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Five (Coffee) Predictions for 2019

Five (Coffee) Predictions for 2019

So it’s time for the 2019 predictions
and to be honest going into this year it feels like a world in flux, a world that’s
very very difficult to make any real predictions for but I kind of enjoy
these they’re kind of fun so let’s have a go anyway. So here’s five predictions
to do with coffee that I think could be a thing in 2019 Let’s start at the beginning, let’s start with coffee equipment, let’s start with espresso machines. Now, 2019 is a year where HOST is on. HOST is every two years, it’s a massive trade show in Italy in Milan
where espresso machine manufacturers come and show off their latest and
greatest. it’s a kind of major moment in the calendar for every single espresso
machine manufacturer. What I think we’ll see this year is a big swing towards
automation and I’ll tell you why: Eversys. Eversys have had an incredible
couple of years, they’ve taken on a bunch of money. They’ve got themselves
sorted out, their products are really well received and they really seem
relatively uncontested in the specialty super-automatic world. It’s kind of
Eversys and then a big gap and then everyone else, certainly in specialty
coffees perceptions I don’t think the the other manufacturers are gonna let
Eversys continue without some serious challenge. So I suspect we’ll see a ton
of innovation in that particular area. Every year I like to throw in a kind of
business here prediction and for the UK, well, if Brexit happens – which still feels
like a weird if – it will be brutal. Brutal to coffee and I’ll tell you why: One, we
already have what we call pretty low consumer confidence; people are eating
and drinking out less already. If a hard Brexit happens it’s only gonna get
worse. Couple that with, I suspect, an even
greater fall in the value of our currency…
Well, prices are going to be going up for cafes, consumers may be hesitant to
spend more someone’s gonna get caught in the middle. So, however you feel about
this political nonsense if Brexit happens it is it is just
bad for the coffee industry full stop. For my third prediction I want to talk
about alternative milk. Now 2018 could comfortably be called the year of Oatley
Oatley spent staggering amounts of money on advertising, growing their brand and
weirdly not nearly enough money actually making product to meet said demand but
nonetheless there’s been a real growth in in non-dairy milks alternative milks
and I think the one for this year that people will try and make happen is going
to be hemp milk. Now that could be in parallel with the rise of just general
interest in CBD oil all of that kind of stuff happening and happening just on
the fringes of coffee too but I think Oatley’s gonna have some more
competition but people are going to be pushing non-oat products for example I
think hemp’s gonna be a thing. Sso we’ll see it’s a little bit of an odd
prediction but but you know I think it’s going to be a thing this year. Fourth prediction I think this is going
to be a year of a kind of a sea change around packaging and coffee and I’ll
tell you why: Vegan food. Now vegan food has exploded certainly in the UK recently now a lot of that interest isn’t just coming from
people concerned about animal cruelty it’s also from people concerned about
their environmental impact and the impact of their diets and it’s really
starting to have a big impact on how people choose to eat and coffee in the
last year or two has picked up a reputation of being a wasteful thing
lose the whole discussion about take away cups that was absolutely a big
thing and I think this year packaging around coffee generally is going to be a
big topic whether we see new materials in use whether we see a bigger shift
away from traditional materials whether we see people using alternatives to
cardboard or other kinds of things like that I don’t really know but I’m pretty
sure packaging is going to be a big deal for coffee in 2019
and that leaves us with prediction number five and that is going to be the
return of specialty dark roasted coffee now I should clarify what I mean by this
this isn’t just people who happen to roast a bit dark buying specialty no no
I mean specialty will begin to embrace offering an additional darker roast of
some coffees alongside what they’re currently doing now this is already
happening you see go get em tiger in LA starting to offer kind of a
lighter and medium a darker roast of their coffees and in some ways I think a
lot of people will see that as being given permission to follow suit again
there’s tons of competition right now in coffee people want to find new consumers
and there are some people to just like darker roasts and there are people like
Kevin Knox who’ve been around the industry for a very long time who sang
the praises of darker roasted well sourced great raw green coffee and we’ve
pushed back pretty hard against that as an industry we’ve said dark resting is
morally wrong it destroys the hard work of great producers and and I understand
that I see that argument I think we’re gonna start to see people say what what
if people like dark roasts why can’t they have good green coffee why do they
have to have lower quality greetin coffees in that darker roast and done
well I don’t particularly enjoy them but I do absolutely concede that you can
taste the difference between great green coffee and a dark roast and terrible
green coffee in a dark roast like I said I don’t want to drink either that’s just
not what I enjoy but lots of people do and I think this is going to be a year
where the pendulum swings back towards embracing more developed roasts selling
them that way and being okay with it we shall see
so those are my five predictions for coffee in 2019 I’ll give one more little
prediction which is for this channel last year I did about 40 videos on this
channel in 2018 this year I really want to double that but I’m gonna aim for
like 60 that’s the goal at least 60 videos out in 2019 there’s going to be a
whole host of different stuff coming out on this channel all pretty much
connected to coffee from brewing guides product reviews gonna step up a little
bit just general vlog II kind of stuff occasionally when I’m traveling and your
input is also welcome what do you want to see more of on this channel in 2019
feel free to leave me a comment down below as always thank you so much for
watching have a great day

