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Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Cancer Woman

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here are some
tips for dating a Cancer. The hardest thing about dating a Cancer is figuring out what
it is that they really want to do because Cancer is represented by a creature that has
no vocal cords so they have a difficult time expressing or articulating their wants and
their needs. So if you say to a Cancer woman where would you like to go on Friday night
and she says I don’t care, you pick, you have to be aware that that is a trick question
because the Cancer some time in the last two weeks had mentioned to you in a little small
voice the place that she would like to go, the things that she would like to see or the
people that she would like to be with and if you were any kind of a sensitive man and
in tune with her wants and needs you would have realized that and you would have been
able to design that without her having to tell you so in the absence of any kind of
verbal cue from your Cancer it is always a safe bet to do something that involves food,
something that involves drink, something that involves the home. You can take her shopping
and if you end up hitting an antique shop she’ll love you until the end of time. So
those are some tips for dating a Cancer and that’s better living through astrology. I’m
Janet Sciales the Star Goddess.

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