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Creation Astronomy Rebutted

AndromedasWake has a series called, “CrAP Debunked,” debunking creationist claims about astronomy. But that hasn’t stopped the creation of a new website and video, They have two preview segments of their video, and it’s just what you’d expect from creationists. We’ll go through both of them. [Psarris]
“Welcome to ‘What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy,’ Volume 1: ‘Our Created Solar System.’ “I’m Spike Psarris, your host. “For a number of years, I worked as an engineer in the US Military space program. “I entered that program as an atheist and an evolutionist. “I left it as a creationist and a Christian.” Hoo boy, someone else who claims to have been converted from atheism and so-called “evolutionism.” If he really did accept evolution before, then how come he doesn’t have the first clue about it? But wait, aren’t I being premature in my evaluation of him? After all, we’ve hardly started watching the video! But the thing is, as long-time subscribers will remember, I debunked a guy saying very stupid things in my Thunderf00t tribute– and it was this very same Spike Psarris! [Psarris]
“According to the evolutionists, life arose 3.8 billion years ago. “Back then, the sun would have been 25% dimmer. “Hmmm. “Turns out, that would have severe implications for life on Earth. “Among other things, the average temperature here would be about 30°F, “which is of course below the freezing point of water. “This would make the Earth an ice planet.” The first video they give is just an introduction, but they also give as a preview their segment on Jupiter. Let’s watch: [Psarris]
“Just like all the other planets, Jupiter confounds evolutionary models of our solar system. “For one thing, evolution says Jupiter can’t be spinning as fast as it is. “The evolutionary model makes certain predictions about how fast the planets will spin. “However, Jupiter exceeds those predictions.” Okay, first of all, evolution is biology, not astronomy! But they’ve got their poisoning-the-well fallacy all ready on their website. They’re responding to Dr. Phil Plait’s handing of their asses. Here’s what Psarris claims: Yes, the WORD evolution is used, but not the THEORY of evolution! The word “evolution” simply means change. Psarris knows this, and he’s trying to shift the goalposts. Remember what Psarris said: [Psarris]
“The evolutionary model makes certain predictions about how fast the planets will spin.” Did you hear that? “The evolutionary model.” The only way in which this makes sense is if he’s talking about the scientific theory of evolution, since only scientific theories can make this kind of prediction. Yet in his response, he’s talking about the word evolution– not the theory of evolution–being used to mean “change.” If we make the appropriate substitution in his sentence, we get: which is completely nonsensical. Jupiter spins on its axis once about every ten hours. But here’s the thing: since it’s gaseous, its upper atmosphere undergoes what’s called “differential rotation.” Jupiter rotates about 5 minutes faster in the poles than it does at its equator. So Jupiter doesn’t rotate as a solid sphere would. Far from falsifying current scientific theory, scientists actually think that Jupiter may have started rotating faster than it is now and slowed to its current rate. The sun would have slowed down due to friction much faster than Jupiter, so this makes sense. Also, Jupiter is a fairly dense planet–a lot of mass collected into this space, and like a figure skater drawing her arms in and spinning faster, this would have happened to Jupiter as well. The current cosmological model says that a nebulous disc– seen in formation in many places in our own galaxy– would move faster and faster around as more matter accreted. This would cause the formation of eddies, little spinning whirls in the disc, which condense to form the planets. Again, since Jupiter formed from a much greater amount of this mass, it would increase its rate of spin as the matter was drawn in. The quote he pulls from a scientific paper for support is incredibly misleading, and this is where Psarris shows himself to be just another lying creationist. The only thing this paper cast into doubt was the uniformity of the accretion disc. With planets forming from larger, more catastrophic collisions, the current rotational periods and orientations of the planets can be fully explained. In other words, all that was needed to explain it was a modification to what was then the current understanding. That’s how science works. [Psarris]
“Evolutionary models predicted that Jupiter would lack certain elements: “argon, krypton, xenon, nitrogen, and others. “But it turns out that Jupiter has LOTS of these elements.” Yep, his second point is the same old same old. When scientists are talking about argon and those other elements in the composition of Jupiter, they are talking about trace amounts. Jupiter is about .0009% argon, .0004% krypton, and .0003% nitrogen. We aren’t talking about any significant levels at all. And, of course, the Nature quote is another quote mine as well. Hey, Psarris, ya got anything from this century? [Psarris]”Also, the evolutionary model requires Jupiter to have a large core inside of it. “This would have been necessary for Jupiter to form from the solar nebula billions of years ago. “Unfortunately for evolution, a recent space probe measured the mass of Jupiter’s core. “The evolutionary model needs Jupiter to have a large core, at least ten times the mass of our Earth. “But we now know that at most the core can only be three times the mass of Earth.” Again, he’s misrepresenting the science. The findings of the Galileo probe are not enough to conclude anything positively about the core, only to place a few limits on its size. The figure of 3 Earth masses Psarris quoted is the lower limit. The upper limit is 18. The current estimation for Jupiter’s core is between 14 and 18 Earth masses, completely within the limitations of the Galileo findings. [Psarris]
“Scientists have studied how a planet like Jupiter would have formed from a disc of gas and dust, “and the results have been devastating for the evolutionary model. “Jupiter would have needed at least ten million years to form, and that’s being generous. “Some scientists say it would take even longer than that. “But these scientists also acknowledge that a disc of gas and dust “wouldn’t have lasted around our sun for that long. “Many scientists believe that such a disc would have dissipated in less than five million years.” The problem is the disc doesn’t dissipate. It collects into lots of tiny planetoids, asteroids, comets, etc. The planets haven’t finished forming at this time; that keeps going as all of this debris continues to slam into them. One such collision of a Mars-sized object with the molten Earth gave us not only our 24-hour day (slowed down from the 15-hour rotation it had right after the impact), but also ejected our moon as well. Jupiter, having the greatest mass, would have attracted even more of this debris, and in fact continues to do so, as the modern impact of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 demonstrates. The sad thing is, if this guy really knew his stuff, he could come up with all sorts of information about the planets that we just don’t know. This was the subject of Phil Plait’s talk at The Amazing Meeting 6. He went through every planet, mentioning at least one thing that science doesn’t yet have the answer for. But the way science works, it embraces the things we don’t know, and uses them to modify the theory to increase our understanding of the universe and make the models more accurate. It’s a continuous, ongoing process. But all Psarris and the other creationists can do is point out some things that science doesn’t yet understand and then claim that this somehow means that the scientists are completely wrong and they’re right– but even then, they fail at that! Psarris tries a God-of-the-gaps strategy with gaps that have already been filled! And all the while, science keeps on discovering and learning, while the creationists neither grow nor change, becoming neither smarter nor more knowledgeable. It’s just one more reason creationism is fail, fail, FAIL.

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