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Everything BACK TO THE FUTURE Part 2 Predicted About 2015

2015, it’s finally finally finally
here I’ve been waiting most of my life for
this 2015 beware the Future III feel like I’m in the future without you well I feel like in the pic present but
also yes it is a big milestone for those of you who love the Back to the Future
movie finally caught up to their future exactly as a child I always thought and
your 2015 I’ll be an old man you like an educated over some more yeahh two cars
in the garage dog and I have been three of those things yeah of course yeah two cars at the
house you’re not really that old yeah so like
younger than I thought I’d have a house and you need to have a dog dog lives
around here right now we’re talking sorry to right when it comes to
his predictions is basically what we’re going to talk about yeah well here
little there so um first off the technology we were the words of our cars
flying cars obviously not happening on the stupidest thing ever because why
would you want a flying car and you do you have to follow the traffic laws
they’re still of those roads the only problem is if you do in your vendor on
the ground your mind if you get in a car wreck on the ground hopefully won’t be
like with 30 miles an hour and it won’t be that bad but if you’re all up like a
mile up in the air your dad what was he said that where
we’re going we don’t need roads but clearly there are a lot of rose around
two so I always thought that was I don’t know doc brown kinda scary because you
haven’t lived on the street right Marquis lived on the street consulate on
$STREET street at the technology what the weather how they can control the
radio exactly through the second that with water controlling the radar with a
really good at predicting it I honestly I don’t I thought it was
predicting but maybe they’re just controlling the word prediction that
you’re getting a lot better at predicting the weather then we were like
the nineteen eighties I think that is true kind of true furthermore overboard hey hoverboards I
need glory hoverboard um it’s really big really expensive there was a couple of
existence and you have to be on metal for it to work but if I is about an inch
over the ground and I want we have to be on metal you have to have like a metal
street oriental like ramparts of knowing what would happen is every town whenever
like a skating rink and metal scraping Marie can you take your hoverboard and
run into people because there’s no stopping and you have one direction and
you can’t turn you can go but if there’s water over the metal that work there was
like a thin layer of water he said it does not work over water just like they
predicted in better if you i know i don’t care i’m gonna make my whole
backyard metal I guess that was the same as concrete I mean it’s the prototype
they’ve got a kickstarter and yeah I I’m what about space pepper board the people
yeah this hoverboard on that ways away I don’t know you’re giving five years
because that’s like a jet engine oh I know I know that’s that’s like the
the Mustang ya ever born and then your friends can like hang onto it right and
again they still need roads for this to work though yeah again . ground totally wrong with
prediction of the future big what about jobs 19 with that the movie that yes
John 17 is the hologram tries to eat Marty Marty the idiot because not going
to hologram is this that was a pretty realistic short it was
trends hearing came out of nothing there was like not even eight bits and you
would just like this is kind of neat i could have ever been flinching but they
didn’t make 19 jobs day and I don’t think they’re going to hit me like five
fiber and I remember one of was revenge for like jaws we’re trying to find a
family this grandson on Griff which makes sense because the girl and
grandson how they need ppl ugur he actually went yeah he’s needle son he
actually just like decked out with like cyber text that has yet to happen oh yeah like replacement four legs and
things like that but we don’t have anything that inflates a person to
become slightly bigger know i just want like one of grips crony says the low
audio thing that’s just like that’s the chicken with iphones we pretty much got
that i can just press a button and have some sound play immediately and remember
when they were in the kitchen and have that tiny little pizza ya can’t eat and they stick it in like
five seconds later it’s this is bubbling or some pizza and now we have microwave
am NOT microwaves back in 1985 how close are we to that I don’t think I mean I am
dehydrated food now alright but it doesn’t change shape when
you add water to it just tastes better with it three other house I mean the
house is more a little bit more accurate than like the city stopped because I
mean that wall mounted tvs their video conferencing problems they had the fax
machine producer in the closet that has been seen in the closet it was everywhere right when he said
your fire they could only have been all these different places i will really is
you free it was like a . yeah sure it is
great to have a try and holographic shark but our printer technology is
never going to change I just love seeing when Marty you like
looks at like 12 channels at once yeah no I don’t think whatever gonna get
there I don’t do you want to you on your cable there’s a few next to do that now
we can watch the split screen but they’re not together the Maquis you can
walk like 12 channels at once and I guess on youtube I mean right now you
can open up all the windows technology to culture they had at a bar and I think
that we still have done this a tease affinity for affinity culture like I
think these are kind of coming back a little bit we actually still use our
hands to play video videos which he said you know like you would with a little
baby larger would so that’s the baby’s toy pepsi perfect i gotta say the pepsi
the future it’s in this room thermos yeah good thing so I’m really hoping
they come out with some sort of limited edition pepsi that will match pepsi
perfect in the movie and they predicted Elijah would be adorable and he’s
adorable in her life in the year to that even now he’s been downloaded orrible ok
let’s talk about like swaying of the Year 2015 in the movie they talk about
like zipheads lolos ranks the net these are what I don’t know her I learned drug users I think I i think a
local my elbow it always like a lobotomy that something stupid but I will say
this hasn’t happened yet but I’ve got my money on the Cubs this year and i think
that the Cubs are going to do awesome they’re gonna wind up in it well I mean
it happen for the Royals where no one saw that we know me so come on copies
please could work please don’t kill me but anyways I’m excited about the new
year on I’m excited about what we’ve got planned anyways take care guys will see in the

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