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Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II – Rematch Preview & Prediction

Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II – Rematch Preview & Prediction

This is Rummy’s Corner. Coming up on November 23, 2019 at the MGM
Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada – reigning WBC heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder
will put his title on the line in a rematch against Luis Ortiz. The bout will be televised in the United States
on Fox PPV. Wilder and Ortiz first squared off on March
3 of last year, and a lot of things have changed across the heavyweight landscape since their
first fight. Going into that fight, Wilder and Ortiz were
both undefeated and Ortiz was perceived to be Wilder’s biggest challenge to date at that
point. And Ortiz proved to be exactly that. Ortiz fought a very intelligent fight and
he truly tested Wilder before ultimately being overwhelmed by the devastating power of The
Bronze Bomber. Ortiz rebounded from that loss with 3 consecutive
victories. In his most recent bout, Ortiz defeated Christian
Hammer by lopsided 10 round unanimous decision back in March. Prior to that Ortiz scored a 10th round knockout
against Travis Kauffman in December of last year. Ortiz is reportedly 40 years old, and even
though he’s definitely getting up there in age, he still remains one of the most talented
heavyweight boxers in the game today. Following the tremendous victory against Ortiz,
Wilder went on to face lineal heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury last December. That was an epic textbook clash between an
outstanding technical boxer and a devastating power puncher, and the fight was ultimately
ruled a draw. In his most recent fight back in May, Wilder
scored a sensational first round knockout against Dominic Breazeale. The other major heavyweight scene shifting
event happened when Andy Ruiz Jr scored a shocking upset stoppage victory against former
champion Anthony Joshua. Ruiz and Joshua are scheduled to have their
highly anticipated rematch exactly two weeks after Wilder and Ortiz have their rematch. The Ruiz-Joshua rematch will be televised
on the relatively new streaming app service known as DAZN. And there are other interesting things happening
in the heavyweight division, including Usyk’s successful heavyweight debut earlier this
month. So these are very exciting times to be a fan
of the heavyweight division where things could be shaping up nicely if the very best of the
best seek fights against each other. Wilder and Fury definitely both have unfinished
business. I personally believe a rematch between Wilder
and Fury would ultimately determine the best heavyweight in the world today, and the fact
that their first fight ended in a draw amplifies this outlook. Since the draw, Fury holds victories against
Tom Schwarz and Otto Wallin. I hate when championship fights end in a draw
without having an immediate rematch. It was more than 15 years ago when IBF champion
Chris Byrd and challenger Andrew Golota battled it out to an entertaining draw in a fight
that was an absolute judging nightmare. I thought it sucked that Byrd and Golota never
had a rematch, and with the Wilder and Fury situation – it sucks even worse that they
didn’t have an immediate rematch, because the stakes were so much higher under an even
brighter championship spotlight. Such is the business of boxing these days. But while boxing fans are interested in the
possibility of a Wilder-Fury rematch, and while fans are getting excited for the rematch
between Ruiz Jr and Joshua – a lot of fans, myself included, tend to be overlooking how
King Kong is situated into this bigger picture. We shouldn’t be overlooking Ortiz, because
he’s a very smooth operator who previously gave Wilder one hell of a challenge for his
championship. This is a difficult style match-up for Wilder,
as Ortiz proved last time. Ortiz started the first bout well, and he
appeared to be outboxing Wilder in the early going. Ortiz was patiently maneuvering his position,
and working behind his jab, and landing some nice counters. Wilder had difficulty finding a rhythm with
his own jab early on, and the two boxers did a lot of feinting and posturing as they were
both looking for openings while showing a high level of mutual respect for one another. The intensity level was sky high, and Ortiz
was doing well through the first four and a half rounds. But in round 5, Wilder dropped Ortiz with
a crisp right hand and he seized the momentum. Wilder was then in control, and he was doing
well, until a couple of good right hooks and a nice left hand from Ortiz rocked him. Ortiz had Wilder in trouble, and he unloaded
a slew of power shots, many of which found their target. But Wilder persevered, despite losing the
momentum. Wilder regained command of the fight in round
10 after Ortiz and Wilder simultaneously hurt one another, but Wilder was more alert and
quicker to pounce. Wilder soon had Ortiz down again for the second
time. Ortiz tried battling on bravely, but it was
too late at this point. Wilder dropped him for the third and final
time, and the fight was over. It was a 10th round stoppage victory for Wilder. It should be noted that while I personally
had Ortiz ahead after 9, the official judges all had Wilder up by 1 point going into the
10th. So who will win the rematch between Deontay
Wilder and Luis Ortiz? When I think about this rematch, I can’t help
but think of this quote from the great Joe Louis prior to his rematch with Max Schmeling. I
know the two situations are very different, but the way I see things, Ortiz is now two
years older, whereas Wilder is now two years more experienced. I would never write Ortiz off completely,
but I’m fully expecting Deontay Wilder to make a statement, and I believe Wilder will
have a much easier time coping with Ortiz this time around. I’m normally inclined to believe that the
better technical boxer is the one who is better suited to make adjustments in a rematch, but
not this time. Ortiz is a better technician, but I believe
Wilder will be the one who is better adjusted to handle what Ruiz brings to the table this
time around. Wilder obviously has tremendous athleticism
and incredible punching power. Even his biggest detractors are usually willing
to admit this. But when it comes to Wilder – and I’ve been
guilty of this myself – it’s kind of like a donut! Too many people are paying attention to the
hole without seeing the donut for what it is! In other words, with Wilder people tend to
be focused on his flaws while missing or overlooking the fact that he has overcome these flaws
time and time again. Wilder isn’t just some tall guy who is super
athletic and powerful. In reality, Wilder’s biggest asset is one
of the intangible variety – specifically his incredible self-belief that goes well beyond
mere confidence. Whenever things haven’t gone his way, Wilder
has always hung in there with the belief that he would find a way to deliver his devastating
power. And so far to date, he’s always found a way
to do it and has a proven track record of overcoming adversity. The notable examples being his first fight
against Ortiz, and his bout with Fury, where in both instances, even though things were
not going his way, he still found ways to eventually land and land BIG. Deontay Wilder has incredible self-belief. Wilder has exhibited the mindset of a true
champion. Whether Wilder ultimately proves himself the
best heavyweight of this era remains to be seen. But the next step for Wilder is against former
foe Ortiz, and for my official prediction, I like Deontay Wilder be early-to-mid round
stoppage where I believe Deontay will have a much easier time finding the mark, and I
believe he will ultimately overwhelm Ortiz with power. So officially I’m going with Wilder by 4th
round knockout, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually much sooner. If Wilder does indeed emerge victorious, then
he will have made history by becoming just the 6th heavyweight to ever to successfully
make 10 or more consecutive title defenses. That’s mighty impressive stuff! Either way, whatever happens, I’m very fired-up
for this rematch, and may the best man win! November 23 on Fox PPV! The rematch between Deontay Wilder and Luis
Ortiz! Who do you think will win? Please share your thoughts in the comments
section. Thanks for watching everyone. Hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful night! This is Rummy’s Corner.

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