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Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Taurus Woman

Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Taurus Woman

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here are some
tips for dating a Taurus female. The most important thing you need to know about dating
a Taurus female is that you need to show up with a big pile of cash. Because these are
the most expensive women on the planet. Taurus will walk into a restaurant, look down at
the menu, and pick the most expensive meal on the menu not because she likes it, but
because it’s the most expensive thing on the menu. Taurus women really believe that the
more you love them, the more you will spend on them, the more lavish the attention will
be. If you really want to make an impression on a Taurus female, make your reservation
at the most expensive restaurant in town, make sure you wine and dine her, and make
sure that you take her there in style, make sure your car is clean, a fairly new model,
even if you have to rent one for the occasion. Again in the impressing the Taurus line, a
resort, a spa, something lazy, something indolent, something luxurious. And when you’re making
the first date, it always goes a lot better if you show up with a box of candy or some
sort of nice food, not a big steak, but some sort of nice food that is like Godiva chocolates
for example would be a fabulous gift for a Taurus female. So if you’re really trying
to impress a Taurus female, the best way to do it is with your wallet. That’s a tip to
getting a Taurus, I’m Janet Sciales the Star Goddess, and that’s better living through

100 Replies to “Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Taurus Woman”

  • SweetFeisty1 says:

    1) I am a Taurus woman and VERY proud of it.
    2) Why is she making Taurus women seem like gold diggers??
    3) Why is this lady saying that Taurus women are the most expensive. Anyone that know me knows that I am cheap as HELL.
    4) I am not gonna get the most expensive thing on the menu because I like to save my money and yours.
    5) A picnic can impress me, not a fancy restaurant. and
    6) I don't like it when men spoil me.

  • animeash says:

    so not true dude i don't care about money and i'm a taurus

  • solfamilyj says:

    As a Taurus woman, I laughed when i heard this, I had a date with a rich guy once. It did not cost the earth infact he cooked.It was a lovely meal. But he was the most boring individual i had ever met. Being a Taurus woman I ate well, made polite convosation for a while,called a cab and left. I love family,friends fun,food and life, i aint ever gonna be rich and i'm content. I also got a lovely guy who will never be rich either. Theres more to life than material things.LOVE,MWAH

  • sahbaamjadi says:

    @greenemerald152 Agree! Can't satisfy her only w/ ur wallet for sure!!! How does a great sense of nature matches the materialistic anyways?! Nonsense!!!
    We do enjoy comfort and experiencing the best of everything, but do carry our own wallet!!! Independence is a must for a taureans…duh!!!

  • Dovonna Roberts says:

    Bullshit, I could care less about money, I would pick the cheepest meal on the menu just so they wouldn't spend that much money on me, and because I would feel the need to pay them back, I don't wan't the guy to spend money on me to me that is being conceded and I would want nothing to do with him if he thought I only wanted him for his money. That is not a relation ship and I can't be bought like a cow at a fair. I would rather the steak over the candy etc..

  • Ken Caillau says:

    I'm Taurus and this info does not connect at all Looks like many Taurus ladies here agree that this does not agree with the Taurus personality

  • JAGWAH66 says:

    She's wrong. I think she was describing Leo women.

  • peechies77 says:

    Taurus women are….
    1) Natural-born nurturers, humanitarians, overly-generous. They're intentions are completely altruistic. They want nothing else in return.
    2) Very hardworking people. Perfectionists. Will give 110% to a work or project.
    3)Artistic, not materialistic. We love the Arts, anything aesthetic, not EVERYTHING MONETARY!
    4) We do not like pretentious people. Phonies are transparent to us. Which means everything you described wouldn't work with a phony man. (Cont'd)

  • peechies77 says:

    5) We actually prefer men wo are chivalrous, down to earth who can make us laugh. Not some rich-uptight crooney. We're 'old souls' with funny bones.
    6) We're actually very opinionated, independent 'take no BS' women. If you felt the wrath of a female bull, you would know.
    7) We're not that extroverted and flamboyant (ie, female Leos). We're actually less sociable, more served, and quite modest. (Cont'd)

  • peechies77 says:


