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Dating by Zodiac Sign : Understanding Aquarius Men

Dating by Zodiac Sign : Understanding Aquarius Men

Hi, I’m the Star Goddess, and here’s a key
to understanding the Aquarian man. First of all, there is no understanding the Aquarian
man, they’re ruled by the planet Uranus, and it makes them the most unpredictable of all
of the zodiac signs. Whatever is normal and acceptable in society’s norm, the Aquarian
is the anti-sign to this. If everybody’s going out in pairs, the Aquarian man is going to
want to go out in a gaggle and bring as many of their friends with him. I actually had
a date with an Aquarius man, got in the car, and in the backseat was his friend, and I
said what’s he’s doing in the car? And he looked at me and he goes, well he hasn’t seen
the movie either. And I said, well I thought we had a date. And he said he’s not going
to be with us all night. Aquarians believe the more the merrier, and Aquarians want to
know every single thing there is to know about you. The moment they find out everything there
is to know, then they’re more interested in being friends rather than lovers. The key
to dealing with an Aquarius man is to give him a very long leash, let him talk to you
whenever he wants, because they are great big talkers, and not such big doers. If you
understand the Aquarian man, and you give him the freedom that he needs, he’ll come
home every single night at five o’clock until you tell him to. So that’s better living through
astrology, understanding the Aquarian man, I’m Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess.

20 Replies to “Dating by Zodiac Sign : Understanding Aquarius Men”

  • Scrambled Egg says:

    your good..

  • Jonathan Covert says:

    HAAAAAA! An Aquarius bringing another person on a date without telling me beforehand – this has happened to me

  • Annie MacFlannie says:

    I myself am a Gemini Woman. My first Love was an Aquarius for 2.5 yrs. And when I ended it he cried. He put me through so much emotional crap that I had to end it. So you can't say they're not emotional beings. Just like some of US they hide it til it's too late. Our connection was more mental than physical.Now I'm dating an Aquarius 🙂 I find his quietness kinda sexy. Does that m ake me crazy?lol We're working out fine now. It just takes a bit of poking/prodding to get him to say what he wants!

  • JustHeedLess says:

    very wack lol

  • Peter Bradle says:

    27 jan , Aquarius sun , saggatarius moon , libra rising

  • MC azimi says:

    Well he hasn't seen the movie either "EPIC" good job my aqs. bro

  • MC azimi says:

    Classic movie mode

  • MC azimi says:

    best idea on a movie.. 10/10 would do if it wasn't already unoriginal …. i suppose its way less done though LOL

  • negrita305 says:

    I agree

  • Jin Sheng says:

    Now, that sounds interesting! My dad is normal at times, sometimes I'm just like "Why?" There's so many ways to choose, but he has to go for the weirdest one that's doomed for disaster… -___-

  • Lewis Mora says:

    It's weird I'm an Aquarius yet I'm nothing like them but I'm like just about every other zodiac sign

  • Cat Bellatrixx says:

    ~lol well im a leo female even though were opposites we understand aquarius perfectly by NOT sticking our nose in their business just enjoy hving them as friends~

  • That one guy who is always at the best parties says:

    Because we have the same birthday, I'm just gonna assume you're my long lost twin brother…

  • Vespertine says:

    ohhh, im an aquarious and heres what I can tell you, we're ruled by Uranus ;DDD lolol

  • Nikosh Khand says:

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  • Fieca Amiera says:

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  • Edgarv68 says:

    There is no understanding Aquarius. Meaning that all comment who think they "know" don't. Even if your an Aquarius. No Aquarius is alike is the point and no one is like an Aquarius. My friend, an aqua, took me with him on his first date lol.

  • Tiffsbeautymark says:

    My Aquarius always tell me he loves me then says he is just living in the moment. But be keeps saying he loves me and hints about being in love or says he loves me more then I love myself. I don't get it. I e never told him I love him. He tells people I'm his girl and introduces me to his family but then tells me we are not in a relationship. Can you give me some insight? He says he wants to try a relationship and see where it goes. He is 35 and hasn't had a girlfriend since high school.

  • Lorrain dco says:

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  • Ghoduli Moni says:

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