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Game Of Thrones Season 6 – TOP 10 Predictions

Game Of Thrones Season 6 – TOP 10 Predictions

Hey YouTubers it’s Charlie! hopefully you
guys have had a chance to process the big WTF game of thrones ending just remember that
George RR Martin says never take anything as gospel so it’s not over till they actually
roll credits on the final episode of the final season these will be my season six predictions
and as is tradition they have some new cast members coming soon, I’ll do a video for some
point there’s still a couple book things that they have left to do for the most part the
show has caught up with the books with book 5 Winds of Winter is supposed to be out before
season six next year but I’m not going to bank on that it could happen if it does that
be wonderful. I’m also doing an extra giveaway as part of this video it’s a $20 Amazon gift
card all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. Here we
go just careful for spoilers to be haven’t seen the episode yet what I’m going to do
is go through each of the storylines and just do predictions that way starting with Brienne
and Podrick in case it wasn’t evident from the episode Gwendolyn Christie said that she
missed Sansa’s candle and she’ll probably find out about that and be super crushed she
said that she felt like Brienne had been sitting there for weeks waiting to see something it
also shoots down theories that Sansa and Reek might run into Brienne I know a lot of you
are wondering if Stannis is still alive we didn’t see that sword run through his face.
And as is tradition with shows like game of thrones they’re not dead till their head is
chopped off and the body is burned I still think she did kill him. the whole point of
Stannis a storyline in the finale is letting us know that he is not Azor Ahai. His army
is decimated he has no more heirs essentially the Baratheon line save for Gendry is dead
his Kings blood is spilling out so he really has nothing to offer in the war for the Dawn
so Brienne and Podrick are probably going to shift their attention back to Sansa it
Winterfell who they think is still at Winterfell that me shall have the Boltons in Ramsey in
her target sites so we might get to see some Brienne versus Ramsey moving onto Samwell
and Gilly this is actually pretty easy one they’re going to old town they were scouting
locations at places that look like they could double for Oldtown so we could see that place
in season six and I don’t think that they which was Oldtown without showing us the outside
of buildings so as not to be like just the inside of the library that they could be shooting
it in any studio anywhere Oldtown is like the next big place in westeros we haven’t
seen yet aside from Highgarden, think about the Citadel it’s the biggest location
of learning and knowledge in westeros so of course the series is going to have to go there
at a certain point there’s really only couple places in the world Samwell can go to get
information about fighting the white walkers and I would be the Citadel or it would be
like Asshai way over in the East there just aren’t that many places it takes a long time
to become a Maester though so I don’t think that Samwell will be a Maester at the end
of the series it takes way longer than that the two or so years we have left moving onto
Sansa and Reek to the last time we saw him work jumping off the battlements at Winterfell
I did everyone wondered you know are they dead know they jumped into like a giant snowbank
gift remember that the snow is like 6 feet deep of all the likely places they could go
Sansa knows that her brother is still alive in Lord Commander the nights watch so I me
she doesn’t know that he just got the ship stepped out of them so they could head there
for protection or they could head for Theon’s family they could head towards the iron islands
we do have the pirate character that sounds an awful lot like Euron Greyjoy coming out
of the show so we could see more Ironborn stuff it makes sense that Reek would try to
go to his family’s home that being said I think that Sansa is going to be the one to
take charge and I think that she would want to go for the wall just because it’s a familiar
place she hasn’t been there but she knows that it’s heavily fortified and their men
that will protect her little that she know about the white walker army and the Night’s
King that’s going to be a bit of an eye-opener and a lot of you’re asking about which personalities
going to win out you know will Reek turn back into Theon or will he be just crazy Reek for
the rest of season six the shows playing it down the middle he does seem cognizant of
his life is the and he still remembers things he remembers the on Greyjoy the book version
of Reek is all crazy or but I as I think you get to be more the same he’ll be more like
he was the season he will never go back to being the fee on Greyjoy before he met Ramsey
Bolton speaking of which onto Ramsey in the Boltons what’s going on with them they just
kicked the ship at a Stannis’s army and Ramsey looks like he’s having the time of his life
killing all the survivors and a lot of people are upset we didn’t get to see the pink letter
but I do think we’ll see some things from that storyline though find that Sansa is gone
and I’ll have to replace her so that the other Lords of the North will still listen to the
Boltons they were using Sansa to maintain their hold on the north because the people