    8) We do like to be pampered every once in awhile. Why? Because female Bulls are always taking care of family members and loved ones, that we find ourselves putting ourselves last.
    9) Very reliable and dependable. There is no one more reliable than a Bull.
    10) Very affectionate. We crave physical contact. We're not emotionally cold, but guarded and VERY selective.
    11) We're kids at heart. We can be funny, playful, and childlike at time. (cont'd)

  • peechies77 says:


    12) We are very loyal. We abhor infidelities. We will only have eyes for you. Heal you when you're sick, back up a business venture, restore your confidence, but tell you when you're wrong, when we're pissed off, curse you out, put you in your place. Because although we possess those traits, a Taurus woman is definitely NOT a doormat!

    A Taurus woman you failed to describe

  • snipe azuril says:

    sorry but taurus woman is not like that i know a woman that is a Taurus.. and she is so down to earth she appreciates simple things in life and she is contented on what she has she does not buy expensive items like food she is not chosing friends to be with and her boyfriend is not rich….

  • snipe azuril says:

    i can just say this taurus woman are so loyal….. my friend is a taurus woman and she has been with her boyfriend for 5 years now…ive seen the loyalty of a taurus woman, and i was so impress and inspired by her <3_<3 sadly i cant seem to find a taurus woman that has no boyfriends yet.. am a pisces man and i love taurus woman tgumbs up for taurus 😀

  • I Like Turtles says:

    Umm I am SO NOT like that.

  • natalia romona says:

    @greenemerald152 well im a taurus female as well and i completely agree with what she said,its like she described me

  • frank stein. says:

    i know a lot of taurus's they love having money and things. they collect everything.

  • Brittany Josephina says:

    that is absolutely wrong, taurus love food and specifically they love comfort foods, taurus love stability they love consistency, im a taurus i love food im actually very frugal. taureans are very like conscience about money they actually love making intelligent decisions when it comes to money, taureans are not excessive spenders at all they are very frugal. taurus are dependable, stable, frugal, stubborn, caring, love food, love commitment, they are the most wonderful people honestly

  • Mike Santos says:

    @1lilgirlbaby5 so your one the expensive woman of all the signs?

  • Mike Santos says:

    @G19315 wow. I think you just helped me. I'm Gemini man. I'm pretty sure most of Taurus women hated Gemini men. I'm insanely inlove with Taurus. I love the way they are – affectionate, knows how to take care of things. What kills me is her loyalty. Taurus is one of kind sign. Just don't make them mad.

  • natalia romona says:

    @jologs21 i guess so

  • Mike Santos says:

    @greenemerald152 I definitely i agree with you.. cuz my girl is taurus and i'm gemini. She's definitely not like that. She don't care about fancy restaurant.

  • Andrea Murillo says:

    im a taurus and this is definily not me

  • productinformatie says:

    Thats Bullcrap (lol) I <3 a Taurus and i'm pretty sure she's not after my money bc she is the one with a job and i am a poor student.

  • Barbara Brooks says:

    @greenemerald152 do taurus women have anger issues?

  • Kyrie K says:

    Thanks for making us sound like stuck up, superficial, B**tches. I mean why would I pick the most expensive thing on the menu just because I want ed him to spend money? Thats a douche move. Oh and I happen to LOVE steak and would prefer it any day over a box of chocolate :]

  • donzaliko says:

    taurus womans are greatest in the world!!!!
    im capricorn and i love taurus womans
    they r great
    but can not find 😐

  • blackeducatedwoman429 says:

    @greenemerald152 diddo I'm a taurus lady and I feel the same way

  • debraange says:

    @G19315 TELL THAT TRUTH!!!!!!

  • debraange says:

    @PoemGoesTragedy TELL THAT TRUTH!!!!!

  • debraange says:

    @princessofitalia1211 TELL THAT TRUTH!!!!

  • D Roman says:

    Im a cappy and I hope that's not true

  • Sanbika says:

    I'm a Taurus female and I don't think I'm quite that shallow XD I feel almost guilty accepting an expensive gift.

