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Daily Horoscope: August 21st – August 22nd

Wednesday and Thursday August 21st and
22nd do you know what’s going on in the heavens we’ve got a square we’ve got Sun
and Leo and Moon in Taurus 90-degree angle beep beep beep beep beep I hope
you know that when the Sun and the Moon are squaring each other there’s conflict
why cuz the Sun gives us life for us and it goes oh my god I’m so excited
I’ve got all this Leo energy it’s true towards the end of the cycle I’ve been
so juicy I’ve been so alive I’ve been having so much fun
moon in Taurus goes excuse me we need to clean up by the way you’re a little loud
and by the way put those clothes away put your slippers on why’d it do is show
off conflict built into the system to people inside your own head having a
fight life time how many of you have that the conflict of voices in your head
that have different impulses and why do we study astrology so we can be the
referee and we can say those two voices everybody sit down I’m in charge what
happens is our voices the inner dialogue of the human psyche it actually believes
your ego thinks it’s running the show your ego is not running the show you’re
running the show you chose to watch this video you have a free will button just
waiting now with the Sun in Leo and the moon and Taurus it’s a little conflicted
I must say so if you feel the tension if you’re a Taurus and Aquarius is Scorpio
or a Leo you could be saying wow I really felt what deborah was saying
during those couple days Wednesday and Thursday there was some fixed energy in
the heaven and I feel edgy and what are you doing those moments you give
yourself permission to be acceptable just the way you are
that is a moon in Taurus delight I don’t have to feel bad about being weird
strategy answers wanted me on these videos to tell you that my school is
beginning to start please do not miss the astrology school it’s going to begin
in September where I’m gonna help you figure out there’s nothing wrong with
you you just don’t have the language or the
words of the refrain to start feeling good about yourself which will pick up
your energy and get you motivated and when they people come to my school the
thing I love the most about it is that the end women lose weight they fall in
love they fall in love with their kid they decide to change because why cuz
their Chi came backed this is a cheerful sky
that’s funny so the moon is also next to Uranus and Taurus the Sun as I said was
Leo Uranus conjunct the moon is a very unusual occurrence once a month and it
talks about brilliant intuitive beliefs and things like astrology mm-hmm you
heard it right Deborah silverman astrology and she
wanted me to tell you this is the time to really think about what can you do to
reclaim the relationship with yourself around being motivated to happily live
ever after it’s not impossible I’m here to tell you you can make your dreams
come true but first things first there are count them six planets and
earth the Sun is leaving Leo in a few days you want to get up and go right now
thanks for listening

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