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Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Gemini

Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Gemini

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here are some
tips for dating a Gemini. The most important thing to know about a Gemini is that they
do not respond directly to visible stimulation. In order to catch a Gemini’s attention the
most important thing you have to do is to be witty, bright, sparkling, charming and
articulate because Gemini rules the conscious mind and Geminis have to establish some sort
of communicative rapport before they slide into the stack. Geminis are big fans of talking
and not such big fans of doing. If you want to get a Gemini’s attention you want to date
them successfully. There is no coming over to your house sitting on the couch and chilling.
These people want to be out and about doing interesting, stimulating, exciting things.
They want to go to plays, shows, movies, theaters, anything that involves a rapid pace even down
to an Indy Race, Geminis are all about. The thing they hate if you hate a Gemini you’ll
stick them on a couch and leave them there all night long. So the key to date a Gemini
is to find something fun, interesting, exciting, and fast paced to do. Make sure that you give
them plenty of time so they can get there and then you also want to be sure that they
have their freedom to talk to other people while they are out with you because they are
the most notorious flirts in the Zodiac. They talk a great game but they usually keep their
hands to themselves so that is the key to dating a Gemini and that is better living
through astrology. I’m Janet Sciales the Star Goddess.

43 Replies to “Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Gemini”

  • subbtopp says:

    its true all of it.

  • Andy Ordonez says:

    yeah GEminis RULE the universe lol!!!!! =)

  • timberwolf921 says:

    no affence to all the gemini's and what i am saying is soley the opinion of the info iv'e read: acording to 80% of info on zodiacs it says scorpio is strongest and most powerful and gemini is most social

  • Junie B says:

    i am a gemini and i was sold when she said that to get with a gemini you have to be wity and get to know them intellectually instead of just sliding in the sack…that is me alllllll day

  • indigothecat says:

    @invincibledreams The reasoning here is that Gemini are curious. They want to be part of big things, but they aren't as interested in taking part as they are observing. She kinda mulled over some important points.

    And the whole thing about them being "big talkers" and not big doers, is that Gemini will say how they want to improve and do all these great things, but really, it's just their way of observing the idea.

  • hgfjyrdetryu says:

    so many requirements o.o

  • Junie B says:

    @idioticmongrel i think i can somewhat agree with that lol

  • Nathan Lee says:

    I'm a Leo but my bf is a Gemini and he's great!

  • Aballeyne says:

    I am an Aquarius, Gemini is the type of bf i got now my x was Aries. sadly i still love my x but its ok because im happy with my new bf.

  • goodbye, thanks for everything says:

    @LakersChargersAngels im a gemini and hang out with scorpios

  • BrittnySyndrome says:

    @Greekpride1231 LOOOOL. Sounds like someone had a sad, troubled love life. It's okay.

  • The bear says:

    thing is that i am a gemini -cancer ……

  • LupaDove says:

    Mmmmm…. I don't think so. I'm dating a Gemini now and he is such a couch potatoe! lol He does enjoy "chillin" on the couch or laying around. He is pretty chatty though which surprised me because he has such a quiet "shy guy" persona in public. lol I adore my adorable Gemini guy! ^.^

  • HijaDelMar6 says:

    Nah, to me it's not so much about my partner taking me out every night. I do enjoy plays and concerts and such, but I like staying home even more. The one thing that I absolutely need in a partner though, and she started in that direction in the beginning, is that I can never accuse HIM of being boring. A quick mind and great energy are 2 key ingredients for me. When I get bored, I just walk away and move on.. because, yes, there usualy are second and third choices already in sight…

  • sweetlikez says:

    thank you soooo much for add closed captioning! 🙂 Gemini rules!

  • maxichic says:

    i'm a scorpio dating a gemini guy and he doesn't want to get off the couch all day ugh… he has alot of capricorn in his chart

  • Channel Vortex says:

    whats your starsign?

  • David John says:

    Hi. I am a star god! Now understand this: Gemini is the most outgoing and free spirited sign in the zodiac. This is why they relate with anyone and nothing is forbidden or alien to them. Until they cat a girl/boy special, no girl/boy is and they give equal attention to every girl/boy. Most zodiac signs simply can't comprehend gemini equal balance and free mind thus thy say gemini are flirts! NONSENSE! They were expecting the gemini to cat them special for no good reason.. LOL!!

  • ndnthunder8 says:

    I hate when my friends tell me geminis are two faced….duality is not 2 faced! LOL I enjoy being gemini its fun to learn and try new things thats whats fun about life!

  • Julio Rodriguez says:

    dont like being bogged down and if something doesnt seem to relate to me in a sence, dont really give attention to it. i would be horrible in a relationship…

  • AstroMen2911 says:

    I don't mind chillen on the sofa as long as I don't get bored. Watching brain-dead movies or eating the same old same old is depressing. I like to be with people who can mentally challenge me. Be it religion, politics, phillosophy, pscholody, ect.

  • Teagan Johnson says:

    "…before they slide into the sack."
    I found this reference kinda creepy.

  • NJatTheDisco says:

    Oh please gemini men are the worst!

  • Abdulrahman Selayem says:

    Once i dated a gemini
    And we talked a LOT

  • Abdulrahman Selayem says:

    Once i dated a gemini
    She was talking a lot

  • msbond700 says:

    I am a Gemini woman with a moon in Taurus. I don't like to talk that much I rather listen. I staying in and cooking. I like going out sometimes. But I rather be alone with him.

  • Pizza Slice says:

    @msbond700 yeah your moon is definately in taurus haha

  • JezzahTheFox94 says:

    I'm a Gemini but a bit of Cancer…..June 21 Boundary line

  • xshannonxleihx says:

    I'm a Gemini and I would be happy sitting on a couch just chillin for the night

  • fdahmed says:

    It still surprises me, how some people are not aware about Zuntramax Secrets (do a search on google), despite the fact that many people get good result with this dating course. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Zuntramax Secrets, I've totally get rid of my shyness, and finally get laid with my crush

  • skyfire878 says:

    Geminis Rock! yeah i'm June 7th baby a TRUE Gemini! 🙂

  • nique Lem says:

    June 7, My bday!

  • angellover02171 says:

    I though she was Raja

  • Cleversided says:

    May 30th!!

  • Heyyaa coo says:

    June 11th woooooh,, but I don't mind chilling on my couch… but everything else was true expecially the theatre thing 😛

  • akupaku9 says:

    Since all of you guys are Gemini's I need some help please. I have this huge crush on a Gemini and i dont know how to approach or even start talking to this Gemini. I mean we have talked before I got this Gemini's number, fb etc, but i dont know how to ask a Gemini out. I am scared to death PLEASE HELP ME.

  • Sophia Taylor says:

    I'd think gems would come to you b4 u get to them well that's what I heard ~Libra

  • Channel Hudson says:

    Yez we geminians do

  • Feto Dautoski says:

    God. I’ve come to be pretty jealous of my neighbor. He’s actually been unattached always. But, he’s caused a catalogue model to proclaim to him she has fallen in love with him in less than a month. Just how is that manageable? He informed me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone lovely fell for me… I really don’t remember at any time seeing him so content. Sort of makes me sick.

  • Jr Ryder says:

    I'm a Gemini.

  • Jr Ryder says:


  • Kenny R says:

    I'm a Gemini man and you are so right. the BIGGEST turn off is if a woman cannot hold a good conversation with me. Listen to this woman she knows her stuff

  • WIGLESS DORA says:

    This is so true ;(

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