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Later in this video. I’ve gotta beat these nerds. Your word is actually ‘stellar dendrite’. What! What! What! I cannot believe it’s almost back
to school time again. I know seriously, summer is never long enough. Time flies when you’re having fun with your
friends. We did have a good summer. Except for all of those villains trying to
ruin it. Oh, speaking of which, don’t look now but
I think we have a dark fairy in our midst. Sorry Princesses, we’re closed for the day. No more school supplies for you. I guess you’ll have to flunk out and go back
to the 5th grade. Ha ha, Maleficent. Very clever, not. Move along now, we’ve got notebooks and pencils
to buy. Yeah, don’t you have better things to be doing? Nothing is better than trying to ruin your
day. I may have failed this time but I’ll be back. I always come back. Mwaha ha ha ha. Jeez, what a negative nancy. I know, right? Do you know how many schemes over the years
that Maleficent has tried to pull over on us? 4,859. Really! I don’t know, just guessing. Ha ha ha. Speaking of 5th grade, do you guys remember
the regional spelling bee that year? Oh, yeah, that’s the year we all met. And that was Maleficent’s first shady plot. Whoa, 5th grade, that was a long time ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. Mh-hmm. Hi, my name is Jasmine. I’m representing Agrabah Elementary School. Here’s my registration. Welcome, here’s your number. Take a seat over on the bleachers with your
fellow competitors. Hi there, I’m Anna. What’s your name? I’m Jasmine, I’m from Agrabah. What about you guys? I’m Ariel, Princess of Atlantica. Atlantica? Like under the sea? Yap, I’m actually a mermaid, but on land I
have legs. I’m Princess Anna of Arendelle. Well, technically there are two Princesses
one is my older sister Elsa. She’s in the audience cheering me on, see. Woohoo, go, Anna, that’s my little sister. Elsa, stop it hasn’t started yet. Did you have to beat your sister at your school
spelling bee to get here? No, Elsa is a year ahead of me in school. She’s in the 6th grade! Yup, middle school. Whoa! Um, hi, my name’s Belle. I’m checking in for the regional spelling
bee. Fabulous, may I have your registration papers,
please? Of course. Wonderful, and here is your number. I’m so excited, I love words usually when
they’re put together in a book, but also when they stand alone. Who’s that? Oh, you don’t know her? That’s Belle, she’s one of the best spellers
in the district. Really, wow! Yeah, you’ll never see her without her nose
in a book. She’s new in the district. But I heard she went all the way to nationals
last year. Oh man. I was so nervous. About me? We were all nervous. 5th grade was a big deal, we were the oldest
kids in school. Yeah, I really wanted to win and everybody
was saying how good you were at spelling. Meanwhile, guess who showed up at the last
minute. Hello, there name, please. Maleficent. Mh-hmm, Maleficent, Maleficent, oh there you
are. Are you excited to be competing? I’m excited to win. Wow, that’s the spirit. Well, we’re excited to have you here all the
way from the dark forest of Moore. Yap, that’s me. Well, then, good luck and remember to have
fun. Here’s your number. I won’t. Eish, kids these days so competitive. Yeah, nationals was so much fun last year. I’m so excited to be back competing. This is the last year I’m gonna be eligible. This is my first time at regionals, but I’ve
been trying to get in like every year. What about you girls, is this your first spelling
bee? No, my English teacher told me that I should
try to get into the school spelling bee to get over my fear of public speaking. Really? You must be really good at spelling too. I love learning new human words for my seagull
friend, Scuttle. Though he doesn’t always get them right. Ha ha ha. Oh, hi there. Welcome to the bee. Um, yeah, hi. Wow, you all are so perky. Well, we’re all Princesses from different
kingdoms. Are you a Princess too? Nope, I’m a Vi – very new around here. Oh, well, good luck. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to be 73rd annual
