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Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles final score predictions

Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles final score predictions

What’s going on everybody? I’m
Ben Raven, Mlive’s Detroit Lions Reporter and we’re back. Week.
Three of the NFL season is upon us. Make sure to catch the
Detroit Lions at the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday 1:00
PM on Fox. It’s a meeting of the technically undefeated Lions,
to take on the 1-1 Eagles. Now there’s a lot of
headlines coming into this League. CJ Anderson is out of
the backup running back roll. Tide Johnson is in. The Eagles.
The Eagles are so banged up, that they cancelled Wednesday’s
practice for a walk through. That is unheard of, after a Sunday game. Before a Sunday game. I’ve
got Philadelphia’s injury report right here. Let’s go through it.
There’s 13 players on their estimated list. We’ve got Top
receiver Alshon Jeffrey, questionable. Top deep threat
DeSean Jackson, questionable. Backup tight end Dallas Cordair,
questionable. Running back Corey Clement questionable. Now on the
other side. It gets even worse. The defensive line. Tim Jernigan
was filling in for Malik Jackson, who’s on season, ending
IR, broke his foot. Fletcher Cox, their all pro
defensive tackle he hurt his toe. Philadelphia had to cancel practice
on Wednesday. That’s how banged up they are. On the other
side, the Lions are coming off an aggressive game for Matthew
Stafford, 2 interceptions. But the two throws that matter the
most; 1/4, down Tater cannon to Marvin Jones’ bread basket that
not many quarterbacks in the NFL can make and then a picture
perfect throw to Kenny Golladay for the game clinching
score. Let’s get into some predictions. Kyle Meinke has the
Lions winning on the road 24-20 against the Eagles, while Lauren
Williams has them losing. 17-10. I’ve got the Lions
winning 27-17 and that is solely based on the fact that
Philadelphia is coming into this one extremely banged up
and I’m not too confident in Philadelphia’s ability to rush
the ball with Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard right now based
on what they’ve shown. I think the Lions are going to be able
to force Philly to throw the ball without 3 of their key options
here and the Lions win, moving to 2-0-1. Sound off in the
comments section below. Let us know your score prediction. Let
us know how your feeling about this weekend’s game and stay up
to date with all the Detroit Lions news you need an

21 Replies to “Detroit Lions vs Philadelphia Eagles final score predictions”

  • David Coloñ says:

    Nice little report you got it's cuz we hurt does it mean our season is over next man up this is a game the sunday the rookie is going to break out just watch Go Eagles!

  • Dr. Andre Cranford Ministries says:

    30-10 LIONS WIN💪

  • Jeffrey Revoir says:

    16-20 Lions take it

  • Home Team says:

    40-10 Lion's 🦁 lose and lose big the team sucks the coaching sucks management sucks and the ownership has always and always will suck sell the team and move it out of Michigan

  • AJ Campbell86 says:

    Bookmarked this for Sunday… pretty funny.

  • Jesus Christ says:

    Eagles will be using Howard and Sproles as receivers. Anyone on the Lions can keep up with those speedy guys? Yeah, you are looking too much into the Eagles injuries and forgetting that they have other players on that roster that can play the receiver position just as well as their starters in Alshon and Jackson. Keep doubting Philly!

  • Ben Hollerbach says:

    The Lions are still in preseason form getting the vets playing time together and trying to gel. Having said that, so is every other team! It’s a rough stadium to play in and home field means a lot. So does talent. Lions talent will be on the field and half of the Eagles talent will not be in pads. 32-13. Lions beat them handedly and all the analysts will only talk about how the Eagles are banged up too badly and the Lions steak it. But we’ll take that!

  • king earl says:

    Lions 21-14

  • Juug Head says:

    Lions are trash Matthew stafford is a bum

  • Jose Zamora says:

    I think chargers. Had a much better offence. And lions. Beat them. The only advantage is home field

  • Chris Caahbaugh says:

    Philly gonna 🔥RIOT🔥 after this game they caught looking past us..

  • Badd Babylon says:

    you guys have a below-average at best head coach, Lions are getting rolled over & left for dead

  • neil u says:

    we will see. i have my eagles down 27-0 at halftime. then they will rally at halftime and score 28 unanswered points.

  • Erik Gromicko says:

    Philly gonna blow you out

  • Jacob Taylor says:

    Really hard to know what Lions team will show up. The two games we've seen, reveal a team that shows flashes of brilliance in all areas still with too many of those signature Detroit Lions' errors. Can we talk about Danny "Playoff" Amendola — one of the most clutch playoff performers ever — and his failure to get out of bounds against AZ week 1, it was either late in regulation or OT? The Lions have something in the water man.

    While they've been very sloppy, the team shows signs of getting things going. Finishing drives and cleaning up penalties are the top priorities, but also to establish Johnson & Johnson on the ground.

    I'll say 24-17 Lions.

  • Mommy Dolly says:

    Lions have been pretty lucky this year. First 3 games against all banged up teams. Arizona , La Chargers an now Philadelphia , if they lose this game all that will be brought up two-factor…1 – 1 – 1 ( hey Lions fans you better hope they win this game because look who's coming the Chiefs )

  • lasay inchrist says:


  • SayDat Quan says:

    Dude eagles are one beat up ass team. Not Superbowl contenders. Whose next Carson ? Cox ? Probably Sanders or Howard

  • JMoney226 says:

    Lions win let's get it

  • Ghostman 45 says:

    Eagles..hahahaha they are a joke…and injuries will be their excuse for getting their ass kicked by the mighty Lions.

  • Tammy Jones says:


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