported Bernie. And she had zero appeal with independents and moderate Republicans. Some people voted for Trump simply because they hated Hillary or just wanted to give the middle finger to Washington. Democrats need to beat the drum of economic and jobs reform as well as fact-based politics and bipartisan cooperation. They need to show a sane alternative to the shitshow RealityTV that is going on in TrumpLand. If they try to emphasize identity politics, climate change, gun control, and other divisive issues, Trump will just rally his base and win again in 2020.

  • mr. truth says:

    when you tell the truth you don't look like a fool

  • jenni says:

    Any power rankings at this stage are useless. I think the reason they put Kamala at number one is because theoretically she can build the largest coalition (POC, liberal-leaning dems, more moderate dems, women, who make up 60% of the Dem base) and honestly I think she would make a strong opponent to Trump. To the layman the primary candidates are so close to each other in terms of policy that it will come down to personality, charisma, things like that. And I think that's where she's strong.

    The Bernie pipe dream needs to die, seriously. He lost to Hillary by 4 million votes, he isn't winning this time. Most of the country is still relatively moderate. Bernie is too divisive.

  • O M V R says:

    Unpopular opinion but i agree with Beto, Kamala and Joe. I hope Bernie doesn’t run if he does I probably won’t even vote, he’s a horrible choice. We need a young refreshing guy like Beto, or a strong black woman like Kamala. Bernie is just burnt out!!!!!

  • Michael McCabe says:

    not usually one to agree with young turks but this is so accurate. cnn politics is mindless and inaccurate. this video was pretty accurate

  • Marc Casteel says:

    It's the killer Bs. Bernie..Biden..Beto.💯

  • Chris Bartolini says:

    Wouldn’t be throwing shade at the predictions of anyone else if I worked for TYT but go off, fat boy.

  • Mohammed Aleem says:

    CNN SUCKS! That's it. I wish Bernie wins…..

  • Dan Zan says:

    WE'RE REAL HONEST HERE AT TYT WITH REAL FACTS, POLLING, AND DATA, ETC. Oh, really Cenk? No bias at all when you have outed TYT as just a NEWS SHOW, with no editorializing on whatever you present as the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Come on Cenk, you should know better than to say these things. You've been way over left as a fake progressive, leaving out much in your reporting which should leave those listening to you to compare what you say with other alt media websites.

  • King of Everything says:

    I'm sorry but I feel like Biden w either Beto or Kamala is the best bet… & the only reason people know who Klobachar is, is bcuz Kavanaugh screamed at her (and was made to apologize after) at the hearings

  • D.Coder says:

    I'll bet you if Dems go too progressive in the primaries then Trump will get reelected…

  • N_Logan says:

    Why are you guys so obsessed with Bernie? He’s probably gonna be dead by 2020. Beto 2020 🇺🇸.

  • David Sandall says:

    I’m a dem and pretty dang liberal but these guys are extreme Bernie-or-bust ppl

  • Internet Comment Etiquette with Luis says:


  • Charity Marie says:

    You are wrong. Amy Klobuchar or Sherrod Brown it’s our only way to include the independent and red state Republican not Trumpian vote. They are the best Democrat nominee they cover all spectrums of our party. We don’t all want progressive candidates. And if you want Bernie that’s fine bu he needs to stay out of our ring. he’s independent not Democrat. But I do think a well known progressive down ticket as VP such as Kamala or Beto.

  • Dino Jelic says:

    Wtf is wrong with you. Idiot youtuber lol. You dont know shit!!!

  • Robert Mcleod says:

    Sanders is too far to left

  • William Erazo says:

    I’m a Biden guy. He’s the only one that can go up to

  • Paul Reza says:

    can yall THINK for ONCE

  • Vallon Skyles says:

    They know their bias. Feigning ignorance again. Why does everyone in Progressive media always insist on letting them get away with this tactic.They just have to make them look like these idiots who have no idea they're wrong and just blissfully ignorant. How naive.

  • nichole Roberts says:

    Burnie/Joe 2020

  • P F says:

    The thing is Bernie has been out there preaching what most Democrats want irregardless if your progressive or not. I feel this time all Democrats should get behind him for 2020 and maybe his running mate be Biden to satisfy the Demo centrist. Bernie is not hated some may say he is extremely left. I say he isn't if you listen to what he says 50% of Republicans thinks his social issues are right on spot.

  • Zev Minsky-Primus says:

    Look. Maybe you don't understand that we know more than just polling data. We know candidates' race and gender, which turns out plays a role. We know where candidates come are from, and their net approval ratings, and we can make guesses based on how much funding they will likely get or not get, from pacs as well as everyday citizens, and much more. To say "because the polling data which asks democrats who they would vote for right now favors Biden and Sanders therefore they should be the top candidates" is incredibly naive.

  • Fummy says:

    Weren’t 100% right about Trump winning the election.

  • Fummy says:

    I hope the Democratic Party force through Kamala Harris as their candidate so Trump can destroy her at the polls.

