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Five of Disks – Worry – tarot card divination

Five of Disks – Worry – tarot card divination

The Five of Disks Worry. Not a happy card
is it? The pentagram reversed. The darkest of cards. Ok. Mercifully this one is short
too. We are on Geburah now, the other side of the Tree of Life. Mars is attributed to
Geburah. And he says the dispersion of the elements just as in the other suits this is
emphasized by the rule of Mercury in Taurus. Types of energy which are opposed. These are
very powerful. Mercury upsets Taurus. The natural meanings of intelligence applied to
labour. Labour wins, you just have to get on with it, and just try to fit in with it.
The symbol represents the five disks in the form of the inverted pentagram. hence stability
and the very foundations of matter. The effect is that of an earthquake. Because remember
we have moved to the fives into Taurus. The first decanate of Taurus. He also says that
the five elements are however represented by the five tattvas, these are the Hindu names
of the five elements, and we have the symbols of them. The Tattvas are interesting because
there is a system of tattvas and the breath, the way the breath works shows which element
is working at any moment, and you can work within that system. So fire for action, water
for calmness. Air is for thinking and disruption, Earth to establish something. There is a kind
of breaking down which you have to do but it is in a different way from where you have
the four of disks which is within the system. The elements are kind of manifest in a different
way. So now it is time to move on to the six of Disks, Success!

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