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Fortune Teller totally freaks out the judges on Norwegian Talents

Fortune Teller totally freaks out the judges on Norwegian Talents

Hello, what’s your name? My name is Hans Petter And what are you going to do for us today? I am going to tell you your fortune I feel a bit nervous now No need to be Have you never experienced it before? No Then this could get interesting I have brought three old predictions that I wrote 15 years ago Can I come up to you? Absolutely I use Tarot Cards to read your fortune I have brought an old card deck which I got when I was a student I lived in USA and studied there So this is American Tarot cards 15 years ago, when I learned to read them I wrote three predictions about the past, present and future On one card I wrote PAST It speaks of what has been On one card I wrote PRESENT Not a gift, but the present time And on one card I wrote FUTURE The other cards has no writing A little bit scary. -Yes a little bit scary So you won’t see which card I wrote on, I must shuffle a little bit And then I thought we would see if we can fulfil any of the predictions I thought I could start with you Mia, and predict your past So, I thought you could choose between the Hangman, it’s the hanging man The Emperor, Death, The Devil, The Hermit or The Tower Is this what you call nice? Death, Devil… But the Fool symbolizes immaturity It’s symbolic You don’t have to think about what it means, I’m the one to interpret them The Hanging man, Emperor, Death, Devil, Hermit, The Moon and The Tower I take The Moon Many people think The Moon is a symbol for loneliness But The Moon symbolizes tricks and delusion You are the youngest here, a couple years younger than Mia and Linn The prediction tells me that you have experienced something in your past In your childhood or youth when someone wasn’t nice to you Now you know what this prediction means Do you want to keep this card or change it? I keep it Sure? Yes Bjarne, for the present can you choose between Chariot, Strength, The Fool The Stars, The Judgment, Temples that means moderation and The Empress I think I go for The Fool Many people think that’s just nonsense But that isn’t a bad prediction Because it says you have self-knowledge And you wish to learn more even though you know a lot about what you’re doing You don’t feel like it’s not possible to learn more, so it’s a good prediction But I ask you as I asked Mia Do you want to keep it or do you want to change to another card? I keep it. -You keep it Suleman So, it’s natural to predict your future You can choose between The loved, Magician, Justice Highest Priestess, The Wheel, The World or The Sun The World The World Many people think this is a difficult prediction, because there’s so much on this card But, The World symbolizes completion It tells me that what you choose to do in the future You will complete it And that’s good to know if start a huge project And will you handle it, yes, it says in the prediction that you will complete it Now you know what the prediction mean Do you want to keep it or should I change it? I keep that one You keep it, are you sure? 100% I’m happy that you kept it Because if you had changed to The Magician or to Justice It doesn’t say anything on the back of those cards And I would have been X out But 16 years ago When I was a student in a town north west in USA Then I predicted your past Mia Can you turn the card you chose? It says PAST I predicted your present 16 years ago And when you were 9-10 years, long before you knew you were going to meet me Or be a judge here Then I predicted your future Are you kidding me! I’m thinking I want to be your friend I felt this.. Bjarne, what’s happening? I don’t understand anything! It makes me crazy! You gave me a really exiting feeling! 100%! You are awesome! It was a new turn with card tricks You have an enthusiasm and it was exiting When you are standing so close, it makes it very fun! And accurately! I know this three people very well And I felt this was correct on all three of them I think it was really good Let’s vote 100% YES I want to see more, so yes! YES! And you get a yes from me and you have four times yes You are on to the next round in Norwegians got Talents!

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