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  • Gforce says:

    I really like the q and a videos. You should do more of those this year

  • We Are The Parks says:

    Your videos are always top notch. Thanks so much for the work you put in!

  • Zach de la Rocha says:

    James I'd recommend doing some noise removal on your audio recordings – would make them sound a lot cleaner and remove hiss. It's really easy in Adobe audition/premiere if that is the package you are using.

  • StevenRWall says:

    it would be great to see some behind the scene stuff of roasting – cupping -etc of a roastery

  • Studio Corax says:

    A review of hand grinders that can manage the entire spectrum, from turkish to french press (at least from espresso to french press).

  • Blank says:

    Great video as always James! In regards to dark roasts, I definitely have seen specialty cafes in my area introduce both darker roasted blends and single origins. I want to add on to the point that a couple of the cafes that are offering these darker roasts are also pushing the usage of full immersion as the main brewing method. It'll be interesting to see on a global scale if an increase of dark roasts will also lead to full immersion becoming more prevalent.

  • Kala Kalakala says:

    This comment section needs another "When are you making the Pourover tutorial?" comment.
    You're welcome

  • Ric says:

    Love the channel, James. I'd like to see more gear reviews this year. I'd especially love to see you do a video on the Kafatek Monolith grinders.

  • Raphael Piero says:

    We want to see more videos where you talk about the "coffee news"

  • henmaniac says:

    It's 'speciality'

  • Phil Wain says:

    Pretty much agreed with these: (1): I'm not sure, innovation is espresso machine manufacture is such a slow moving beast – I agree but it might take 2 years to see it (2): completely agreed but I actually think the issue might be even more about recruitment and retention post-Brexit than about demand – coffee is still a relatively cheap luxury (3): I struggle to have interest in this – yes hemp milk more than the CBD coffee snake oil, there's a lot of money to be made but I still prefer my coffee black (4): yes indeed – Amoret are already using biodegradable coffeebags and I think more will follow (5) Yes, very much, I think there's a large market for this, although I think a lot of people who would enjoy a darker roast don't know they would so there's a marketing / awareness issue.

  • Sample says:

    I'd love to see more business and marketing minded content! I really enjoyed your business q&a that you had a while ago. There are few resources in the coffee industry to look to when wanting to get into the fine details of running a coffee shop and/or roastery.

  • Rich says:

    Great video James. Be good to see your tips for great coffee on a budget. I don't have the money for a home espresso machine but do have an aeropress, v60 and cafetiere…. What's my best bang for buck coffee experience at home?

  • John Doe says:

    Hey, James! I love your content, but I /really/ don't want to see you doubling your videos or increasing the number just to increase the number because that tends to a LOT of filler or a lot of vlogs or topics that you won't love. It might be easy at the start, but increasing production artificially /usually/ tends to lower quality. i'm sure you know that, and I'm excited to see what you do to combat that and I have faith in you 🙂 Keep up the quality work, and here's to another great year!!

  • Peter says:

    52 videos at least would be amazing😊

  • Jacobo says:

    I would love to see the whole process of making coffee from your pespertive…literally you going to the field, select the berries, process them, dry it, roast it then chose a brew method and drink it…i believe that would be awesome.

  • Allen says:

    Last prediction was the best 😁 looking forward to more content James! What if you do a coffee tasting series where you share micro lots or single origins or maybe even your favorite coffee shops

  • Tony Arcos says:

    Some say he's still working on the pourover video to this day…..

