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[ Intro music ] Ron: You know, I gotta admit I wasn’t super sure about… R: …you know… “this” in the beginning. Harry: Really..? R: Well, it… took me a while, I guess… R: But… R: Maybe… Slytherins aren’t… that bad. R: Hermione certainly seems to think so. R: Look! She’s hanging out a lot with Parkinson these days. Draco: Yeah. “Hanging out.” R: So nice of them.
D: (inaudible) D: Yeah, I think they… find their company very nice too. R: Yeah, I mean, I’m glad she’s… finding new friends. H: Hmm. Yeah.
D: Yeah. D: “Friends…” R: So, Divination. Did we have any homework? H: Uh, I think we’re supposed to continue with the dream interpretation. H: I don’t know. R: Ah. Yeah. H: Here they are. R: Aww! Look! R: That’s so sweet! R: They’re even walking together to class now! R: No, I don’t know. I haven’t seen them all day. Where are they? D: They have to be somewhere. H: Are they together, or…? R: Oh! Are you wearing lipstick Hermione? R: It looks good on you. R: Did you borrow it from Parkinson? D: Pansy… R: How nice! Pansy: Granger! Hermione: *gasp* Hi! P: Hey! R: Oh, I’m so glad I found you guys. R: You know, I really gotta say, your friendship is so inspirational. H: Ron…! R: No, I really gotta say, Hermione. It’s just… R: It’s so nice to see you guys being friends. H: *sigh*
R: I really mean it! H: Ron…!! R: It’s just so nice to see female friendship. R: Just… gals being pals. P: For Merlin’s sake, Weasley. P: Yes homo! R: Bloody hell! Again! D: Told you. It works like a charm. [ outro music ] D: Come on! P: Push harder! D: Come on! P: It’s not gonna work, okay? D: I promise, it will work.
P: *sigh* P: She’ll- She’s never gonna notice me. P: I can’t even climb up this damn tree. D: Well, you just have to- D: I have to push harder. D: I promise, it’s going to work. P: Okay, okay. Let’s try it again. Let’s try it again. D: Come on! All: *laughing*

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