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Gemini in love, at work and with others | Astrology Advice

Gemini in love, at work and with others | Astrology Advice

Gemini. This is so silly. I feel like I’m playing an improv game. Gemini. Gemini. Nooo! Gemini. Controversial as hell. This is a tough one. Represented by the twins, Castor and Pollux,
or my favorite twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. They’re both twins and they’re Geminis! Some other notable twins: Beyoncé’s Rumi and Sir. Also Geminis! George Clooney and Amal Clooney’s twins. We love twins! People are often saying,
“they’re so two-faced those Geminis!” or dualistic. Some might say you see things from all angles. Cool! See all my angles. People think Geminis are the number-one psychopaths. Not the case. When I’m talking to a Gemini
and I’m talking to you Gemini, I feel less intelligent
because you’re so well-spoken. Always quick-witted. A little sarcastic, which I kind of like. Geminis are very intelligent.
It’s almost annoying how intelligent you are. You’re really smarty pants and good for you. You are so indecisive. Whew! You change your mind faster than
the wind changes directions. I feel crazy saying that. They get distracted easily. As if they saw a shiny light and they follow it. I know you want to check Facebook
as I’m telling you this. Stop. When you’re at work, also turn off Instagram. Shut down Twitter. Shut down Twitter. Pay a little more attention. Respond to that email. Please, pace yourself! You’ve got to get your work done. You’ve got to learn how to be a little more practible… Be more practible… I don’t know why I can’t say the word. Practical! See I got it! You’ve got to learn how to be a little more practible. The perfect job for you is
something that keeps you excited! Do something where
something fun is going to happen every day. Be a news anchor! You could be a great psychic. Mathematician. Scientist. Doctors with weird…
basically you should be that guy on that show… You know that doctor show? House! House was a Gemini! I made that up. This is the thing. You get bored quite easily. You need a partner who excites you,
who challenges you, who wants to have really good conversations with you. Interesting conversation, like
the crisis in the Middle East. That’s one you could do! That’s where the love grows for a Gemini;
is intelligent, stimulating conversation. They don’t want that reliability, that stability. They want to be excited and they’re fun to excite. Geminis are for sure kinky. They’re so into it. Whatever you want to do, a Gemini’s down to explore it. When I want to have fun in my life,
I will look for a Gemini partner because they could do the casual thing
without the motions but sometimes you want… Gemini, you are the center of attention. Nope. Nope, I don’t like that. Geminis, always juggling too much. Does that look like I’m juggling? You really like to have fun and
people like having fun with you, but slow down. You can’t do everything every night. Take some time to yourself. Stay at home. Enjoy your home life. Know that family comes first sometimes. Tomorrow is another day. Just really pay attention to the people in your life. Stop juggling every…. sorry! That’s you Gemini and you’re welcome.

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