  • White Wulfe says:

    I agree about the dark roasts… Would be nice to see more craft coffee companies offering up a dark roast! Not quite to the levels of what gets sold as french roast, but more like… somewhere in between medium and dark roast, where you can still have a lot of the flavours, but you aren't moving into the areas where some would describe it as "burning tar"…

  • Nick McPherson says:

    Already roasting darker roast. I'm so stoked.

  • bubble lab says:

    Are we going to see more of your prediction at the London Coffee Festival? Can't wait.

  • reggietheporpoise says:

    I’ll also chime in and parrot everybody else. I’d love to see more brew guides, you really do have some of the best ones on Youtube.

    Would you be interested in doing brew method comparisons? It seems that you err on the side of objectivity, but I’d love to see something like a comparison of several different popular Hario brew methods. How does coffee brewed with the 4:6 method differ from coffee brewed using Scott Rao’s method? Is one particularly better suited for certain types of coffees?

    Other than that, here’s some stuff I’d be interested to hear about from you: how water quality affects brew outcome, and how people brewing at home can gauge to what extent their water is affecting their cup. I’d also love to hear you talk more about the process of sourcing coffee from growers. I’ve heard you say that the current paradigm is not close to ideal. While I wouldn’t want you to necessarily feel like you have to offer solutions to the system, I’d just like to have an overview of how it works. Sort of a broad overview for the curious layperson.

  • Luis G. Hernández says:

    Sincerly Hope you do more videos this year! I really enjoy your content and your Point of view! Keep make Quality Coffe and have a Nice 2019

  • Gwei Ringnyu Rene says:

    I see non dairy alternative milk coming to dominate the popular dairy lol

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    I want to see you buy at least one more superfluous toy like the Ember mug (and have a crisis of character over it of course). In fact maybe you should start with the Ember travel mug. 👍🏻 That would make me happy.

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    How about interviews/collabs with people from the industry? 🤔

  • Mostafa Kandil says:

    Great video as usual. Maybe a video about the roasting process and how to visually differentiate between different beans without brewing would be nice. 🙂

  • meepage332 says:

    Oatly are going to crash hard in 2019 if they can’t sort out their supply

  • Jim Davis says:

    Hey Bro. Dark Roast is ok. But not old stale oily Coffee Like Starburnt or Duncan Donuts. This Sis the year we Reach our to folks and teach the about Speciality Coffee. Lots of Folks Don’t Know and would like to Know about This awesome Market. Thanks.

  • Jacqueline Yan says:

    Definitely agree with your predictions!

    Feeling quite strongly about the packaging prediction, as much as we enjoy beautiful and meticulous packaging, sometimes it's just too much and we might be better off with just simple ones.

    As for dark roast, seems like lots of roasters in Japan (and probably other countries too?) offer the same coffee in both light and dark roasts, guess we'll see more of this happening?

  • Will Lane says:

    60 videos for 2019? You just made my day! 🇬🇧☕️👍🏼🙂 I'll follow up with some suggestions on topics I'd like to see. Thanks so much as always!

  • Matthew says:

    So are you saying Brexit would be bad for the coffee industry worldwide, or specifically in the U.K. I've honestly never thought about what it could mean to the rest of the world in that way.

  • Andrew McWilliam says:

    Agreed on dark roast and hemp milk!

  • Chris Campbell says:

    Is Square Mike packaging going to change? If so can you make your subscription packs fit through a letterbox please? I think my neighbours are beginning get annoyed at taking parcels for me every week!

  • Scott Hedges says:

    I would like to see some beginner focused videos around the industry as a whole does someone get involved in coffee, how can they learn more etc.

  • kjart says:

    Have really enjoyed your content over the last year. Your FP tutorial (probably via Reddit) was what brought me here and, while I don't use it verbatim, I found the approach very informative. As such, would love to see more tutorials on here – pourover would be great, as someone else mentioned, and maybe something on troubleshooting/dialing in your brew on specific beans. Cheers and happy new year.

  • Noel Davis says:

    James, you are my ASMR.

  • Gigaheart says:

    I'd be remiss if I didn't say I wanted to see you suffer through more clear coffee products. It's always so entertaining, just can't help myself.

  • Maxim Vanrusselt says:

    Hey James,

    I am currently working as a barista in a local specialty shop in Belgium.
    If you start doing product reviews, can I send you a bag of one of our direct trade coffees?

  • Job Boodt says:

    Funny you mention hemp milk. That made the most atrocious cappuccino I've ever tasted. That being said, it wasn't branded as being good for matching with coffee so it might have been my bad.

