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Do You Have These Vertical Ridges On Your Nails?-Palmistry

Do You Have These Vertical Ridges On Your Nails?-Palmistry

and various other feelings and emotions gets
generated,which creates stress on the body,mind and your behavior. Constant stress experienced over a long period
of time can damage the brain structure. It disturbs the Neural network of the brain,which
consists of interconnected neurons that supply electrical signals to the different regions
of the brain. Due to the change in this network,our brain
starts responding to situations differently which creates problems such as anxiety,loss
of concentration,poor decision making etc. Nails carry great nerve centres under them,and
are among first ones to get affected whenever something is wrong within the body;because
they are extremely sensitive. That is the reason why Nails are the reflection
of the person’s health and personality. If the color of the nails is pink
in color and the texture is smooth suggests that the nervous system is working in good condition. If the nervous system is overburdened,vertical
lines starts appearing from top to the base,also known as ridges. This gives clue to the person that he or she
is thinking too much causing stress on the brain. If the ridges takes the form of flutes as
shown,indicates serious nervous disorder where the nervous tension and stress is taking a
toll on the person’s health. I hope you guys found this information useful
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