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DISNEY PRINCESS PARENTS (Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa and Anna as Moms) Totally TV

DISNEY PRINCESS PARENTS (Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa and Anna as Moms) Totally TV

Later in this video… Alright, here it goes. Oh, Dad, I made you lunch. It’s time to take a break. You’ve been working on this invention all
day.Thanks, Belle. I know, I know, but the time machine is almost
done. I have been working on it forever. Dad, you always say that. Classic Maurice. You’ve been working on this time machine
for years. But this time I think I’ve got it. Remember, Ariel brought over those gadgets
and gizmos a-plenty and whose-its and whats-its galore. I added a couple of widgets myself. Wow! So you really think it works? There’s only one way to find out. So Belle do you want to go into the future? Aww, totally. Can I bring my friends? Of course, Aww, great! Okay, let’s go to the main house and I will
call them. Meanwhile, you can take a much needed break. So, Maurice finally finished his little “time
machine” eh. Ugh! I know what the future holds. All of those perfect little princesses marry
their perfect little prince and have perfect little children and live happily ever after. Blah, blah, blah. Haha. Well, not if I have anything to say about
it. But first, I need to call in backup. Oh to future? I’m a queen and I get to marry that dreamboat
Prince Eric. Count me in or should I say Vanessa. And you’re absolutely positive that I can’t
marry all of them. Alright, whoever then. Marry Belle in the future so that you can
marry Prince Adam? Yes! I mean, if I must. I’ve got to tell LeFou! Ahhhhh! Now, if I take this enchanted fidget and switch
it with this widget. If my calculations are correct, this should
alter the course of the future and make it permanent! No going back to the past. Hahahaha! Belle, thank you snow much for inviting us
to go to the future with you. Of course, thanks for coming over. Yeah, this is so exciting! Awww, I wonder what happens in our future. I can’t wait to find out. I’m a little bit nervous though. Are you sure we will be able to get back Mr.
Maurice? 100%. I’m positive. And once you get to the future, I’ll let
you explore for a couple of hours. Then, I’ll hit this reversal switch right here which
will bring you back in one piece, but you’ll come back knowing what the future is about. Yeah! I’m ready. Let’s do this! Beam us up, Scotty. I mean, Dad. Alright, here it goes. Wait a second! Green smoke! Something isn’t right. Uh-oh. Whoah! I guess we’re in the future. Right, girls? Wait, girls? Hey guys, where are you? Wait! Where am I? (Crying) Oh my gosh! It’s okay. (Crying) Oh my gosh! Another one. Okay, it’s okay. Shhhhhhh, it’s okay! (Crying) Okay, this is ridiculous. Hello, my little Taco Bell, I brought us tacos
for dinner. Dear, tacos. Yum. Gaston! Yes. Oh Belle, poor little Gaston Jr.’s crying Belle. Gaston junior? Belle, did you hit your head? You know that the only way to get Gaston Jr.
to stop crying is to give him his baby weight. The only way to console him is to let him
lift. Baby curls? Okay. Okay, this can’t be right. What has gotten into you Belle? Have you been reading books again? You know we have a strict no books rule. I want our children to be raised on television
and video games. Okay, hold on a second. I think I’m not feeling so well. Can you just remind me what happened the past
few years? Oh, Bellie Button, you are so silly. Ugh! You finally came around to marrying me. LeFou was our minister. I do! I do? Why do I do? I guess I do. Well, we know Belle does. Gaston, do you? I do. Then you are married! Then we had three of the cutest triplets. Congratulations, it’s a girl! Ahhh! I shall name her Gaston Jr. Gaston Junior,
Gaston Junior Junior and Egg. I’m sorry, Egg? Yes!!! Ugh! We argue about this all the time, but Egg
is a great name; Hard on the outside, but on the inside full of protein! Huh! Makes sense. I guess the one thing that you love more than
yourself is eggs. Oh, ho, ho, what was that Belle Pepper? I missed it. Nothing, Gassy. You know what I’m not feeling so well. So I am just going to put the kids back in
their crib with you and I’ll be right back. I’m going to get some fresh air. Okay, but hurry back. LeFou is coming over so we can all go hunting. I know that I have been saying this for awhile,
but we really need more antlers in our decorating. Right. I have got to text the girls. Something is seriously wrong. No way this is my future! Whoah! Is this the future? This just seems like a park. Things don’t seem that different. Rapunzel, get this. Little Rose is a chip off the old block. She took lollipops from three of the other
kids. Flynn, you shouldn’t encourage our baby
