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Everything about Scorpio sign #scorpio #scorpiosign #vedicastrology #vrishchik #scorpiozodiac

Everything about Scorpio sign #scorpio #scorpiosign #vedicastrology #vrishchik #scorpiozodiac

Om Namah Shivay Today lets talk about Scorpio Ascendant (Lagna) In any Horoscope, if the Number 8 is rising Number 8 meaning Scorpio, Scorpio Sign is governed by Planet Mars
Mars Provides Energy and Youth such people are normally very energetic
and appears to be very young They are also very passionate
and have curly hairs my Hair is also Curly
although my Ascendent is not Scorpio but my moon sign is Scorpio such people are bold and beautiful they have very high intensity and confidence level they are very obsessed for anything Often Obsession and strong determination is
the key to their success in all the signs this is the sign of detective
I call this sign as SPY Since number 8 is the number for Occult and
Research knowing the hidden things
they are very fond of such things I will advise if you do Occult and Research
you will do extremely well you should go to that field. they are very strong, full of force
they are very good friends and at the same time can be a very dangerous enemy as friends they are good
but as an enemy, they can be dangerous they don’t harm anyone till they are not triggered
they lose temper very quickly their energy levels are very high
and they have to control their anger sometimes getting angry frequently will spoil
your relationship one more important thing for such people
they should be careful while choosing their profession since they are governed by Planet Mars they find very hard to work under someone
they can do good in Forensic, Occult, or Army they can work in Metals such as Iron, Steel
they can work for Chemicals, Medicine they can be good surgeons
since they have high intuition, they can do some work related to their intuition Who can be the best Partners
the best partner could be Piscean, Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus
they will gel extremely well one thing they have to take care
that they should refrain using sarcastic remarks and Scorpios use a lot of Sarcasm
don’t be over critical as these end up in spoiling the relationship
they should reduce or avoid alcohol intake they might have problems with dehydration so this was some information on Scorpio (Lagna) let’s meet again with some new information Om Namah Shivay

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