  • candunew says:

    Sounds like a big pain in the a&#. I'll stick with Aquarian girls. They're always spontaneous, funny, and smart as a whip.

  • YunalovesAuron says:

    what a bunch of BULL…. hmph!

  • Grace M says:

    Nooooooo that's NOT me!!!

  • Grace M says:

    @BadHairsRevenge1981 LOL!! Classic!!!

  • tamemeifyoucan says:

    @lookingAclass i absolutely agree!!!!!!!!!

    – a taurus gal *high five*

  • Rachelle R says:

    -_-" I'm a Taurus female, don't get me wrong, I do like lovely things, but there's a lot more to it than that. I feel embarrassed when my man overspends on silly things like dinner, I'd much rather a home cooked meal.. Just getting out in public with him is plenty for me!

  • laughingJanell says:

    I'm a taurus n i'm not gold digger!

  • laughingJanell says:

    @urburning lol!

  • laughingJanell says:

    @peechies77 U said it all! I agree 100%!

  • big dime says:

    not true!!!!!!! im not a money grubber!

  • PhantomXXJustice says:

    uhmm this woman is just talking about what she would like personally and how you can appeal to her that's my understanding of this lady's emotional and body language

  • kaykay says:

    LOL rubbish taurus females are not like that, FYI tauruses are the most down to earth signs out of all the signs and they are usually the ones who handle cash really well, yes they like fancy gifts but would never want someone spending half of their bank balance on them in one night, the deal is even if u take ur taurus woman to a simple restaurant and still manage to make the night romantic, that's when she gets impressed!

  • Lyena Atonyicq says:

    Ridiculous !!!!!!I am a taurus woman and I dont care for money !!!!!!!! ATTENTION IS THE KEY !!!

  • aventexpress says:

    @Lenaopera Agree. Why do I need money if I can get them myself. And I am true Taurus and Oh yeah – give me steak.

  • furstenfeldbruck says:

    shes right

  • Jay says:

    This video is bull. Hell to the no I wouldn't pick out the most expensive thing on the menu JUST BECAUSE it's expensive…. We are romantics and what they confuse with "spend your money to show your love" Is just us asking for your LOYALTY.

  • aveotint says:

    LMAO …….I am taurus woman……….pleeeeeease believe me that this video is complete bullshit. This lady has zero (yes 0%) knowledge of taurus.Non of this things are true. I was laughing when she said that we look at the menu and pick the most expensive thing……..BUNCH OF NONSENSE……I never ever did that and I was never "expensive" for my bf.

  • jimora16 says:

    wow dis chick just called me a gold digger lol farrrrrrrrr from it lol

  • Quam'e Shabazz says:

    she is describing a aries woman!!!

  • Emily Cribbins says:

    but….i'm a taurus….and i get offened if a guy pays for me…..explain!

  • Matt Beezy says:

    this is not neccasarily true im talking to a taurus now and she has no cares for how much money i have and i take her to mcdonalds sometimes

  • SpatialVortex says:

    There is a grain of truth to this. I am on CUSP with Taurus ( I am a gemini), and i like exotic meals, homey stuff, and guys that aren't slobs. I don't care if a gift is EXPENSIVE per se, as long it looks like it has some value and thought put it in not some candle or lame lotion from wall mart.

  • Lyena Atonyicq says:

    WHAT A LIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Effie Ether says:

    Well…it WOULD impress me if a guy took me out to a really fancy place…I do tend to go for expensive food items but thats because I love steak :/

    Why is that the ONLY thing she said about taurus girls!? I've had a few serious relationships and none of them were based on money…actually I tend to make more then my guys….o.O

  • Raylene Denise says:

    Wow. Fuck you xD money isn't everything to us Taurus woman! Jesus, I love to pick (In a menu) practically the most cheapest thing on there! I love the taste of the food not the expense! Idgaf what they drive as long as they treat me with respect & ill do the same! Fuck you star goddess bitch xD (no offense)

  • R.x0 says:

    Pshhh this is so wrong.. I am not a gold digger lol kind'a the opposite, even the smallest gesture means a lot to me.

