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Daily Horoscope: December 3rd – December 5th, 2019

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday December
3rd 4th and 5th the Sun is in Sagittarius in the moon is in Pisces 90-degree angle fire
in water this combination is so interesting Sagittarians by nature will
tell a story and they embellish because they just love it’s not that they’re
lying it’s that they have this creative flair and they’re kind of poetic or
they’re dramatic or they’re writers and they have this incredible gift of
studying all kinds of languages and ideas and then the moon in Pisces has
this propensity towards like making up things a little bit in their head not
quite sure if it’s real or not but they can conjure up a whole fantasy so you
put these two together and they’re just like whoa nelly so I’m Tuesday Wednesday
and Thursday if you are a Gemini Asad a Pisces or a Virgo the energy is a little
bit scattered because it’s so mutable and things just change
Jupiter’s in Capricorn that’s the good news it’s grounding us and there’s four
planets in Capricorn so even though it’s a wishy-washy kind of energy that baby
were born with this they do have excessive creativity that’s the upside
of Sajid Pisces with enough earth to get things done that’s a big deal I think
you need to know this Walt Disney I love the story he was born December 5th
they say that sanitarians blossom at the end of their life they’re late bloomers
because they change so much they have so many ideas all the time Walt Disney was
in his late 50s I love the image when he opened up Walt Disney Land
better known as Disneyland he opened up the door he was about to go bankrupt he
had nothing left if that didn’t work it was going to be completely no goal for
him and the funny part is I imagine him sitting at a board table saying I have
this idea we’re gonna have a park and all the little cartoon characters like
Minnie and Mickey will be embodied and people all over the world are gonna fly
in to come that’s a Sagittarius pisces dream but all that earth in the heavens
and clearly in his chart he took his dreams and brought them down
to reality so even though it’s kind of a funny energetic I am here to tell you
dreams are where everything begins and during Sagittarius Pisces this Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday you may just want to say to yourself is there a dream like
what wouldn’t you dream last night to see that what are the dreams that
stalk you that keep following you people don’t know how important is that
Sagittarius in the philosophical sense that dreams are so important to stay
awake inside of Wow astrology answers is getting deep with Deborah Deborah
cildren wanted to tell you this is the time for dreaming and putting it into

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