to steal. Remember, your thieving days are over. Wait a second. We have a baby? I know. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe. I know she’s a little girl, but I think
she’s got my nose. And my smolder. Oh, Eugene. Shhhhhhh, Rapunzel! What? She can’t understand me. Oh man! Oh, I just got a text from Belle. She said she wants to meet up in the village. I hope everyone else’s futures are as good
as mine. I’ll be right back, Flynn. Wait a second. Does she have a frying pan? Where did she get that? Like mother, like daughter I guess. See you soon. Oh my gosh, Rapunzel. Thank goodness you came. Something is going on. This future is horrible. Wait, what? Things are going really well. Flynn and I are married and we have the cutest
daughter named Rose. Hey you guys! Say hello to Sandy. Apparently, I named her after my love of sandwiches. Classic Anna. Anyway, she’s so cute. Hi, little Sandy. Oh my gosh, she’s adorable. You guys, my future’s not going so well. I’m married to Gaston!!! What??? No way! Yeah, but if you guys have good futures, I
don’t know. You guys, this future is the worst! What? You too. What’s going on? Prince Eric married Ursula. And what’s worse? I’m their babysitter. And this is their baby, Elijah. What??? Okay, something is going on. There is no way that I married Gaston and
Ursula married Eric. I smell a rotten egg. And I don’t mean my baby, Egg. You have a baby named Egg? Ugh! Long story. I don’t want to talk about it. Ahhh, look wifey. It’s all your dorkey princess friends. Wifey!!! Hey guys. Meet my husband. I think you mean “Hansband”. Ewww! You married Hans? Not only are we married, meet little Hans. You had a son and you named him Hans? We had a daughter and named her Hans. Hans is a strong name for both boys and girls
alike. Well, have fun with your little friends. I am off to rule the kingdom. Tutu. You guys! What in the world is going on? I can’t be married to Hans! And have a baby named Hans! Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross! I feel like I am taking crazy pills. This is so weird. Elsa, Belle and Ariel all have really messed
up futures, but Rapunzel and I both married the right people. And I have really cute kids. What gives? Here ye, here ye. By Royal Decree, all princesses and their
children are invited to the castle for a royal ball at 7 p.m. at the request of King Adam
and Queen Maleficent. Thank you. Wait! Hold up. Queen Maleficent? She married Prince Adam. Okay, now I know something is going on! No way that happened! Adam is with Maleficent and Eric is with Ursula? You’re right, Belle, something is fishy and not just this baby. We have got to go to that ball and find out
what’s behind all of this. I mean, it feels like a dream but only part. Oh Sandy, it’s OK. Shhhh. Oh, I forgot, she only likes Iced milk, you know, with her dad being an ice harvester and everything, shes just kind of gotten used to it. Wait a second, Oh my gosh, shes my niece! Little Sandy. Hold up her bottle Anna, I’ll help out. Ohhhh, Auntie Elsa loves little Sandy. At least somethings worked out in the future. I think I’m finally putting this altogether. The villains ended up with whoever they wanted
to be with, but Anna and Rapunzel weren’t affected because
they didn’t care who they ended up in a relationship with. A villain must have tampered with my dad’s
machine. It’s also been a really long time. Your dad said that he would bring us back
in a couple of hours. And it’s been forever. Do you guys think we’re stuck in the future!!! I hope not. This is definitely not the future I want for
you guys. Ugh! Gaston just texted me. He needs me to pick up more eggs, of course. I’ll see you guys at the ball. Oh, Adam, my sweet king hubby. Aren’t you just so luck to be with me? Yeah, I am. Somehow, these last few years just seem like
a blur. I’m not really sure how we got here. Well, you married me because I am the fairest
of them all. Oh look, the princesses are arriving. Too bad their future didn’t turn out as
good as ours. Hahaha. There’s Belle! She’s your ex and we don’t like her, remember! Belle, you have so many babies. Tell me about it. Too many. I am really hoping I can alter this future! Hey, Belle, it’s been a while. Oh, hey, Adam. Wow, that’s a lot of babies. Hahaha. Yeah, tell me about it. I don’t know where all of this went wrong. It seems like just yesterday you turned me
back from being a beast. Adam, that’s the thing. I don’t think that this future is real. I think Maleficent altered it and …. There
you are my Liberty Belle. Ugh! Shoo Beast. Get away from her. I don’t want you to give our babies rabies. Wait, rhyme! Are you impressed, Belle? Ugh! Gaston, you are so rude. He’s not… Well, I guess I better get back. Maleficent’s about to make a speech. It was good seeing you. Thank you all so much for coming to our ball. You know, me and my hubby, King Adam. Oh hello, Maleficent. Sorry we’re late. It took a little longer to get here from the
