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‘Finding Nemo’ Predicted the Future

‘Finding Nemo’ Predicted the Future

Here’s something so crazy
that I have to show you. This is absolutely true. I know you’re going to think
that we’re making this up. This is true. There was a TV show in
the ’50s called Trackdown. And one of the episodes had
an evil character named Trump. Not only is it that crazy,
the plot of the show was that he was trying
to build a wall. I’m serious. This is real and weird. Watch. You hear about Trump? Yes, sir. What are you going
to do about him? What do you want me to do? Stop him. From what? From taking the town. The people were
ready to believe. Like sheep they ran
toward the slaughterhouse. And waiting for them was
the high priest of fraud. I am the only one. Trust me. I can build a wall
around your homes that nothing will penetrate. What do we do? How do we save ourselves? You ask, how do you
build that wall? You ask, and I’m
here to tell you. You’re a liar, Trump. Isn’t that crazy? That’s real. And at the end of the
show the wall never gets built, by the way. Let’s hope our
ending is the same. It’s strange how
accurate that was. I went back and I
watched Finding Nemo. It turns out that
movie was also accurate in predicting the future. This is– I didn’t
even remember this. Hey, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down,
you know what you gotta do? I don’t want to know
what you got to do. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming,
swimming, swimming, even if you don’t agree
with the president and you think he might be
working for the Russians. Just keep swimming, swimming. Why did he confiscate
his interpreter’s note? It seems suspicious. So we just keep
swimming, swimming, and keep waiting on
the Mueller report. And waiting and swimming. I had forgotten that. I’d totally forgotten.

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