  • Jay Mactaggart says:

    ummmm….. im a tarus woman and that is absolute crap!! i mean i like stuff but i would never go out of my way just to make a man do that for me. btw men: dont rent a car for me xx

  • MissPaulih says:

    this is all crap, it's nothing like me lol. Experville; next time choose someone better to do this shit.

  • dayargrosario says:

    its not true,im a true taurus(born 30th april),and the only thing about taurus traits that i find in myself is that i love food,and music..nothing more..

  • Lucy No name says:

    Lmao so not true! You really want to impress a Taurus female? Be honest, dress like you gave a damn, and show up on time. Doesn't matter if it's a walk in the park or dinner @ Applebee's. I think a lot of people confuse our need for security as being money hungry. Yea, we like money, wth doesn't? But it's more of the security that comes with money and not worrying about being homeless on the street and having food to feed your family. Security comes in different forms too, not just money.

  • shea brown says:

    so not true! well i do like nice things but im not a golddigger!

  • Eric J says:

    This lady is right on…my ex is a taurus and she has taken me back to court for child support ten times over!! She always wants more money! The women can also have one hell of a temper!

  • Theo Lauren Simón says:

    Thank you but this is not the only thing about a Taurus female to know. We dont order the most expensive food because its expensive- we really pick out what we think will taste like the best meal and it just so happens we dont look at the price but yes most often we do wind up ordering the most expensive thing. What you said about spa and laziness is true. We Love love love to indulge ourselves in luxury but unfortunately it comes with a price we don't often pay attention to. Hehe.

  • lizz babe says:

    not true at all …

  • harmonysmama says:

    Total bs according to aaaalllll authentic interpretations.

  • Christina Sing says:

    I am the opposite. I am the one ordering the cheapest thing on the menu. I actually prefer the person I am with to order whatever they want, while I am worried about the price of my dinner. I spend more money on people, then myself. I would be turned off if someone rented a car to impress me. I want someone to be themselves. Not everyone's living situations, and jobs allow them to have the best cars.-_-

  • Serena Bryan says:


  • Queenlavita says:

    Bullshit for real!!! I choose the cheapest always and I don't like candy either. I'm not materialistic at all. We do like nice things though.

  • Queenlavita says:

    Taurus women don't have anger issues. We are fixed and strong, straight forward/outspoken. Most people don't like people who boldly speak their minds. :p

  • Ragin Paris says:

    leo women are like this……

  • phyllby says:

    I as a Taurus have never been one who looks at how much money anyone has…..This is a crock of poop and furthest from the truth. Hahahahaa I almost laughed because all the Taurus women I no are so humble. Keeping in mind its not your wallet its the compatibility of whether you can keep up. If I'm high maintenence I maintain myself thank you very much…no man ever needs to.

  • XxTajinderxX says:

    IM A TAURUS and its true, i love being spoiled but im no gold digger

  • Gabzor says:

    most taurus women are gold diggers, but their really not, they just appreciate high quality.. i would know 😛

  • Kera's LuvTechniques. says:


  • hku505 says:

    i'm a taurus girl , but if a man does that for me i wouldn't like it , i hate spending too much money and i love simple things

  • Page says:

    Something that bothers me a lot is that people always think Taurus women place material things above feelings, and that's not true. I much prefer a guy who is sincere and shows me love through gestures, than a guy who thinks he can win me by buying me things.

  • Page says:

    Why did you make this video? I don't think you know shit about Taurus women TBH. Yes I'm a Taurus and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.

  • Cheeky Babe says:

    lmao this made me laugh… i dont need a rich man but im not dealing with a man with no work eithic or ambition. I appreciate luxury, security, comfort and beauty like a true taurus women but people misjudge us at times for gold diggers. We just think we deserve the best and why not? 🙂

  • Beast6228 says:

    This woman is right to a degree, they do like guys with some stability. They do have a sweet tooth. (not all, but some) IN general they like nice things and feel safe at home where they can make their home their own little world. If you can provide them with stability, they'll bring you into their little world and be happy as can be. All the taurus women I know love a good evening with music and a seat next to a bonfire or fireplace. Takes a while to get to that point though.