ocean. Sure did. Still getting use to my sea legs or fin or
you know. Hey Eric. Hey Ariel. You look great! Thanks for watching little Eellijah. Alright, alright. Break it up. No talking to Ariel, remember. Sorry I am late, Elsa. How’s little Hans doing? Oh look! Her sideburns are coming in. Hahaha, lovely. As I was saying, I’m so glad that you could
all come today because I have an announcement to make. As of today, King Adam and I will be ruling
over all of fairytale land as head King and Queen. Excuse me? Hold on, wait a second! Yeah, you said if we helped you alter the
future, we’d all be rulers. Well, Gaston, you’re not really a ruler. And now that Belle has married you, she’s
not really a princess either. Hey, she’s the princess of my heart. Ah, so you did alter the future! Alter, shmalter. I might have tweaked things a little to make
sure things worked out as they should. I knew this wasn’t right. I’m supposed to be married to Belle. And I’m supposed to be married to Ariel. And I don’t know who I’m supposed to marry,
but it’s definitely not Hans. Silence! You know what? I think the future would be even better with
no princesses. What do you mean? Wicked power come to me. No more princesses there shall be. Your baby inherited your freezing powers. Yeah, it knew exactly who to freeze. Great job, baby Hans. Oh, we have to change that name. We’re back! Oh my gosh, you guys! I don’t have a million babies! And I’m not babysitting some weird shark
baby, ugh! And I’m not married to Hans. Oh, yuck, gross. I still can’t believe that. It worked! Mr. Maurice, something went seriously wrong
with your machine. I know, Maleficent messed with my machine. She put in this fidget instead of my widget. I’ve been working on it for hours. And just now able to get you girls back. Oh, hold on a second you guys. Adam is calling me. Hey, Belle, me and the guys are all outside
and we’re reading to go to the movies. Kristoff’s stuck in a snowstorm but he said
he’d meet us there. Oh, my gosh, Adam. It is so good to hear your voice. Hey, just to clarify, neither one of us is married or has any kids,
right? Belle, are you okay? I mean no, not right now. Someday, of course, I’ve always wanted to
have a son and name him Ben. Ah, I love that, so much better than egg. Long story. We’ll meet you guys outside. We’ll be right there. Bye. The machine should be working fine now if
you guys want to give it another try. Thanks Mr. Maurice, but I think we’re okay. It’d be cool to know our future, but I think we’re happy getting there the
slow old-fashioned way. Come on guys, let’s go! Ugh! Foiled again. Hmmm, well, let’s see what my future is like without
me altering it. Wait! I have a baby. Well, she is so beautiful and she looks so
wicked. Hahaha. I think, I will call her Mal. Belle, thanks, so much for coming to our slumber
party. I know it’s supper last minute, but we thought
it would be really fun for the three of us to hang out. Oh, totally, I am so excited that I get to
hang out with my favorite sister friends. Oh, just another day at my tower, what should
I do today? Make someone fall asleep for a hundred years? Done that. Uhh, turn into a dragon, ugh, too much heartburn. I guess I’ll just browse snap-chat. Wait, what’s this? Belle, on my way to Elsa’s to a last minute
slumber party, and I wasn’t invited, ugh! They know that I hate not being invited parties. Well, I guess I’ll just have to teach them
a lesson. So, what should we do first? We can do whatever we want, we can play a
game, or – or we can make music, or uhm, eat sweets, marshmallows or we can do makeovers
and make slime. Maybe no more slime, it took me hours to get
it out of my hair last time. Okay, I want cookies. Oh, no wait, cake. A chocolate cake with tones of icing. Uhhh, what about macaroons? It all sounds so yummy, clearly, we’re in
the mood for something sweet. Uh, that reminds me, Kristoff should be here
any minute with some snacks. I hope it’s not one of his recipes he learned
from the trolls again. Yeah, I mean I know he means well, but grass
and dirt just don’t belong in every dish. I can’t wait for the girls to try this chocolate
dirt and grass pie that the troll taught me how to make. How shall I ruin their fun? Uh, I know, I’ll use this boy. He seems to be like on the way there and he
looks like he’s carrying a pie. Mhmm, now, I’ll just have to run into him. Good thing Sven didn’t eat this. Ma’am, I’m so sorry, are you alright? Oh, I’m so sorry it was my fault, I wasn’t
paying attention to where I was going. The fault was mine, I should have been more
careful. Oh, no, you’re… eww, what is that? It’s my chocolate grass and dirt pie, I
need to scoop it back together. Oh, it’s ruined, too bad. Oh, man, now what are the princesses going
to eat for their slumber party? I didn’t bring anything else and Oaken shop
is closed now. I have an idea, why don’t you take this
