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(ENG cc) 시집갈 나이까지 콕 집어 내네… 깜짝 놀란 나라 | 사주 팔자 보고 온 후기!

Yusung, Where are we? we are at Hongik University How about making a eating episode? There are so many street foods here. How about eating street food? We can do it anytime so please think differently. Please, do not find and try to eat food There are many fortune telling and tarot shops Oh! Fortune telling and Tarot. I did that a lot in North Korea. Before I came to South Korea. I also visited fortune telling shop. How about going there? Suddenly? Yes! Because you will pay! I want to eat something and buy clothes Stop that nonsense! I am doing hard Please focus more on our contents Yes Please say something rather than just appearing your pretty face in the camera How do you feel about dating with me? I want to go shopping! This is pretty You are born in different country and came here so you are not a South Korean but a North Korean I will take divination. I checked my fortune through divination when I was young. Both of you will check your fortune? Will you also check marital compatibility? No we don’t need the marital compatibility Aren’t you couple? NO! Never! Aren’t you deny it too strongly? Yes, we could check it because we are working together So can you check whether we can work together continuously? I was really surprised that she said we are couple So who will go first? Does lady check the first? Yes, I will go first Hey Nara, you have to always show respect to your elders. I am older than you! So rock-paper-scissors. I will go first Where do you live? well,, I can’t remember it How don’t you know your own address? Recently, the address system was changed so …… Wow.. It is surprising that you don’t know your own address I know my address but South Korea address system recently changed so there is a differences between old address and a new address that is why … Sign.. He is foreigner so, hey you should stop sending kakao talk while she is talking He is s pushover for compliments. And he also has a strong pride so if he heard that he is wrong, he takes offense at those statements. What is your job? YouTube creator in Yonhap New agency You are also impetuous, right? And you are quite stubborn so it you think it is right, you just do it. Also you got many compliments during your childhood and have great respects to the elders. You are saying all the good things so I can’t help admitting it You have a strong desire to possess things Maybe I was born in poor family ou are asking a lot of things to others but you just do what you want to do. And remove a mole Remove your mole and go on a diet. (He is just kidding) You are crying whenever you are happy and upset. If you like something, you are hitting the person next to you and like it Stop hitting me. You are hurting me. Yes it is But you became a matured person from last year Became matured person from last year And You are princess So now everyone knows you were princess in your previous existence lso you like to dance Yes I am. But I am not quit good at it You can’t hold in your anger. So you regret about it many times. Also, if you don’t like somebody else, you just ignore. And I said you are a princess because you are born like that. You are not pretending to be a girlish but you are born like that Yes, I am born like that Also you have a higher expectations and standards. You always want more. But now you lowered the expectations and standards. What do you mean? You lowered your expectations and standards Yes I am You realized that everything can’t always be what you want to be. You do in the way you want to do If someone say “you should not do so”, You answer “OK, I will not” then you sneak out and do what you want. You are a girl like a fog. A girl like fog?? Hahaha Yes have to do what I want to do I got a goose bumps I can’t say anything I am princess I am not surprising that because you always say that you are princess See, I am a princess. But the result is so different from that I heard in North Korea. When I was in North Korea, I only check whether it will be safe or not. But here in South Korea it is really new and interesting. How about you? I am comfortable here in South Korea. So I can’t attend to every single word. In North Korea, visiting a fortune teller is illegal so I felt like I have to follow every single dvices from fortune teller but it feels different because we are checking our fortune for fun. I still get goose bumps. For me, 95% were correct. Maybe it is written in my face And Nara will merry when she is 28 It was a time for us to compare fortune telling between South and North Korea I am exercising selective hearing here in South Korea but in North Korea, I thought everything is correct and I trusted everything that fortune teller said If the fortune teller said I have to scatter food as an offering to the ghosts, by the way, what we just did? Is it ‘Saju(Fortune telling)’?? How can I call it? How don’t you still know it even if you spend the whole hour for checking your fortune.. Maybe, shaman’s possession? Oh maybe that is right. The reason why we can’t talk loudly, they are telling fortune for other people so we have to speck quietly. If we speak loudly, it could be an obstruction of business. Yes, she has a good manner. Bye!

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