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Gemini & Virgo: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Gemini & Virgo: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Gemini and Virgo are square, which is one
of Astrology’s hard aspects — so this pairing can have some real friction, some tension
to it. But it’s not all bad. Let’s look at a Virgo–Gemini couple from
everybody’s favorite 90’s TV show, Friends — Monica and Chandler. Right? Monica — Courtney Cox’s character — absolutely
stereotypical Virgo. She’s a neat freak, she’s got incredibly high
standards that she holds herself and everyone around her to — standards that no one can
possibly reach, except she, of course, comes close, since she’s such a perfectionist. Everything in her apartment had to be just
so, right? Everything perfectly clean and neat as a pin. And when she put on holiday dinners, she had
such high expectations, and everything always got royally screwed up by everyone around
her who was just so not a Virgo… So then we have Chandler — Matthew Perry’s
character. I mean, these two were a bit of an odd couple,
don’t you think?? She’s a neat-freak perfectionist, he’s this
totally witty, sarcastic dude — which is so Gemini, by the way. And he was, like, this man-boy — this perpetual
child in a man’s body. And Geminis are very playful and young at
heart, and often somewhat immature. But here’s the connection between these two:
Both their signs are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is known as the planet of communication. So they have this great mental connection. A real meeting of the minds. And if you think about it, Monica and Chandler
were always talking and scheming and plotting together — very mercurial, if you ask me. Plus, they weren’t very touchy-feely, which
is pretty typical for this pairing. They’re more about that intellectual, mental
connection than anything physical. And the way it took them forever to fall for
each other, and then forever again to declare themselves a couple — I mean, how many episodes
did it take for their closest friends to even find out they were together? That’s very typical of both of these signs. Virgo falls in love the way this sign does
everything else — slowly and carefully. And Gemini likes to keep all options open
— which in Chandler’s case was about, maybe they were together, but maybe they weren’t;
maybe they were just having fun. But in the end, of course, they committed
to each other. In this particular match, it’s Virgo who’s
going to keep the couple together for the long term. Once Virgo falls, this sign is in it for the
long haul, and Virgo can be very stabilizing for Gemini, who is otherwise pretty fickle
and inconsistent. But Gemini can help Virgo loosen up a little
and just play and have a good time. This can be a good pairing, if they can get
over their differences and grow together.

7 Replies to “Gemini & Virgo: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV”

  • Benjamin E. Breitenbauch says:

    As a Virgo having courted a few Gemini ladies I can relate that my best moments with these Gemini types have been when I actually let my hyper critical Virgo side really shine. Funny since I know it rubs most other signs the wrong way and I try to suppress that way of talking. Gemini's actually seem to respond to Virgo observations very well. I just had to get over the tendency to keep those over analytical thoughts to myself because they had actually a very similar thought pattern.

  • Snobbish Hipster says:

    oh my god this is so on the money, this is exactly me and my boyfriend. he is a Gemini I am a Virgo we get along so well.

  • Jimmy Conners says:

    Courtney Cox is a Gemini though dumb bitch

  • arsalan rana says:

    a girl .. she and i are talking a lot .. i like her .. ask her to go out she said sure .. both of us acted like its an casual outing but its a date she will come alone so will i .. we have never done that before .. so yeah my question is im confused .. sometimes she is very good sending me images of stuff she makes .. sending me songs .. talking with me .. but recently she is not replying me much .. plus she never message me first .. i always message her first but she usually reply fast and in detailed manners like she show interest …. im confused .. is she into me .. i know she have no other bf .. how to tell if a very shy virgo likes you … im a gemini and sometimes i feel like im the one pushing it .. if i stop pushing she wont ever bother ever … but than i have these great talks with her where she is being cute and flirty and putting a lot of efforts in to it … we talked like 3 days ago the whole night thats when we decide to go out together .. but after that she is being very distant .. not really talking to me much .. or replying me like she used to .. any idea?

  • Manki Jhana Shree says:

    thank you for the positive words for Gemini and virgo

  • MunnuM Khalid says:

    I m a may 28 gemini man. I always fall for virgo women and they are the only women who I stayed together over a year or so. They are not boring at all they always keep you intrusted.

  • Gemini Gypsy says:

    I’m Gemini with a lot of Earth in my chart. I’m loyal and faithful. Not flirty like my sign is portrayed as. The only man I flirt with is my boyfriend. We are so similar and get on great ❤️

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