of the North were loyal to the Starks and as long as there’s a stark and Winterfell
there’s the promise that they will do whatever the Boltons ask if like the Karstarks in the
other Lords of the North were to find out that Sansa had escaped they would probably
try to track her down rallied around her and start a new war in the north so the Boltons
are gonna do everything they can to prevent that from happening look at their army though
this is a huge army what’s can happen with that will they don’t start a war with the
Lannisters been the probably get taken out by the white walker Army when they move south
of the wall which it is very possible that we could see you whilst would you neutralize
Jon Snow in the story that the only person who cared about preventing the white walkers
from getting south if you didn’t want the white walkers to get south so the Boltons and
their army aren’t just like going to sit around in Winterfell all year next year there will probably be
some conflict with either Kings Landing or some of the other Lords of the North. Don’t
forget about Littlefinger either he’s probably gonna try and take advantage of that situation
in the north, remember he wants control. Moving down to Kings Landing. So we have to talk about Cersei versus the Faith. We met Robert Strong who is the zombie Mountain, he’s the Mountain
that’s been lying on Qyburn’s table all year. In the books it’s implied that he doesn’t have a head so I was a little disappointed to see that he very clearly had a head on the show
but I can understand why they did it that way for practical reasons. There’s still a couple of things from the books that they have not passed yet and I think that one of those will be
this Cersei plot if you have are the books you probably know what I’m talking about just
please you spoiled tags if you’re going to talk about it but think about it is being
a slight twist of Tyrion’s trial last season it’ll be almost the exact same thing just
you know flipped on its head I think the real surprise is who Robert Strong is going to end up fighting and no I’m not expecting Clegane bowl but onto Jamie and Myrcella. So the last we saw them it looked like Myrcella was gonna die. She could survive. She’s still alive in
the books she just gets maimed. What is Jamie going to do about it though? Trystane is on that boat so I mean he’s probably not going to kill him because he doesn’t want to start
a war with Dorne this is one of those things that could drive Jamie over the edge he was trying to be like the good dad that’s the whole reason he went to Dorne. They are filming in Dorne next year so we will get more of the Sand Snakes and Doran Martell but I don’t think they’re going to turn that boat around. I sure do hope Qyburn has some medicine for that poison!
Would it not be ridiculous to see like zombie Myrcella? Like Qyburn raises her just like he raised the mountain. “She will be changed sir!” Moving over to the east though, what about Daenerys and that Khalasar? Very clearly there are a couple of things that have to happen. She’s gonna have to win over the new Khal, she might even have to get married to him so it’ll be like a twist on what happened in season one where she married Khal Drogo. Two: she could win them over with Drogon
after he recovers but I don’t think that’s going to be happening in the first or second
episodes. I fully expect as is the tradition with game of thrones that season six episode
one will pick up immediately after the finale leaves off it looks like Drogon could be out
of commission for at least a couple of episodes, long enough for Jorah and Daario to find her and for the three of them to try and figure something out, but yes I do think that she will add those Dothraki soldiers to her fold eventually, over the course of season six. She is the uniter so she is slowly uniting the east but I mean it’s a big place so she’s still only just got a fraction of it. What about Tyrion and Varys in Meereen though? I know a lot of you are asking “Is Varys the Harpy? Was he the one controlling all those people?” It’s totally possible. I mean it would be a twist but I’m not expecting it. He’ll be successful in Meereen in a way that he
was not successful in Kings Landing or I should say he was successful in Kings Landing but
nobody gave him any credit for it but he won’t be beloved in the way that Daenerys is beloved
people just won’t shit on him as much. They have a whole lot of whores in Meereen though, so
he should be just fine while Daenarys is away. Tyrion and Varys’ scenes are always a lot
of fun not quite is funny as Tyrion and Jorah but we have Daario and Jorah so I think that’s
where a lot of the comedy will flow in the eastern storyline. As much is a lot of shit
goes down on the show there’s always a lot of comedy from unusual pairings like Arya and
the Hound. Speaking of which onto blind Arya. So we were basically up to Winds of Winter with
Arya’s storyline. She’s a survivor. She will slowly get used to being blind but I don’t think
any of us ever expects her to fully become a Faceless person. She’ll continue to learn
more about the Many Faced God and the Faceless Men but I think at a certain point, you know after she regains her sight, she will leave. That might get pushed into season seven but I think
that her programming, her base programming, is Arya Stark and that list will always win out so do not be surprised if Needle makes a reappearance sometime during season six.
