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Daily Horoscope: March 10th to March 11th

Daily Horoscope: March 10th to March 11th

Sunday in Monday March 10th and 11th the
Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Taurus water earth mud manifestation
this is the sweetest combination if a baby were born with this configuration
they’d grow up maybe an artist a musician a great cook really good with
animals really good with children super gentle I want you to think water and
earth they’re the people that walk into the room and you feel so calm as soon as
they arrive because they have a soft energy about them so different than fire
and even though mercury is still retrograde it doesn’t mean that we can’t
make a mistake with gentleness and this is really the art of Mercury retrograde
can things go off and I can maintain my composure and not judge you or judge me
that’s so Pisces Taurus they’re the sweetest kindest people and
there’s so many planets in earth there’s five count them planets on earth we have
your anus and Taurus we have Mars and Taurus we have this lovely moon in
Taurus and then we have Saturn in Capricorn Pluto in Capricorn five
planets and earth solid stable grounded getting our work done doing what’s
required so on Sunday and Monday when you wake up Monday you can go to work
this would be a great thing when there’s five planets on earth get up in the
morning and go to work and pretend like you can’t wait to go to work
that’s Pisces Taurus just pretend and walk and gently slow it down get in a
little bit early tourists love to go slow leave a little bit late and pretend
that you love your job that’s Pisces pretending when you give yourself over
to a day with a choice of choosing to go to work with joy magic happens and it’s
all you know this right between your ears the whole thing and of course
mercury is still in Pisces so you can make up any story you want I call it MSU
making stuff up it’s a school we all went to and I’m encouraging you to make
up some stuff today you love your job and if you don’t then take action as
soon as the Sun gets and Aries astrology has just told me to tell them so glad
we’re grounded and stable and quiet today

6 Replies to “Daily Horoscope: March 10th to March 11th”

  • SARAH Lee says:

    Yay moon is Taurus in my sun sign awww

  • Nick Muscat says:

    Dreamers Vs Grounded… Not so Dramacted 4 La Dreamers… Or however La HELL That ya Spell it?

  • susan preston says:

    Pisces sun Leo moon Ascendant Aquarius Taurus in Uranus' up very early after a late night' I fill good decide to color my hair hour after I got up' then I say what are u thinking we are in retrograde oh no lol" well I'm about to go wash it out' time will tell if I made a boo boo🤓🐡🐡

  • Mary J says:

    I have ♓Pisces son and he's soo judgemental and he hate every job, he loves to stay at home pretend he's sick wants everything to be hand it to him because you brought him in to this would, you are responsible to provide for him. There's nothing sweet about ♓Pisces. He loves to have dog, but you hafto look after his 🐕dog. Ef you don't, you're the worst Pearson he'll call you every name in the book. And his 39years of age always in the clouds in lala land.

  • jennifer briski says:

    So that's what Michigan State University stands for! LOL

  • Mari Posa says:

    March 10 is my birthday and I like this reading for my next year💚💚💚
    Thank you so much!!!

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