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Daily Horoscope: February 23rd – February 24th, 2020

February 23rd and 24th Sunday and Monday
the Sun and the Moon are together in a dark sky in Pisces for planets and
Pisces there’s a word stellium you may have heard in astrology all it means is
there’s three planets all standing very close to each other in the same sign but
there’s four planets in Pisces and there’s four planets in Capricorn this
is like the yummy yes first let’s go with the new moon before we go to
yum-yum Factor okay if there’s a new moon in Pisces and it’s the dead of
winter and it’s really cold outside get out your cashmere the first thing
you want to do is go quiet double Pisces gift is meditation most of us can’t
meditate we don’t know how it’s a skill that we talk about or we read about it’s
simple stop thinking ready go if I got quiet and I wasn’t talking and you were
sitting alone with yourself your thoughts become even louder
which is why meditation is such an annoying thing to do to start with
because everything you’re thinking goes across the screen until double Pisces
you learn how to sit still and that gives you the opportunity have a holiday
this Sunday and Monday the 23rd 24th is an opportunity for how they Sunday if I
were you and I was following the sky I would give myself a chance to say okay I
understand it’s a dark sky it’s double Pisces and I have a chance to soften and
be quiet and see if I can create atmosphere you know Pisces are so good
at they light candles they put on incense they have Trevor Hall Orson Adam
Carr beautiful music in the background they create a temple in their house
that’s what you should do on Sunday and Monday and say oh Debra Silverman from
astrology answers told me it was a new moon in Pisces and it was all about
atmosphere and magic and being quiet and meditating but I don’t know how to do it
there’s apps on the phone you can get there’s different classes you can take
I’m telling you with the right use of Pisces the right use of Pisces rather
than escaping and dreaming and becoming spaced out you turn in you go quiet
and you allow spirit to talk through you and it’s just like dreaming with your
eyes open or your eyes closed but you’re awake like this double pie see sky do
not miss the opportunity even if it’s your five minutes to stop and tell your
thoughts sit down I’m a double Pisces guy I don’t want to think I just want to
hear the sound of my voice breathing I want to hear my inner dialogue quiet and
if you can do for five minutes good for you and by the way this was Steve Jobs
birthday the 24th he had the ability to conjure up in his Pisces fashion an
entire dream that our world would be ruled by computers now he didn’t have
the best personality but he sure had a dream this is the day Sunday and Monday
to have a dream what’s your dream you have to be quiet to figure it out
astrology has just wanted me to ask you what’s your dream

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