  • Cannon Cagle says:

    Bernie or bust

  • M L says:

    Thank you for exposing the shameless IDENTITY POLITICS that influences the biased masses

  • Da'Brickshaw's Life says:

    elizibeth warren should be 2, orourke at 5

  • Noobelli says:

    The actual list

    1. Bernie Sanders
    2. Joe Biden
    3. Kamala Harris
    4. Beto O'Rourke

  • Robert Covarrubias says:

    The Democrats are corrupt as hell, what the hell they get this ib

  • Robert Covarrubias says:

    Where in the corrupt Democrats get their corrupt data about the presidency. This is unbelievable are criminal corrupt the Democrats are?

  • Robert Covarrubias says:

    These commentators are lunatic psychopath., unbelievable. That why the Democrats lost the last general election. they are total idiots

  • Robert Covarrubias says:

    The Democrats are so corrupt they will lose again These Corporate Democrats are the same as the devil, the love money too much. How can they win? I am talking about the Corporate Democrats we called Establishment lunatic psychopath. The only ones that will change anything is Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders, the others not really known running for president are very questionable. They probably won't win. We will see, nevertheless I will not vote for any Corporate Democrat period, I know who these idiots are!

  • semiretired86 says:

    no Tulsi Gabbard?

  • patty edmonson says:

    Nope I’d choose Elizabeth Warren first because she would fight for us she has proven that

  • hautbois says:

    Where is Tulsi Gabbard

  • Gabe B says:

    CNN is just pathetic at this point. Not one iota of objectivity just cheer-leading for their preferred candidates lmfao

  • Shaquana says:

    Kamala all the way!

  • Tony Mango says:

    What's going on what's going on people

  • Panada Bear says:

    I think I hate CNN even more than Fox now.

  • Panada Bear says:

    At least Trump was right about CNN when he called them fake news. It's pretty obvious now.

  • Panada Bear says:

    1. Bernie. 2. Warren. 3. Biden. 4. Harris. 5. O'Rourke

  • Oliver Phippen says:


  • William Mohamad says:

    liars. 1. black people arent stupid. they can tell Kamala is a fraud. 2. shes not progressive at all infact she is very conservative

  • Kari Boersheim says:

    Bullshit. All Bernie bros can go F themselves. Kamala all the way!

  • QwertyByte says:

    I'm from Minnesota, and I don't think I've ever heard Klobuchar's name shouted with such passion

  • Derick says:

    K L O B U C H A R !

  • Darth Vader says:

    Enough of this bullcrap. I'm seriously thinking of going Trump this time, he's been doing pretty great actually and i just want another compilation of smug liberals melting down on youtube.

  • Erick Khaile Zent says:

    I like Klobuchar, she's bipartisan and fosters consensus. I disagree with you.

  • Jean Damasceno says:


  • chrisak49 says:

    Bernie couldn’t even beat Hillary. How the hell can he win with Warren in the race now?

  • BIG E says:

    Bernie scares the hell out of establishment politicians dems and reps establishment media and ring kissers in banking beware Bernie is coming

  • Jeff C says:

    Wait, how is being from California a factor? Democrats would have to royally screw up to lose California.

  • Paulette Stewart says:

    Gabbard I like her she's not easily shaken when msnbc, Meghan McCain , GOP media attacks her, she's honest and no flip flopping…

  • Blair Greger says:

    Kamala Harris to be our president in 2020

  • Dennis D Diamond says:

    Trump will win in landslide, snowflakes.

  • Dennis D Diamond says:

    Kamala Harris doesn’t have anything on Trumps brand. This is the same line of thinking that caused the Dems to lose last time.

  • justageneraluser says:

    Interesting that CNN did not mention Kamala Harris at all (including why they moved her down their list) on their most recent version of this segment

  • Laura Barnes says:

    I think Biden is there best choice but it will either be Harris or Sanders! So they will lose.

  • Shaban Saba says:

    Bernie/Warren 2020

  • serendipityuk says:

    This is too funny, opening sentence from this shitty far left wing channel references the worst rated news broadcaster…

  • Ordoz says:

    But you are the establishment ….. 🤔

  • Ordoz says:

    You are biased …. like do you ever look at yourselves or listen to yourselves?

  • Sunny Matias says:

    Yang gang 2020

  • F Z says:

    Lolll booker and klobuchar as top five

  • Rabid Phoenix says:

    CNN picks Harris. I am shocked. NOT!

  • Jordan Weissman says:

    Lol Cenk was wrong and 3 months ago took a paid gig as a cnn commentator on Chris Cuomos show. Im a democrat but you guys are the equivalent of alex jones only on the left.

  • Marc Andrew says:

    They make Cenk SOOOO angry its hard not to be entertained while watching. And I am not mocking Cenk at all I feel his pain. In fact, I can't imagine after years of analysis and commentary still seeing the same shit and stinking even worse than the time before

  • My Name is Eve says:


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