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Daily Horoscope: October 19th – October 20th

Daily Horoscope: October 19th – October 20th

October 19th and 20th we are on a
weekend Saturday and Sunday the Sun is in Libra and the moon is in cancer now
dun dun da da some have you been watching these videos
for years what happens when the Sun and the moon are squared if a baby’s born
with that that’s a strong indication I hate to say this that the family
dynamics we challenged either there’s a divorce or there’s a loss of a parent or
there is the continuation of the family structure but the kid absorbs the
tension in the household now that’s especially true with Libra
cancer because cancer is a super sensitive sign Libra can be very
detached they don’t tell you that about libras they have this way of being in
relationship and then being out of relationship and they’re in but they’re
not in but they’re kind of but they’re sort of and muninn cancers like that’s
not working for me cancer needs commitment and feeling safe so that
contrast inside of somebody is someone that wants to be committed but they need
space and the libras dynamic is all about do you know the story it’s all
about codependency at worst libras missing their partner like the
bicycle built for two at their best they’re in relationship with themselves
that’s the mastery of Libra and especially with this combination because
the cancer saying I feel so sensitive you may notice during this weekend with
the moon and cancer that you’re highlighting this emotional realm like
you’re feeling it more in your kind of sad and there’s something going on and
there is this cardinal t-square that’s been going on that releases in Aries so
because there’s Libra there’s cancer and then there’s Saturn and Pluto in
Capricorn the whole release that’s going on right now is straight up so the big
issue I always tell people said the astrologer is when there’s tension and
you’re emotionally feeling super sensitive the trick is always instead of
being angry is to say out loud I’m feeling so frustrated I want to get mad
at you if you can name it before it happens I used to call it the mean mom
like when the kids when I was raising kids and they I could feel I was feeling
frustrated I’d say uh-oh here comes mean mom and I
could feel it before it happened and I’d say ah yeah I have to go for a
workout and that’s what the release in Aries is you’ve got to take
responsibility we use other people to get pissed off especially with this
tension in the sky this weekend’s what about Libra Sun during the cycle if
we learned the art of saying I’m feeling so frustrated and I really want to blame
you Wow it would change everything astrology
I just wanted me to tell you about that

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