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Daily Horoscope: June 15th to June 17th

Daily Horoscope: June 15th to June 17th

June 15th, 16th 17th Saturday Sunday and Monday whoa here comes the big fat full moon now we have Sun in Gemini and the Moon opposite in Sag woo that is called funny funny funny funny Sun in Gemini Moon opposite with Jupiter right next to it the Moon and Jupiter in Sag and by the way our president has this very configuration and what’s his birthday no one knows well let’s all send him birthday wishes because the sky is reflecting his exact birth date he was born with Sun in Gemini Moon in Sag now because Jupiter’s there it’s supposed to be entertaining you guys take this full Moon and celebrate the fact that Neptune’s in Pisces it makes a T square look Sun opposite Jupiter Neptune in Pisces and the fourth spot would be Virgo it keeps going on and on this particular configuration which says during the full Moon of Gemini and Sag the flavor of this month that our president was born within and let’s not judge him for a minute and just look at a pure astrological angle of his chart funny non-conformist spontaneity makes up stories entertains himself loves to hear his voice loves to hear our voice we all can entertain ourselves we don’t have to judge this part of ourselves it’s just a childlike innocence that loves to get things done quickly and isn’t always interested in details so the details become burdensome because when there’s a Gemini Sag they’re like are we having fun yet let’s just go who cares what time it is let’s just go we’ll just take our suitcase if it’s empty I don’t even care if we need a suitcase we’ll buy it when we get there they have an incredible childlikeness that’s the nature of this full Moon so you always celebrate during a full Moon you think to yourself oh the full Moon’s coming let’s do a prayer that says let’s look at the positive side of childlike energy that feels totally willing and worthy to make up stuff to play to spend money to exaggerate it’s just like if you were somehow in your youthful innocent state and you weren’t judging your childlikeness and you had a really healthy internal dialogue that said we’re gonna get up in the morning and pretend like it’s Christmas in the summer that’s what this full Moon is like we have Mercury in Cancer which the president has too which means that we are always thinking about our family I mean that’s the beauty of this particular full Moon it’s Gemini Sag kidlike but it doesn’t exclude the people that we love the most so I wanna say to you during this full Moon have fun play have a party invite some people over and don’t forget that even if you have weird family members that you want to judge like we so want to judge the president for good or for bad let’s just see humans all together universally are longing to be loved and accepted astrology answers wanted me to say that to you look there’s a big fat full Moon out there and it all releases in Virgo that T square so if I were you I’d serve our family of humanity by not judging them you know my book the missing element the second title is compassion for the human condition we’re all a little goofy I am aren’t you haha ps it’s not Donald Trump’s birthday that’s actually on June 14th but this configuration when he was born is exactly what he was born with so we’re talking about the Sun in Gemini Moon in Sag he had that but his birthday the year he was born the full Moon was on June 14th not on June 17th and every year the full Moon’s on a different date of course but the configuration and the flavor is exactly what it was when he was born get it

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  • Cheryl Sibson says:

    Debra, The Raptors won the NBA game and Canadians went WILD it was the build-up and the making of hard work, endurance, getting past indifferences, AND Intolerances Canada has endured " white supremacy" was brought to its knees last night, " that brought Canadians together at a basketball game, and taught the way how MULTICULTURALISM and getting along MADE Canadian's typically and terminally unique, and these kids were taught, how to play well, we know how to win a game, like nobody is watching! Thanks for your years in service Debra, I know you work hard for what you do every day!

  • Kay Broughton says:

    Debra, thank you for the interesting and wonderful insights as usual!! You are the best!

  • Heather Wilkins says:

    Thanks Debra. Happy Birthday Mr. President!! And I'm not political!!

  • Brooklyn Hudson says:

    Funny enough, I think his birthday is the very day this came out… the 14th of June. I'm pretty sure.

  • susan wilkie says:

    My mother is a Gemini with a sag moon, my father a Scorpio sun, I am Scorpio rising Sag sun Gemini moon Is kinda weird that I have the main aspects of both my parents. I think my mother and I are opposites so when we butt heads I try to remember why. She just turned 88 so that does not happen as much as in my younger days full of fire. Thanks Debra I always try to listen to your videos. Like your spunk, lol

  • Victoria Smith says:

    Thank you My Dear

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