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Daily Horoscope: December 10th – December 12th

December 10th 11th and 12th Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday the Sun is in sag and the moon is in Gemini and that means
we’re having a big fat full moon yes you heard me correct and what does that
indicate that Sagittarius is all about freedom traveling taking adventures like
not being limited so it’s the part in all of us that wants to leave the town
they wants to leave our family they want some freedom at all costs they wants to
get out of the mundane so Sanj is the animal it’s kind of half horse half
human and then the moon opposite in Gemini is the part that says hold on a
minute we have people that we love we want to communicate to them we want to
stay close to home we want to make sure we’re having fun while now Gemini’s make
a party out of anything so this full moon is celebratory Tuesday Wednesday
and Thursday big energy but because there’s so much earth in the sky there’s
four planets in Capricorn and one in Taurus so we’ve got five planets at
Earth all that crazy energy of Sagittarius Gemini gets grounded and
that’s what you learn when you study your chart what’s the predominant
upfront information your Sun your moon and your rising that describes your
personality when you study astrology and you go underneath that you find that oh
that’s so interesting because Venus Saturn and Pluto are all
in Capricorn that puts a different slant on that full moon Gemini sad so don’t
limit your understanding to astrology with just the Sun and Moon and rising
that’s why we have a school which starts in January where if you’re interested in
getting to understand your specific chart it takes it way out of the general
which is one of the things that Gemini sad to do they generalize they make up
stories they embellish things but all that earth says hold on a minute let’s
be practical so if you’re feeling the split right now if you want to go party
but there’s some part of you going I feel this desire to be grounded it’s
true and you want to do both and if it’s a full moon you have full permission to
indulge astrology I just wanted me to tell you go have a party

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