delicious apple cake I made and happen to have with me, it’s perfect for sharing for
you and your friends. Are you sure? Well, they’re not going to curse themselves. What was that? What? Oh, what I meant was they’ll be so disappointed
if they don’t have anything to eat, especially Princess Anna, so there you go. You’re right, you’re such a sweet old
lady, thank you. Bye-bye. Ha ha ha, wait, old! How does she know about Anna? So then I said “Cogsworth, I think it’s time
you start having more fun”, ha ha ha. Uhh, he didn’t find it very funny. Well, I am having so much fun, I don’t think
this night could get any better. Knock – knock, special delivery from Arendelle’s
best delivery boy. Kristoff, oh my gosh, thank you so much for
coming and bringing us snack, what kind did you bring? Well, I brought you this cake. Uhh, yum, what kind? Coconut? Chocolate? Watermelon? Watermelon! Ah, I’m just so hungry, anything sounds
good right now. It’s a red apple cake. Yum! For a second I thought it was gonna be something
silly like dirt and grass, ha ha ha, uhh! No, don’t be silly, I wouldn’t. Yes, it’s all going according to plan, eat
up girls. Ha ha ha, you know, people think that sorcery
is my only skill, but I’m a master baker. Tiana was practically begging me to work at
her restaurant. You know what would go perfect with this cake,
ice cream. Oh my gosh, you’re so right, we have some
in the freezer if you wanna go get some. Okay, I’ll go get it but don’t eat without
me. No promises. This is almost as good as Tiana’s, almost. Ha ha ha. Almost, huh! Hey Siri, remind me to destroy Tiana’s restaurant
once this is all over. I shall put it in your agenda, your highness. Would you like a piece Kristoff? No thank you, Elsa, I had a big lunch, and
also, I brought it for you girls. You guys, I couldn’t find the ice cream,
I think someone ate it all, Anna, but regardless I am ready for some cake. What kind of apples are these? Well, I’m not sure, an old lady gave it
to me when I dropped the pie I made. What! You gave us a cake from a stranger? Oh, no, that can’t be… waah, waa! What just happened? Kristoff, princesses usually stay away from
things with apples because they’re usually cursed with some crazy spell. But, luckily for me, I have magical powers
so I should be… ha ha ha. Oh, no! Anna, Elsa! Kristoff, they’re… Babies! Kristoff, I don’t know what to do? I’ve never been a babysitter before. Belle, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it
was a cursed apple cake, the old lady seemed so nice. Who could have done this? I doubt it was Gaston, this is too intelligent
for him. Hey, um, Belle. Yes, Kristoff. Where did baby Anna and Elsa go? Okay, uh, don’t panic. We just need to find two babies that are out
there in the world by themselves. One of which that has magical freezing powers
she doesn’t know how to control. Don’t worry Belle, we’ll find them, it
could be worse, right? True, I did have an entire village capture
my father and then try to get rid of Prince Adam AKA the beast, so that was a rough time. Still, this is pretty bad. Where would baby Elsa go? Ahh, now this is entertaining, ha ha ha. Poor princesses Anna and Elsa, not. Now this Disney princesses will be lost forever,
my wicked plan was finally a success. Your Highness, there’re more than two Disney
princesses. Yeah, well Siri, everyone has to start somewhere.
Now, for Belle and that annoying Kristoff… hmm. [doorbell] Huh, the doorbell! Hopefully,
someone found Anna and Elsa. I hope so. Oh, hello, ma’am, can I help you? Good day Princess Belle, I’m a girl scout
selling cookies to curse you, I mean to raise money. Wait, aren’t you a little old to
be a girl scout? No, I just hit my growth spurt. I’m actually only 12-years-old. Uh, 13. I’m really sorry, but I’ve lost my friends
and I need to find them. You haven’t seen two babies running around
here, have you? No, I haven’t, I’ve just been soo busy
trying to sell these amazing cookies. Huh, here, try a sample. No thanks, as delicious as that sounds, I
couldn’t think of eating at a time like this. I gotta go find my friends, bye. Ugh, curses! Who was it? Uh, it was just Maleficent disguised as a
girl scout. Wait, what! How did you know? A. Disguise was bad. B. She said she was trying to curse me and
C. She’s still trying to sell me mediocre baked goods. She must have been the old lady in the woods
that gave me the cake. No doubt, but she will probably be coming
back any minute to listen in to our conversation, so we need a plan of action. What about your magic mirror? Oh my gosh, great idea, Kristoff. I actually had it made into a compact, so
I could carry it with me at all times. Magic mirror, show us the babies. Oh my gosh, they didn’t get far at all,
they’re in the kitchen. But, the question is, how do we turn them
back? We need that old fairy to teach us how to
change them back. Looks like we’ve got company, look out the
