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Daily Horoscope: June 2nd to June 3rd

Daily Horoscope: June 2nd to June 3rd

June second and third Sunday and Monday
the sudden isn’t Gemini and the Moon is in Gemini these two planets together
make a very funny character they laugh and they took oh and Mercury Sun Moon
Mercury all conjunct in Gemini and there’s four planets at Earth so while
the Gemini is going woo woo so many ideas so much fascination such a
curiosity such an appetite to learn astrology you’re watching these videos
and you just watch them really fast you think I’m so funny because I am a Gemini
yes I’m in the club welcome to Gemini and when you have this much Gemini and
somebody they’re way smarter than me they have a great memory their intellect
runs fast they have an incredible gift for numbers they can do science their
retention is so much more than normal person if they’re interested if not
where is my person where’s my keys on what day is it and oh my god I can’t
find my driver’s license uh-huh double Gemini they go all over the place and
there’s a t-square between the Sun in Gemini Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and
sach so see those three planets that are all called mutable Gemini sad
Pisces their release of the whole chart is Virgo you guys as crazy as the energy
is right now you’ve got to make a list so when this whole crazy energy settles
down you’ll have some game plan astrology I just said tell them virgos
the release point you learn a Strout do you find out there’s always a way out
when there’s a lot of tension around

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