  • RossFOTDP says:

    Appreciate every video you make James, ever since I discovered your hack for the perfect cafetiere I was hooked! Whether you manage 60+ vlogs or not, they're greatly appreciated! Thanks again.

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    Bring on the darker roasts, I like coffee all the ways you speciality guys make it!

  • Mulerider says:

    What are your thoughts on third wave water? I don't find much difference, but I think I live in an area with really good tap water.

  • Daryl Grunau says:

    Our cafe used Hemp milk for roughly 5yrs. It’s been done, but taste n steaming wasn’t great. We ended up replacing when quality oat milk became available

  • Richard Macchia'tho says:

    More Clear coffees reviews. LOL!
    The review of your own WBC video was an interesting, I was more intrigued with your signature drink. Could you take a look at how the previous WBC signature drinks are made, and could you try to replicate them… starting with your own.

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    Kalita Wave brewing guide please 🙂

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    Can’t wait for that dark roasted Gesha, being extracted on a superauto, served on a bankrupt London café! 😂

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    i have a question how am i so-post to set up the coffee french press from start to finish, while the best way to clean them. (i watched your video on how to make a great cut of coffee.. but i never new how to put my french fully together. i bought it 2 yrs ago and never got anything with it how to put it together (the things u put on the plunger)

  • krazyolie says:

    There's a few people on the coffeeforums uk forum arranging speciality darker roasts from different roasters, especially compass coffee. I enjoyed it the one time I tried it, definitely requires attention to make sure the beans in question can take the extra development.

  • Kamal Bengougam says:

    Prophet Hoffman- it may be time for that long awaited coffee. Very insightful thoughts. Kamal

  • elad kahlon says:

    Hey, Great videos !!!
    lots of customers are looking for "fair trade" coffee. Its an interesting subject with a lot of aspects. The whole world of certificates in the coffee.

  • willy lennon says:

    totally agree.. especially for milk prediction. After Muhammad Aga from Indonesia got score 6 from 3 sensory judge for milk beverage presentation in WBC 2018 Amsterdam, now in Indonesia Barista Championship 2019, more than half of the competitors are using their own milk creation. i am sure that in barista competition this year for milk beverage presentation we will see a lot of new milk creation :

  • Shea Carr says:

    I enjoyed this, thanks!

  • jesse smith says:

    how does Square Mile Coffees espresso differ from regular roasts or dark roasts?

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    James, are you able to interview Howard Schultz?..

  • Henry Wilson says:

    It's interesting to see the somewhat cyclical and revolving nature of the coffee industry. Changes to dark roasts and automation in coffee-making aren't necessarily movements that we'd typically connect to the third-wave but serve a key role in the expansion (and accessibility) of specialty. It appears the specialty coffee community is increasingly seeing the financial incentive in adapting to consumer needs and existing consumption patterns. This is great news – if we can make it easier for consumers to enjoy higher-quality specialty-grade coffees – then producers should benefit from this increased demand and price premium.

    Do you see any particular less famous coffee-producing origins that will gain a presence in 2019?

  • Chris Phippen says:

    Hey James,

    Do you have a business contact email address?

  • Joseph Moreno says:

    I'm not sold on the dark roast at the artisan level. Dark roast is still dark roast. They still gunk up equipment that a lot of artisans don't want to deal with. I never want to use dark roast on my high end grinders and espresso machines.

  • michael bianco says:

    We have hemp milk at my coffee shop. It's pretty incredible; by far the creamiest non-dairy milk, and it's super sweet too. Love it.

  • Crocodile Jock says:

    Interesting insights.

  • kRAUZber says:

    Starting the video off i was just about to write a comment about the Eversys Cameo, seems liks it's the first thing on the list! Had the pleasure of tasting a couple of cappuchinos from this beauty of automation around christmas. Spectacular really, only thing missing is the latte art.

  • Matt McP says:

    I just recently found your channel, but what I'd like to see from this channel for 2019 is to continue the level of quality. Increasing the number of videos is nice but it'd be disappointing if the quality or even the content were any worse.

    You always seem to have such good insight and knowledge and experience in your videos, so thank you very much for that! I think your predictions seem pretty spot on for the coming year, we'll see later in the year how accurate you were

  • coffeewithclaude says:

    Yes on hemp. Yes on vegan food. I’m currently at a small intersection of both, and interest in both is voracious at the moment.

