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Dying of Thirst – Astronomy Club

Dying of Thirst – Astronomy Club

What’s good? Nothing. Oh, so tell me, did it hurt? When they captured me?
When they beat me? No, when you fell
from heaven girl. Life is pain. I am sorry,
but I am bleeding out, so I’m going to say
this quickly. Can I get you a drink? Oh, yes, yes!
I haven’t had water in days! Great, open wide,
let me spit in your mouth. Oh, no. Mm-mm (negative). Honey, you can spit in my mouth.
It’s open. No. You have good aim. No, Come on. It was one time,
I was new to the ship. You always say that. Come holler at me when you’re
thirsty, I’ll fill you up. I’m not gonna be thirsty.
Don’t, no, stop it. I don’t want it, Nia. So, back to you.
What is your name? Nokuru. Nokuru? That is such
a beautiful name. Nokuru. Oh, I’m sorry,
I did not mean to offend you, if this is your …
oh, no, he dead! As I was saying, getting
captured is the worst, right? Yes, back home I was a warrior. You were a warrior? I was a warrior,
of that bush though. I was a warrior. You were not a warrior. I killed a plant. That’s a farmer. You are- Hey! Shut up, or I’ll
throw you overboard before we make it to land. Dang it, those white ghosts
sure are scary. I know, and you were
so going to kiss me. Yes, you were.
I felt it, the energy. I haven’t smiled in weeks. I can do more to make you smile. Come on. What? We are shackled,
far from our homes, and you just wanna get nasty? Yes, I do. You want to? You’re not here playing
footsie with me? No, that is a rat
eating your foot. Ahh! Thank you. I am scared too. I am going to die,
you’re going to die. I am just a poor meerkat
trying to get this nut. Get that nut? I’m so single.
Only the dark women get the men. No. You’ll find someone. Where I find love? He’s dead, he’s dead,
he has emotional baggage, and he has no [bleep]. No, I do. Love starts
with loving yourself. Try a year of yes, like now.
Like now, I’m, I’m just like
going through a lot right now. Like everyone I know is dead,
but you are … You dead? This one die on you? Typical. Can’t find a good man anywhere. It’s like Black women
are gonna die alone. Or with a man with no [bleep]. I definitely have a [bleep]. Yaw! Oh, oh. Are you hurt? Are you okay? I am now. Ooh, ooh two.

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