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GEMINI Horoscope | Gemini Monthly Forecast | Gemini August 2019 Astrology

GEMINI Horoscope | Gemini Monthly Forecast | Gemini August 2019 Astrology

Hello friends, This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria and
I welcome you on this channel. I would like to congratulate and thank all
those viewers who have been associated with us for a long time and regularly watch the
videos on this channel. Also I welcome all the new viewers and those
who are watching this video on this channel for the first time. In this video we have a lot for you. Along with the predictions for the month,
we’ll also share an important tip to make this month a success. In the predictions for the month, we are going
to tell you the General Trends of the month, Money, Wealth and Career, Family Life, Love
and Marital Life, Education, Health and some important festivals and days for this month. So please watch the video till the end to
get full benefit of Astrology. Before starting the predictions, let us quickly
understand the transit of planets over your horoscope this month. • The lord of your zodiac sign Mercury will
change signs twice this month. On 3rd it will move from Gemini to Cancer
and on 26th August it will transit to Leo sign. This is your 3rd house. • Mars will transit from your 2nd house
to 3rd house in Leo sign on 8th August. • Venus will move from your 2nd house to
3rd house on 16th • Sun will transit from 2nd house in Cancer
sign on 17th to your 3rd house and in Leo sign. • Jupiter will become direct on 11th August
and will be in Scorpio sign which is your 6th house. • Saturn will remain in the 7th house in
Sagittarius sign and in retrograde motion • Rahu and Ketu will remain in Gemini and
Sagittarius respectively. • MOON will transit each sign for roughly
2.5 days. Now let’s now understand how the planetary
movement will impact the Gemini natives this month. According to the August 2019 horoscope, this
month you will be interested in too many things at the same time. Suddenly your old hobbies and passions will
come alive. Since everyone is busy, therefore, you need
to be selective so that you can really enjoy your hobbies and interests. Also you will welcome the changes around your
work and home environment. Based on the study of the transit of planets,
this month you will work diligently and very hard. As per Gemini career horoscope, you will have
an extremely busy schedule with your professional life. Be it your business or job, you are going
to put in extra efforts. But at the end of the day, the returns may
not be proportionate to the hard work put in by you. So keep working without expectations because
for now, your luck is not on your side. However, your financial prospects this month
look bright. The smart financial planning and the savings
done by you in the past, will favor you with significant economic gains. In your professional field, you will be able
to achieve a lot through your association with wise and learned people The Gemini horoscope of this month indicates
that your primary focus this month will be welfare and growth of family. The affairs of the family will be pleasant
and peaceful throughout the month. Relatives and friends shall also be supportive. Some of the natives will be quite emotional
about ancestral matters and ancestral things. Also the Gemini natives will be happy making
new contacts and friends and will easily adapt to new people. Social skills will be helpful to you achieving
your goals and objectives. Before proceeding ahead with the rest of the
forecast, here is an important announcement. This forecast is a general one for your zodiac
sign and is based on the transit of planets. If you want specific astrological advice from
us based on your individual horoscope, you are welcome. The individual predictions will be based on
your unique horoscope, position of planets, their strengths, dasha system and the transit. Just call us and book an appointment for consultation. And yes, that will be a paid consultation. And now let us continue with the forecast
of the month If married or in relationship, your relationship
with your spouse or partner will face significant challenges this month. There will be a lack of commitment in your
personality, hence there are chances of less romance and fewer chances of getting reciprocal
love. Therefore, the mantra to enjoy a happy love
relationship will be as much love to your partner as you are able to. If you are a single, some of you will get
into a relationship that will have been facilitated by a friend or family member. The Gemini children will do well in school
during this period. The August horoscope for Gemini students indicates
that this month will be a successful one for you. The planets are rightly aligned to bless you
and are empowering you to achieve your educational goals. The quality of your health is in your hands
this month since the stars are neutral this month. If suffering from chronic illnesses, you will
feel somewhat relieved at this time. Do not neglect your prescriptions and medical
advice and all will be well with you. This month you are expected to work physically
and mentally very hard. Therefore, learn to relax – both physically
and mentally. Go to sleep early and get enough sleep. Secondly, avoid unnecessary struggles this
means avoid thinking or talking unnecessarily. In this section, we share some important days
and festivals in this month August 1: Shravan Amavasya, Haryali Amavsya
August 3: Haryali Teej August 4: Vinayak Chaturthi
August 5: Nag Panchmi, 3rd Shravan Somvar Vrat
August 7: Tulsi Das Jayanti August 11: Shravan Putrada Ekadashi
August 12: 4th Shravan Somvar Vrat August 15: Independance Day, Raksha Bandhan,
Sharavan Purnima August 18: Kajri Teej
August 24: Krishna Janmasthmi In case you want to watch this forecast in
Hindi, then the link to the video is given in the description box below. Friends, please do like and share this video. After subscribing this channel, also click
the bell icon. I wish you a very happy and prosperous month

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