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Daily Horoscope: November 8th – November 10th

Daily Horoscope: November 8th – November 10th

November 8th 9th and 10th Friday
Saturday and Sunday you should feel the energy come up because why the moons in Aries and the Full Moon is coming and you can feel the energy building and I’m
telling you with moon and Aries we have a charge going on it’s called get physical
Scorpio and Aries together whether it’s massage whether it’s yoga whether it’s
getting exercise whether it’s punching things I don’t know but this part of us
this weekend sexual sexual you know that’s Scorpio of all the videos that
I’ve done on YouTube I hope you’ve watched them if you go on YouTube and
just put in Deborah Silverman Scorpio it’s been watched like 400,000 times
literally and it’s simply me acting out a very sexual creature I had so much fun
doing that video Scorpios right now there’s an exact sextile between Scorpio and Saturn that means there’s two planets that are 60
degrees apart that means that one is in water Suns in Scorpio the Saturn’s and
Capricorn Earth it’s a very powerful time with luminaries sun in scorpio
sextiles going on to get stuff done very Scorpio like very aries impulsive but I control
myself I really wish I didn’t have to control myself that’s what’s coming up
soon because the Full Moons on its way the energy is gonna build in the
meantime this is time to get physical go outside let the cold air you know when
you breathe out and it’s smoke that’s one of the coolest things about winter
that your mouth actually can smoke and you can drink coffee and it shows up
with smoke this is the magic of being alive and when the moons and areas you
got to get outside and feel that cold air see outside said Astrology Answers and Debra silverman

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