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Daily Horoscope: September 1st – September 2nd

Daily Horoscope: September 1st – September 2nd

September 1st and 2nd Sunday and Monday
September 1st Lily Tomlin her birthday I love this quote you know what she said
she’s so funny you know what infinity is time on a
massive ego trip I love that line just the humor system that’s what happens
you’ve got this combination today a Virgo and the moons and Libra and they
are funny those two signs are funny people don’t
tell you virgos have a wicked sense of humor they’re ruled by mercury and
mercury right now is in Virgo as the Sun is and Mars and Venus there’s a lot of
Virgo energy what they don’t tell you about virgos it’s that they have this
entertainment factor every sign has a planet that rules up the planet that
rules virgos mercury and mercury is a little winged creature during the Greeks
times where he’d fly around and he was really speedy and he had this gift of
the gab and that’s Virgo they can talk just like a Gemini they can be very
social they’re fascinated by science they’re interested in every single topic
you can come up with that’s the four planets in Virgo right now that’s really
active plus it’s still part of the grand trine there’s Uranus and Taurus Saturn
and Pluto in Capricorn so that’s supportive and then that little moon in
Libra right the sign next was saying I would love to be creative mmm I would
love to dress nicely I would love to give ourselves permission to socialize
very social weekend yes sunday is a great day for a family gathering Monday
is a great day to go to work and check in with all your people and say just
want to hear about your weekend social energy astrology Answers wanted me to
tell you I bet you you’re gonna feel even though it’s so much Earth with four
plants in Virgo you’re gonna feel the desire to be close to people and listen
to them virgos get underrated they’re really socially adept so there

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