window. Drats! The disguise didn’t work, I’ll just have
to come up with another scheme for Belle and Kristoff… scheduling another scheme for
2 o’clock. Shhh! Too loud. We have to be quiet or else she’ll hear
us. I’ve gotta plan, I’m gonna go use Elsa’s
dress up clothes, meanwhile, you stay here and distract her. Distract her, how? Think of something, sing. But, uhh, I can’t sing. Just sing anything, you got this. Well, I know one song babies like, maybe if
I sing it loud enough, they’ll come out of hiding. “The wheels on the bus go round and round,
round and round, round and round. Huh, oh, Elsa’s costume trunk, uh, perfect. Oh, no cows cute but not for this. Oh, Cruella, no -no – no. Um, yes, this will be perfect! Uh, oh, I have an idea. Ugh! I wish he would stop that terrible singing,
he thinks that is going to help him find the babies? That’s going to make everybody run for the
hills. Oh, hello, Male, fancy meeting you here. Mother Gothel, what are you doing at Elsa’s
castle? You look different? Do I… I mean, that’s just because I was using
Rapunzel’s hair to make me look young again. Did I mention, I locked her in the tower again,
uh, I am just so villainous, no one can compare. Oh, really? Well, listen to this, I just turned Elsa and
Anna into babies, ha ha ha. Babies! What? How did you do that? With a poison apple cake, of course. Oh, really, uhh, sounds amateur level. I’m sure there’s a simple reversal spell. It’s not that simple, you need special fairy
dust. I stole it from that little Tinkerbell. I’m the only one that has it. Oh, please, Tinkerbell has been giving that
stuff away, you can get it anywhere. What? No, this is truly special. What’s way more special is my necklace? I got from Ursula, you know, the sea witch,
it’s one of a kind. How? I have been trying to get that from her for
years. She owed me a favor. Huh! I’ll trade you, I’ll give you the fairy
dust for the necklace. I mean… I promise it’s real, one of a kind. I suppose, well here you go. Oh, and you know what, I’m gonna throw in
some of this moisturizer I made from Rapunzel’s magic hair, looks like you could use some. Mhmm. good luck with your little trick. I’m taking over, this is big time! Ha ha ha! You steal some magical hair and you think
that you’re all that a bag of chips, whatever. But now, I have this, ha ha ha haa! Now, first order of business is to steal that
annoying Kristoff’s voice. But wait, sounds like he stopped singing. Now, where did Belle go? Mother Gothel, what are you… Shh, Kristoff, it’s me, Belle. Belle, that’s a really good disguise. Soo good that it got us this. It’s the pixie dust that’s going to reverse
the spell, let’s go save our friends. Ahh, ah, ah. There you are you, crazy babies! Ah, ah, snow, ice! Whoaa, watch out, ice – ice babies. Regular Elsa knows how to control her icing
powers, but baby Elsa doesn’t, whoa! We’ve gotta change them back just be careful. La la, phew, phew! Elsa, it’s me, Belle, ahhh! Coo,
coo, why I’m I talking so funny? Yeah, I feel weird. You guys, I’m so glad you’re back. Maleficent
turned you guys into babies! Wait, what happened to Maleficent? Yeah, we need to teach her a lesson. Done, and done. Ugh! I think this thing is broken, I don’t hear
any mermaid voices. Ugh,well I might as well try and use this
moisturizer. So, I combined some of Elsa’s lotion with
the apple cake to make a magical apple moisturizer, AKA a taste of her own medicine. Uhh, good thinking Belle. I couldn’t have done it without Elsa’s
costumes and propS. I have to admit though, she is kind of cute. Waaah, waaah, waaah, uhhh!

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    Elsa is sopoto be marid to jack

  • Hend Al shehhi says:

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    I’m why am I watching this trash?

  • Yawana Wolfe says:

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    . .

    Soory it is a bunny

  • Yawana Wolfe says:

    Oh and y’all idiots think maleficent is bad y’all stupid!

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    So funny

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  • Joy Salifu says:

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  • Adriana Campos says:

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    Omg makes a pizza πŸ• video πŸ“Ή and can Jasmine marry Aladdin

  • β€’ Errrpos β€’ says:

    It's look like is Elsagate

  • Elsas_Fan says:

    Where did Rapunzel Jr. go just before mom poofed with her aunts?

  • Elsas_Fan says:

    I’d love to see Gaston’s cholesterol count!

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  • Wendy Chong says:

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    Medium:πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€β˜ οΈπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
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