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Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Sagittarius

Hi, I’m a Star Goddess and here’s some keys
for dating a Sagittarius. The most important thing above to understand when dating a Sagittarius
is that these are the action-oriented people of the zodiac. Sagittarius sign is the archer
and what they like to do is shoot their arrow go and chase it, hang around there for awhile
and then pick their arrow up and go and chase it again. Any date with a Sagittarian requires
some kind of physical activity and the faster pace the action, the better the Sagittarius
likes it. A perfect dater for a Sagittarian would be going to a baseball game, going to
a football game, going to a hockey game, going jetski, dirt bike riding, parasailing, jumping
off cliffs, anything that has to do with any kind of competition, a Sagittarius is all
in favor of. So, the key to dating a Sagittarius is to take them out, show them a good time,
allow them to exercise and use their legs to walk around and when you do, you’ll find
that that physicalness carries over into the rest of the evening. So for a good time with
a Sagittarius, don’t expect to sit on the couch, eating a box of popcorn, watching a
movie. Take them out, have them go, see and do. That’s better living through astrology.
I’m Jane Sciales, the Star Goddess.

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