Onto the main event though; Jon Snow, the Wildlings, Melisandre, everybody up at the wall. Starting with Jon Snow of course. The big conversation here is what Kit Harrington has been saying
he is sent in interviews that David Nutter the director told him he’s dead and he had a very Tony Soprano type talk with Dan and Dave about his character dying. So what does that mean?
Most likely that his character is medically pronounced dead like his heart is beating
his brain activity is slowing down but they didn’t burn the body so what’s going to happen
in episode one? We’ll probably at least see the body but when Kit Harrington said that
he’s not coming back I think the language that he uses is very important so did the
with Dan and Dave mean is that Jon Snow is not coming back he will come back but he will
be changed in the way that Lady Stoneheart is changed from Caitlin Stark. She is not the same character when she comes back, she’s a completely new identity so think of that in terms of Jon Snow. There are a couple of tinfoil theories about how he could’ve survived but I don’t
think he survived I think he’s actually dead so a resurrection will be required if he’s
not taken north of the wall and co-opted by the White Walkers. If Kit Harrington sits out
season six in the way that Bran sat out season five it could be because someone takes his
body north of the wall and we just don’t see what happens with them. What does this
mean in terms of what’s going on at the wall, because Melisandre, Davos and the Nights Watch are
still there, they still have a job to do, to keep the White Walkers from getting through. I don’t think they would’ve done this to Jon if they did not want the Walkers to get through. We need to get to the point in season seven when White Walkers are south of the wall and there’s this giant battle in Westeros like when there’s snow coming down in Kings Landing. In order for that to happen the White Walkers need to bring down the wall and they can’t do that if you have really smart people that know how to fight them at the wall and that was
Jon Snow. The rest of the Nights Watch, like Alliser Thorne here, they’re a bunch of ass hats. They’re going
down like a sack of potatoes the minute the White Walkers march on the wall. In the books, Melisandre talks about how at the wall her power is at its greatest. The TV show changed things a little bit, she never actually went with Stannis when he marched on Winterfell
she always stayed at the wall presumably the show sent her back to the wall so that she
could deal with this Jon Snow situation and keep this in mind too, Kit Harrington was just photographed recently in Ireland where the cast shoots they haven’t started shooting
season six yet that happens in a couple months but why would he stick around with the rest
of the cast if he wasn’t going to be part of the next season? So we’ll at least see his body in episode one. He could sit the season out, like he could mysteriously disappear as someone could take his body but I do feel like he will come back it just like everything in
the book narrative points towards him being a big figure in the War for the Dawn, the biggest thing being that at the end of the War the white walkers were form a truce with the humans
and Jon Snow will become a future Night’s King to help protect that treaty north of the
wall. All just speculation, but I do think I just I do feel like we will see the wall come
down sometime before season seven is over is just too big of a moment to not deliver
on it be like this big spectacular special effects sequence like one of those episodes
that they show an IMAX. So here’s my big question for you guys. Why do you think that Kit Harrington and Dan and Dave are so adamant about Jon Snow not coming back? Do you think it’s all misdirection and that Kit Harrington will come back as a different character? I know it might seem like things are over for like the next nine months but I will be doing weekly
bonus videos going forward so don’t worry I’ll keep doing plenty Game of Thrones videos
it will all be okay but I think I’m going to do for my next bonus video is a breakdown of
all the resurrections that have happened on the show including the Red God’s resurrections
as well as the White Walkers’ resurrections. Just a reminder that in my Q&A video tomorrow
i’ll announce the winner of the giveaway of this video and my book giveaway from my finale
video if you have no idea what’s going on with that just be sure to check out my finale
video while you guys wait for that Q&A to post you can click here for my finale video
and you can click here to learn all about Aegon the Conqueror and the early history of the Targaryen family. Thank you so much watching, you guys are all awesome, everybody let’s High Five and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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