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Daily Horoscope: July 2nd – July 3rd

Daily Horoscope: July 2nd – July 3rd

July 2nd and 3rd Tuesday and Wednesday and there’s an eclipse coming (fanfare) July 2nd not to mention July 4th’s on its way but this eclipse is meaningful why because the Sun and the Moon are both in Cancer I cherish these people I know Cancer gets a bad write up they’re too moody they’re whiners they have all these kids they take their time they live inside their own house they don’t come out they’re so mushy they’re so vulnerable I had a student once raise his hand to Cancer and he was like can you tell me one good thing about Cancer I’m sick of being this sign and I was like you’re a healer but you’re resisting your human nature that you don’t like your personality because it’s sensitive that’s the wrong answer beep wrong answer so during this eclipse this is always what we always do during eclipses we pay attention to the flavor – double Cancer and then we ask ourselves what could I do to mark this time ’cause you’ll remember I remember the last eclipse when it was in Cancer which was about 3 years ago and I said to myself you know what I’m going to do and it really worked I used to have an emotional body you can’t see it anyway I used to have an emotional body that was very very sensitive and it came with a low grade depression that didn’t really like being in a body I’m telling you all of this because I changed it on an eclipse and I was working with a healer on an eclipse and I said I remember right where I was ’cause that’s what you do during eclipses and I said I am choosing to be here I want to be in a body and I’m going to stop whining and complaining so every time I’d hear my internal dialogue go I wanna go home I don’t like this planet I’d go Debra really that is such a dippy broken record you’ve made a decision on the eclipse so I’m going to invite you what’s your relationship with life how much do you like being in a body if it’s not tingling this is Cancer if it’s not tingling if it’s not happy if it doesn’t sing when you have a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine or it doesn’t feel delicious when you’re eating chocolate something’s wrong cause Cancer’s deal is they love being in a body if you’re not having fun being in a body it’s ’cause you’ve overeaten or you’ve gotten grumpy or you’ve got baggage from your childhood or you haven’t healed and double Cancer is the quintessential healer that’s what happens when you hear the word Cancer immediately go to the doctor you change your diet you call your best friends and you ask for help I’m going to suggest during this eclipse you look at your own body and you say how am I treating this cute little temple of mine or this ugly little temple of mine how can I rewrite this story that’s what I would do during this eclipse July 2nd because July 4th is coming and you’re going to pig out and drink too much and get crazy so before that happens let’s take advantage of Sun and Moon in Cancer and by the way Mars just entered Leo bye bye Cancer so we’ve had another month left behind us of Mars and Cancer it’s now entering Leo so this is our last moment to say emotionally I love being human and even when I’m vulnerable and it really hurts and I’m really sad or I’m disappointed in myself it still means I’m alive and being human so far as I hear it is the best thing going on here since there’s nothing else going on here get my point Astrology Answers gave me a long conversation about this eclipse to say to you check in with your emotional body and your relationship with being in the body and see if you can rewrite it and remember from now on 2019 on July 2nd I made a decision that eclipse really had meaning for me and tell me what it is PS what is an eclipse when the Sun and the Moon are in the same spot there is no reflection it’s a perfect dark night it’s a marker in history all across time they knew when the eclipses were coming and they would mark them as a signifier that something important was about to happen and then they use the sign to indicate it so it’s a dark sky time to go in and ask yourself those questions time to go in and ask yourself those questions

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  • John &Erin G. says:

    Thank you🌞

  • Cheryl Sibson says:

    My Mom had 4 tumors and Lung Cancer she had one on her hand, nose, went to her head 4 tumors there, one was the size of the orange, as lovingly as I could I held her in my arms and she collapsed into my arms and stopped walking ever again, she was a former Ballerina for the Winnipeg who kept drinking because her husband told her she didn't earn enough income, so she danced for the love of her daughters in her kitchen. It's Canada Day, I celebrate Canada Day not drinking in Quebec they have the first nonalcoholic bar I hope that celebrations count in Peace, Love, and in 3 part Harmony for all of you! Not that I'm in Quebec but you get the drift. Thanks Debra. The power of choice is yours.

  • Heather Wilkins says:

    Dido. I'm happy to be here. Love my life. My work. My family. Love myself. Thankyou Debra. Reminding us to be present and grateful!! Love Cancer!!

  • Anna Delgails says:

    Thanks needed to here that!!!!!

  • spsa says:

    Thank you for being so real. Love, a Cancer Moon 🙂

  • Alyana Montero says:

    Thank you ♡

  • Erin Laura says:

    This was a really sweet video and I appreciated how poetically said it was (very Cancer energy lol)! “Cute little temple” ☺️

  • Victoria Smith says:

    Thank you My Dear , I am Cancer .

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