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Film Theory: Where is Frozen 2 Going? (Frozen 2 Trailer Predictions)

Film Theory: Where is Frozen 2 Going? (Frozen 2 Trailer Predictions)

*in matpat’s most majestic voice* Do you want to hear a Theory? Frozen 2 is coming soon The trailer dropped and I was stunned It looks so much fun this moment’s opportune To figure out its symbols Crystals and waves Whats with the autumn leeeeeeeeeeeaves? Do you want to hear a theory? Kinda has to be a theory… Why? Why is it always a theory? That’s the show…. *Film Theory theme plays* Hello, Internet! Welcome to FILM THEORY! Where you may or may not actually get to see this episode because after Elsagate last year, anything that even mentions building a snowman is getting the YouTube BAN HAMMER. That may seem like a joke, but um, it’s really…not. We’ll actually see how many views this video gets… YouTube, just take Elsa’s advice and LET IT GO! Stop holding back the glittering Frozen theory fodder! The Internet needs this! They NEED to vastly overspeculate about a children’s movie that seems produced explicitly to sell light blue dresses to four-year-olds! I mean…uh…shuffle, shuffle, uh research, research deep analysis So today, as you’ve probably noticed from the title, I’m tackling a theory in a movie that hasn’t come out yet. Frozen 2. In fact, this whole theory is just coming from the Frozen 2 trailer. Which Even though it’s only 1 minute and 52 seconds it has turned Frozen 2 into the most hyped. Disney squeal of all time. We all know how great I am at interpreting Disney franchise trailers from all those fantastically accurate Star Wars theories. So I’m expectin’ today’s prediction-theory to go prettaaay- pretty well *troll music bc yeh* In all seriousness though despite the fact that we only have a little bit of material to work with It’s actually a lot to unpack It’s also worth mentioning that this theory is gonna be building on the groundwork that’s already been laid forth by some of our theorist brothers from another channel mother fellow internet theorists the Super Carlin Brothers where they venture an interpretation of the Nordic runes in the trailer I think a lot of what’s been said so far is spot on but after watching this trailer twelve times with my face so close to the screen it would make my optometrist faint I think that there’s quite a bit more to dig in here then hasn’t been talked about yet so today I’m going to predict the plot of this movie based on a single trailer because I just don’t think I give the internet quite enough fodder to make fun of me SO HERE we go Disney’s most anticipated release of the 21st century based on less than two minutes of footage GO First of all, let’s catch you up in case you’re not one of us weirdos staring at our screens until we develop cataracts Elsa finds herself on a stormy desolate beach She removes her gloves and shoes then sprints towards the crashing waves trying to American Ninja Warrior her way out to sea she gets a few steps each time with the help of her ice powers but the waves eventually break up the ice and send her crashing back down the REAL theory here though should be on whether her powers would actually work on ocean water, to begin with since the freezing point of salt water is actually lower than that of fresh water which means that if her powers bring things to 32 degrees that water ain’t staying frozen for long and that ladies and gentlemen is the magic of SCIENCE for the record let it be known here I reserve the right to do that theory should the events of the movie deem it necessary meanwhile in Arendelle Anna looks out her window to see mysterious floating crystals everywhere by the look on her face, she ain’t too happy about it we get a shot of Kristoff riding Spin with a herd of reindeer in tow followed by Anna in what appears to be the same mysterious place as Elsa at the start of the trailer Elsa shoots some ice at purple fire so it doesn’t melt Olaf we catch a momentary glimpse of a girl in a forest before a bunch of leaves shoot up off the ground and take another unknown character with them ending with the whole gang on a cliff overlooking an autumnal forest with the mountains in the distance the trailer wraps with the title card saying Frozen 2 and some blowing orange leaves on it and then Anna kills the cameraman *rip* press F to pay respects ~THE END~ so what are we to make of all this? we spend we so much time with that opening on the beach That this feels like it’s gonna end up being an important place But anyone who’s seen the first Frozen should be able to tell that this isn’t Arendelle how do we know? well even though most of the frozen puts Arendelle in Norway, a country that has plenty of shore lines that would have beaches, this is no Norwegian beach. Norway is known for yellow, white, or occasionally black sand beaches. Not for the black, pebble beach That we’re seeing here in the trailer. There’s even a close up of Elsa’s feet to explicitly show the pebbles! Jennifer Lee, the co-director of Frozen 2,

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