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Daily Horoscope: November 3rd – November 5th

November third fourth and fifth Sunday
Monday and Tuesday the Sun is in Scorpio and the moon is an Aquarius now these
two signs have a conflict because Scorpio is very deep and it lives with a
quietness that comes from an internal space where they live inside themselves
they’re not really wanting to give free information because they live in a
different reality than the ones of us that love to talk
well mooner – crystal excuse me excuse me what did you say or why aren’t you
talking so inside this person some of you have this there’s the conflict of
wanting to show up in the world because your son signs compelling you son in
Scorpio but the moon the emotional bodies like detached cut off not feeling
and then there’s this fixed t-square the Sun here we have the Sun in Scorpio is
opposite Uranus and Taurus it’s the Sun opposite Uranus with the moon and the
release of the whole thing is Leo so what I want to say to you is sometimes
this is an edgy energy Sunday Monday and Tuesday especially if you’re a Scorpio
Taurus Aquarius or leo when we get edgy there’s a place where we can be very
sharp tongue that’s Aquarius and then Scorpio goes in for the stinger so this
is a really important time especially because Venus just moved into sage today
to know that that t-squared we talked about the Sun opposite Uranus and the
moon it releases in Leo and that’s an open-hearted expression to say you know
what I just honestly I’m feeling pissy today I’m feeling frustrated and I’m
gonna say it out loud as soon as we disclose honestly what we’re feeling we
take off that game we take off that game called blame so with this release of Leo
with the Sun and Scorpio and the moon Aquarius the release is Leo like just
naming it I’m feeling frustrated there’s an edginess please don’t take it
personally it’s all about me Wow when a Leo can take responsibility for their
drama life changes strategy Answers wanted to say Sunday Monday and Tuesday
could be a little edgy for fix signs and the quicker you can be honest the
quicker we can change the energy

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