  • Aaron Huffman says:

    Hemp milk… the only thing I'm allergic to.

  • Mahdi Gabriel Rouani says:

    I'd like you to make reviews of coffee beans, not just equipment 🙂

  • Joe Rhio says:

    Late as usual, but. Would like to see several programs on home roasting with drum roasters, maybe including a hierarchy of equipment as skills increase. For example, where do U go after using a Quest M3 since roasting machine manufacturers seem not to be interested in building an “entry level” prosumer gas roaster?

    How about the new influx of Chinese made roasters? Mill City roasters for example, are Chinese built. Roaster myths, like the fetish of old Probat machines. Designer vs functional little known names.

    Selecting green beans, roast levels, storage, etc….

  • Jonas Reichert says:

    A prediction I have, maybe not for this year but for the near future, is the role-change of dairy and alternative milk in coffee shops (and the rise of specialty dairy). What I mean by that is alongside the rise of non-dairy products and vegan diets, comes the decline of animal products, and therefore that industry as a whole. I think this is inevitable and necessary, however I don't think animal products can or will completely disappear. Instead, for example, if you go to a coffee shop and order a drink, it will come standard with some form of alternative milk (be it oat, almond, hemp, whatever the shop decides). Instead of being made with whole milk standard, you would have the option, for an extra charge, to have it made with an extremely high-grade, specialty dairy milk. I love dairy products, but I understand the environmental impact it has at the scale the industry is at. I would gladly pay more for a specialty dairy option, especially if the entire industry is scaled down to a fraction of the size it's at now.
    Sorry for the rambling 😛

  • Drako Von Zeitgeistoberstellen says:

    Whats your favourite coffe, from where? Lately I am exclusively into freshly imported and roasted beans thanks to some guys deciding to open a proffesional roastery in my city which they seem to be doing very good since they are opening a shop in Philly,USA. Before that we could only source some Italian or Austrian brands and local Croatian Franck crap.
    I have tried many different Arabicas and these Ethiopian estates have a really special vybe to them and are somehow the best to me. I know coffee originates from Ethiopia and maybe thats why. The climate is possibly perfect.
    How do Baristas curently rate coffees by region? Can coffee even be rated in that way or it all depends on producers? For me after Ethiopia is Costa Rican anaerobic signed special (apparently from the lady who invented this new way of fermentation) 😉 3rd place is shared by a Colombia and a 3way Ethiopian blend.
    Cheers @James Hoffmann

  • Áron Zsolt Gábor says:

    what i want to see is measurements and methods and diy =)

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    I tasted already, great raw coffee roast not until dark, just medium dark, before entering second crack and felt better than light medium or medium roast coffee. Especially when i drink as milk beverage

  • Matthew Watts says:

    cant wait to see more videos in 2019

  • Jordan Cunningham says:

    Funny, for every piece of market research that says people are eating out less, there seems to be another suggesting Brits are eating out more (specifically young adults, mind). In my cafe I see many of the same people 4-5 times and I only work 40 hours…

  • The Herd says:

    You need to make a podcast!!!

  • wuugie says:

    one more prediction from the internet for 2019: you gonna double your subscribers 🙂

  • Dan W says:

    Great video

  • wpherigo1 says:

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    Dang, unfortunately hemp milk just doesn't do it for me. Love the oat milk though!

  • Christy Harris says:

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    What are your thoughts about specialist milk like The Estate Dairy which have done well in the London coffee and baking cafes

  • Daniel Gulbrandsen says:

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  • super999999 says:

    I've been using Tetsu Kasuya ever since I had to replace my Chemex with a v60. (PSA: Glass shatters if you drop it lol) It was the first time I ever felt like I was in control of the coffee I was brewing.

    I did the math for the method and it works out to be about 66.6 g/L for the Brew ratio.

    I've been able to fiddle with the method that Kasuya prescribes instead of adjusting brew ratios to adjust the Brew that I want. It's one less variable to adjust I suppose.

  • bertman4 says:

    I hate that plant extracts can be called "milk" for marketing reasons.

  • Francy Chavez says:

    Can you do a video on why is Starbucks so so popular around the world? Coffee snobs don’t like it but I personally think it’s one of the best.

