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Dating by Zodiac Sign : Understanding Capricorn Men

Hi I’m the Star Goddess and here’s a key to
understand your Capricorn man. The most important thing you have to understand about a Capricorn
man is fun is not in their vocabulary. Ruled by Saturn these are the hardest workers, the
most serious sign of the Zodiac. Their symbol is the mountain goat and they pick a goal
for themselves and they climb and they climb and you can knock them back down and they
get back up and continue towards their goal. Capricorns may start off life sweeping floors
at McDonald’s but before they’re done they are going to own a chain of them. So the key
to understanding your Capricorn man is he is not going to write you poetry, he is not
going to send your flowers, what he is going to do is get up and go to work every day,
work as hard as he can, be clean, be neat, deal with all of his responsibilities and
obligations and put you in a fine castle made of stone. If you understand that the Capricorn
man shows his love for you by providing for you you will be able to see the joy in this
particular sun sign and know that you’ll be taken care of for the rest of your days. So
that’s better living through astrology and the key to understanding a Capricorn man.
I’m Janet Sciales the Star Goddess.

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