royal regional spelling bee. Give a big round of applause for our spellers. [applause] Woohoo, go Anna banana. Oh, I’m sorry, uh, is anyone sitting here? Oh no, no, go right ahead. Um, are you here to cheer on somebody in particular? Yeah, uh, my little sister, Flea. Hi, hi, sorry I’m late. Uh, hi, there that’s quite alright. Do you have your registration paper? Uh, oh jeez, I think my brother has it. Jack? Sure thing, Flea. Here you go. Uh, huh, that’ll do. Go ahead and join the other competitors on
stage. Thanks. Alright everyone, are we ready to start the
spelling bee? [applause] Wow, how did you do that? Uh, just a little party trick I came up with,
no big deal. I’ve got a few of those too. Really? Um, go, Anna, woohoo. Go, Flea. First up, number 1. Ready. Your word is pumpernickel. Ahem, may I have the definition, please? A type of bread often used for sandwiches. Okay. Pumpernickel P-U-M-P-E-R-N-I-C-K-E-L, pumpernickel. That is correct. [applause] Yay. She didn’t even hesitate. I know that’s my little sister, she knows
all of her sandwich ingredients. Your word is dinglehopper. Really? May I have a definition, please. A broad term used to describe various gadgets
and gizmos. Thank you, dinglehopper. D-I-N-G-L-E-H-O-P-P-E-R, dinglehopper. Correct. May I have that in a sentence, please? Of course, “let’s go down to the bazaar and
buy some fresh fruit”. Thank you, bazaar, B-A-Z-A-A-R, bazaar. That is correct. Language of origin, please? Fable is a middle English term. Thank you, fable, F-A-B-L-E, fable. Correct. Tornado, T-O-R-N-A-D-O, tornado. Great job. Ugh, these Princesses are smart too? All of these words are so easy for them. Contestant number 5 you’re up next. I’ve gotta beat these nerds. Alright, contestant number 5, your word is
[coughs] sorry, cat. Cat, C-A-T, cat. What! Cat! That word was way easier than our words. Seriously. That’s kinda weird, don’t you think? Yeah, but spelling bees can be really random
sometimes. Contestant number 6. That’s you, cockroach. Me? My name is Flea. Whatever. Your word is ‘Croissant’ Huh, well, that’s strange,
I’m sorry. Your word is actually ‘stellar dendrite’. What! What! What! Ha ha ha. Can I have the definition, please? A stellar dendrite is a type of snowflake. Oh yeah, I’ve actually heard of one of these. Okay, here it goes. Stellar dendrite, S-T-E-L-L-A-R-D-E-N-D-R-I-T-E,
stellar dendrite. Wow, that’s – that’s correct. Curses! [applause] Woo, that’s my sister. T-U-D polyunsaturated? I’m sorry, that’s incorrect. Uh, man! Aww. H-E-N leviathan. O-Y-L quatrefoil. Oh, well, that escalated quickly. Okay, contestant Number 5 and Number 6, it’s
down to you. First up contestant number 6. Uh, I’m ready for my word. Alright, your word is latitudinal. Can I have the definition, please? Latitudinal is an adjective to describe a
type of wind. Come on Flea, you got this. Does she know anything about wind? Uh, little. latitudinal. L-A-T-I-T-U-D-I-N-A-L, Latitudinal. That is correct. [applause] Alright, contestant number 5, it
all comes down to this. Okay, Maleficent, now for one final spell
to make sure this last word is easy. Wait, what’s she doing? Looks like something with her hands. Do you see this? See what? That girl, I think she’s about to cast a spell. Contestant number 5, your word is antidisestablishmentarianism. What! That’s a word? Um, um, A-N-D- I’m so sorry, but that sound
means you’re out. It also means we have a winner, contestant
number 6 come on down, you’re our winner. [applause. Oh, I can’t believe it. [applause] Wow, that was some spelling bee. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get any further,
but Flea did an awesome job. And besides, there’s always next year. You guys next year we’ll all be in middle
school together. Wow, middle school! We’ll be so grown up. Wait a second, we’ll all be at the same school,
magical middle. Oh my gosh! I think this is gonna be the beginning of
a beautiful friendship. And it was. Wow, I’ve forgotten a lot of that story. Me too. What, a flashback. Elsa, who was that boy in the audience? I don’t know, I never learned his name. Well, it sounds like he was pretty cool. Yeah, he was. Hey, girls, I found some notebooks on sale
for 25 cents each, follow me. Oh, Jack, you’re the best. Uh, nuh, you are. Elsa and Jack Frost sitting in a tree, K-I-S-
Okay, okay, that’s enough spelling for one day. Ha ha ha.

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