  • chainslap says:

    I've known and dated a few Taurus women and I don't find the material aspect of what she is saying to be true at all. I'm a Libra.

  • candunew says:

    Not to be rude, but are you serious? I know three taurean females and all three are married to the biggest losers on the planet! The kind of guys who dropped out of HS to work on their camaro. All three are educated professionals who have these boy toys at home who don't work and spend all of their spouses hard-earned money and do nothing. Except for wax and stay pretty. What's worse is that they all three complain about these pointless leeches incessantly, but they NEVER leave.
    You're welcome

  • Beast6228 says:

    Well you are right,they do complain and they usually do not leave. But they do want better things in life…but once again, they do not leave. Once they are with someone and can feel somewhat secure (not perfect) they hold on until the bitter end. I have dated two taurus women and have 4 taurus friends. All stubborn. The reason why I broke up with the taurus women is because they were still in love with their ex's that cheated and left them. They kept trying to get them back though. Cont..

  • Beast6228 says:

    No matter how well I treated them and their kids, they fought and fought for that ex that dumped them. It was crazy. Getting back to what you said about the guys who dropped out, yep, all of their exes were losers, total scummy guys that used them. But still, they wanted them. Really odd if you ask me, because if were a woman I would have dumped them asap. In the end, Taurus women and men make good friends and they are loyal. If you can find a truly single, taurus woman, you are lucky.

  • candunew says:

    Yeah, that's a great point about friendship. They do make great friends. I have a guy friend who is a Taurus and we got each other from day one, even though we have very different views on things. We just avoid certain subjects. And I always get along great with the gals as well. You're right about how oddly they handle love sometimes. Almost like they go for the "bad boys" strictly and have little respect for nice guys who step up the plate and take care of responsibilities.

  • Annika Flores says:

    Tbh; I'm A Taurus Woman Myself And Lavishing Yourself To Me/Impressing With Diamonds, Box Of Chocolates && A Big, Fat Wallet Full Of Cash Is Not What I Really Want, I'm That Type That Looks Deep Into The Heart And Finds Them For What I Love About Them, Not What They Have On Themselves .,

  • April Taurus says:

    Totally agree

  • Andreina espinosa says:

    OMG this totally not true! shes making us sound like gold diggers, complete opposite on how i am

  • AleOmalley says:

    RENT A CAR???? for a DATE!? omg Janice you messed up on so many levels! I am a Taurus and I am NOT like that! Yes, I rather have a nice leather purse as opposed to a plastic purse BUT I will sure as heck go out and work MY butt for it at work. I don't need my man (who is a Cancer btw) to get it for me. jeeze, she makes us all look like helpless gold diggers.

  • Pretty Tomboy says:

    bull shit

  • Galaxy Cat says:

    I'm a Taurus woman, and I would just be happy just to have someone who loves me. I don't care if we had to sleep in a car.

  • Kaz Kaffenberger says:

    I hate how you make us sound so materialistic! 

  • Roxanne Flores says:

    Jeez, you made us all sound like gold diggers. Most of us are far from that.

  • Taurus Dime says:

    Sooooo true lol I love to be spoiled & appreciated but I also return everything u do for me! Lol Taurus love to be wined and dined but we also give & show lots of appreciation

  • luna__fleur says:

    im a taurus, i dislike when people show off material things and money… i dont relate to this at all lol

  • Jessie Miller says:

    I'm a taurus male . I've got a unbelievable personality I love to laugh and talk eat shit loads and fuck like there is no tomorrow . Negative side : Too proud and far too sensitive . Say things to straight and have offended people . Other than that total class lol

  • james4592225 says:

    I wouldn't spend money or do those things for myself! Im sorry but you don't know nothing about Taurus period. Taurus people are simple. We are homebodies that are strongly independent, love a good movie, nice bath, feeling physically comfortable and being financially stable, loyal and cuddling with our lover. You know, Down to Earth people.

  • Napoleon says:

    my wife is Taurus and nothing like your description.

  • Elena carre'on Torre's says:

    Fuckin liar I could care less about the money as long as the guy is loyal and honest and gives me attention I will be fine

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