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Dragon 2019 Astrology Forecast

Dragon 2019 Astrology Forecast

And dragons. Dragons so what’s coming to
the Dragons this year is what’s called the monthly virtue. And the monthly
virtue usually is a great energetic support to have if you are a student or
if you are dragon and if you’ve been thinking about going back to school I
say getting another certificate or another college diploma – this is a really
good year to start. Because academically things will fall go along much smoother
for you and you all you also have the red matchmaker so the red matchmaker
usually is like green light in terms of relationship so you will be more
attractive to people especially of the opposite sex. A red matchmaker also
usually denotes marriage and happy celebrations. And it’s actually
not uncommon for me to see my clients having married or having met their
partner on a red matchmaker year so keep an eye out for that. Also enhances
interpersonal relationships so it’s great. Interpersonal relationships are
great for your social life but it’s also really great for your career as well so
the red matchmaker is your relationships on all front your private, your personal
okay. Only thing is you do have the what’s
called the lesser consumer. Usually that means you’re a bit of a Shopaholic so
the thing is – it’s totally within your control right if you think you are going
for you know retail therapy then maybe you know some people say you freeze your
credit card in the freezer so you don’t you know. You don’t get to use it now the
only problem is you can still shop online so it’s more of a self awareness
now okay. You will have opportunities to
travel or relocate and for most of you again I’m looking only at the Year
pillar, if you do get the opportunity to travel especially relocating this
obviously that’s a bigger decision whether it’s a good idea to relocate or
not you really should work with an astrologer to look at the other elements
of your chart okay. Or if you are in business then the pulling saddle also
means that you could expand your business overseas okay. Outside of your
own country so if you’ve already been thinking about that maybe this is a good
year for you to start getting those wheels turning and putting things in

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