  • Avidcomp says:

    A sovereign UK couldn't buy coffee from all those non-EU countries why? Couldn't buy American machines why? That's quite a prediction that leaving the E Union would be terrible for coffee and the value of sterling… with no explanation.
    If it happens there's plenty of opportunity for things to get better for coffee. Why? Free to trade on our own terms. Business needs competition.

  • Liran Shoham says:

    lol veganism has the highest impact on the enviorment! the acres and ferlizer and pestcide,,, man its brutal!

  • Everglow says:

    To be honest I'd love to get get into espresso but it's a little intimidating to even figure out where to start especially since I live in a place that doesn't have a good coffee shop within a 45 minute drive. So I'd love to see a getting started making espresso at home video if you have time.

  • Campbell Gilbert says:

    Video idea
    Best Home Espresso machine & grinder combo for:
    Under $250
    Under $500*
    Under $1000
    Under $2500

    I’m wanting a home setup & lost in a sea of options. I want to spend $500 but could be convinced to go higher if it was worth it.
    Ie: what do you gotta spend to get a good shot?
    Even with a really high quality coffee my palette feels it needs sweetener.
    Espresso doesn’t need any sweetener & im trying to be conscious about sugar in 2019.
    So what’s the best set up?

  • Adam Sharpe says:

    Loving the content. Can’t wait to have 60/80 new videos this year 🤙 as an Australian viewer I’d like to see you do one on the new Delter Coffee press (similar to an aero press) or some other international coffee equipment, styles, brews, etc, maybe even one on beans and styles. Keep up the great work. Cheers mate

  • MissMerediana says:

    In Germany we have Quijote who are focused on direct trade coffee with complete transparency on where their money goes. They do offer a quite big range of dark roasts for espresso and it seems to work extremly well. Just to clearify: They don't roast into the 2nd crack and clearly state this but the darkest ones seem to be close to it. Espesically with espresso many people seem to enjoy dark roasts but still want high quality and/or direct trade coffee.

  • Bob Downs says:

    I tweeted this request to you a couple days ago but (1) maybe that’s not the proper place to make requests of you for YouTube topics and (2) you asked again here so here ya’ go. Urnex products? Especially for the home brewer (like me), is using Urnex CleanCaf® Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder worth it?

    I find it somewhat convenient to, once a week as is recommended, scissor open a little bag of CleanCaf powder; toss it in a liter of warm water in the carafe; then once dissolved pour that into the reservoir of my coffee maker and “brew”. (Then, of course, run two rinse cycles.)

    But, I find myself wondering whether I’m overdoing things by using this product. And, frankly, I wonder how effective it is. I haven’t noticed a change in taste.

    Too, I wonder whether Urnex’s other products are worth using at home. For example, is it worth it to run their Grindz Grinder Cleaning Tablets through one’s home-use grinder?

  • Jon Lesser says:

    Could one of those 60 videos this year be about decaffeinated coffee? I really enjoy coffee (the smell, the taste, the process, the ritual) and have a cup most days, but I don't handle caffeine well and I generally opt for decaffeinated beans. Some specific questions:

    What effect does the decaffeination process have on taste/quality? Preferred decaffeination process? Any tweaks to brewing methods for decaffeinated beans? Is anything interesting happening in the industry around decaffeinated coffee?


  • RedMenace says:

    Discovered this channel about a month ago, and I consider myself a super casual espresso at home type of guy (Breville 870XL peasant), but now I feel compelled to re-watch episodes, regardless of topic, each day for that first coffee of the day. So yes, more videos in 2019 sounds fabulous! Thanks for the highly entertaining mornings, James.

  • Freddy World says:

    I’ve drank my moms coffee before don’t tell my mom

  • Bert Boltjes says:

    Great videos James. What is going to happen to producers with the price of coffee rock bottom? 
    With the coffee producer getting older and their children not interested. Also many producers will disappear as they will use the land for real estate or more profitable crops.

  • Kenneth Segovia says:

    I so glad watched this video. I always want to learn more about the cutting edge information about coffee.

  • Vulcan Princess says:

    could you do a taste opinion review of starbucks espresso and coffee perhaps? their whole bean casi cielo from guatemala and chiapas from mexico are single origin coffees, and i wonder how their espresso compares to really quality stuff too. i just got a job at starbucks, and while they dont sell many espresso drinks that aren't sweetened with sugar, there have been a few customers that get things like espresso macchiato, which is much less common at starbucks than the caramel macchiato, which is sortof the opposite sortof thing

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