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Divination Box Paranormal Investigation ITC app

good evening tonight we’re going to take
a look at another ITC app this one is called divination box or the
divination box so let’s give it a shot here in the
studio My partner has mentioned that she does
feel a presence here I honestly have not but I have a feeling
I know who it is if there is so anyway let’s take a look
at this divination box app this is for Android I have no idea if it’s available for iOS
it’s another free app and the divination app and the divination box the
divination box uses banks of reversed whispered voices for best results use an
external speaker and record session on an external device place device on flat
service to see if orientation sensors can be manipulated this app is part of the project unity
build so I guess there’s a whole series from project unity so let’s hit okay and it’s got a nice
set of Daryl Dixon wings as you may see let’s see can see that it’s hard to tell so anyway let’s turn it on Let’s lower the speed okay we got on the
minimum speed ok so is there anyone here with us who would like to say hello that might have been Ken maybe it’s hard to tell hopefully you can hear pretty good I
don’t ever bother with the external speakers just makes it really loud for
no reason and overpowers my voice so Ken why are you here? not me I don’t know what that means who else is here besides Ken I don’t
know maybe we gotta Norwegian named Sven or Swede I’m not sure if Sven is
Norwegian or just a Viking name in general or what okay so we got Ken and Sven I see a
pattern here would you like to say hello to us
It sounded like somebody went a-hole I guess they’re not too thrilled with me let’s try it again how did you die no idea if I got anything intelligible
there ok how many spirits are here with us seven ok there’s a little pointy thing on the
screen but I actually can’t see it was because I’m pointing it at the camera I’m going to take a look now and see if
it changes around if at all and maybe that will help us get some
kind of answer is there anyone here who would like to say hello the pointer says hello but I think
that’s the generic position for it I think that’s the default position for
it so this divination box app I’m not so sure but then again there isn’t a lot of
activity here in the studio so perhaps when I take it to the
Revolutionary War battlefield defense line or to Grant’s Tomb the historic Lefferts house Trinity church maybe it’ll be more
useful one more quick question are you mad that we’re here are you mad that we are here nothing intelligible so that’s about it so that was the
divination box free in the Google Play store it’s an Android only app to the best of
my knowledge it’s free not sure how much use it is we didn’t get very much useful
information out of it but your mileage may vary have a great night bye for now O:nen ki’ wahi'(Speaking Mohawk)

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