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Daily Horoscope: September 30th – October 1st

Daily Horoscope: September 30th – October 1st

September 30th October 1st Monday and
Tuesday the Sun is in Libra and the Moon is one sign and ahead of it in Scorpio
so what does that describe Libra the quintessential partner their gift is
being able to look at how relationships work how to communicate how to mediate
they’re great lawyers they’re interested in as therapists they want to collect
the story moon in Scorpio even though it’s one sign apart usually that
indicates a big change the similarity is they love to go deep the deeper the
conversation the more intimacy they make eye-contact they stay with you they
cuddle you this is really all about relationships so on Monday and Tuesday
if you’re lonely and you don’t have a relationship
let the longing call forward your desire to make a list of what you really want
do this during this wonderful Sun and Moon configuration if you’re in a
relationship and you feel like the intimacy has been sacrificed or it’s
stopped this is a great Monday and Tuesday to say to your partner I read
those videos I watched the videos I’m learning about astrology and it says
that we’re supposed to really have a deep conversation when the moon’s in
scorpio and the suns in Libra how will we initiate that let me ask you a
question how are we doing this is libras greatest gift they initiate a
relationship to stay clean and honest and the moons in Scorpio so you might
even talk about mmm sexy things all right astrology answer said tell
them this is a perfect opportunity and the Sun by the way is squaring Saturn
exactly this is just beginning and that indicates a contraction and
therefore it becomes a perfect opportunity to pull your energy in it’s
a great time for conversation and say you know what I need to address this
because Saturn’s our purpose squaring the life force of the Sun it’s saying I
need your attention sometimes when squares are there it’s difficult and
that’s what happens in the sky it’s not a bad thing it instigates and moves us
into change and that’s this whole things about there you go astrology is just a
Deb tell them about change

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