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Hiii everyone,
In this video am going to talk about the first house of the birth chart.
And How do they decide a rising sign
What is the karaka and prominence of first house?
What can we understand from it. And , How different planets influence, when
they are in first house. Hi I am astro hominis.
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and stay notified. Okyy.. Let’s get into today’s point of discussion.
First house of the birth chart. First house or the ascendant is the rising
sign, which is one of the twelve imaginery parts of the sky that is in the eastern direction
at the place during the birth of a person. First house of the astrologyy chart is where
our journey begins in this world. Journey beginning from physical existence,
building our values, our skills, handling our emotions and creative, clearing the obstacles
in our way, forming relationships, getting a recognition in it society, etc.
Sun is the karaka of first house. The first house/ascendant shows our physical
existence in this world and our prominent traits, through which we express ourselves
and create impressions. The first house is the most important houses
of the chart and Analysing a birth chart should begin from
the first house. The first house and the first house lord i.e
the planet ruling the rising sign, help understand ones vitality.
Ego n self respect are attached to this. Coming to body parts, the head of a person
is related to the first house. The head is where everything related to our
body is managed from. So now am gng to give a brief idea on how
different planets can influence you when they are placed in the first house.
Try to understand the influence of planets, so that you can use them effectively in your
predictions. Just in case if u missed my videos on planets
and retrograde planets, simply, go through the description section, I pasted the links
for your ease. Now, Let’s start with the sun.
Sun in first house., prominence on ego self respect confidence.
Moon , emotional connection with others, caring and nurturing behavior.
Mercury, is about fun loving n intelligent nature
Venus, shows beauty artistic and loving nature. Mars, aggression passion n impulsive nature.
Jupiter. Fat. obedience, wisdom. Saturn, discipline responsibility Always Remember, The effect of these planets
depend on
strength of the planet. The first house and its lord, planets in first house, planets
aspecting the first house, first lord also need to be considered.
For videos on planets, retrograde planets and ZODIAC signs, you can simply go through
the description section. I pasted all my video links for your ease.
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