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Generalizing a person’s character using astrology – Western or Vedic? (English subtitles)

Hello everyone! This is something we all know – Western astrological Sun sign, i.e. Western zodiac signs. For example, according to Western astrology it is thought when a child is born between April 20th and May 20th will be Taurus Zodiac/Sun sign which you can find online. We will usually look for a person’s characteristics, personality traits, general appearances attributed to their particular zodiac sign. Some people take it to the next level and check relationship compatibility. For example, they check if two friends are compatible with each other or even for checking love or romantic compatibility. The way they check for compatibility is by matching up two zodiac signs for example between Aquarius and Pisces or Capricorn and Virgo. They do this matching based on birth date and birth month. We need to check at what level this will be accurate or does this reflect their true personality and character? Is this enough to check if two people are compatible and also determine their nature/character. This is definitely not enough to check if two people are compatible and also to determine their characters. Take for example Aries or Taurus, if they are born between April and May will everybody be same? Be it appearance or personality or character. Not everyone born between these dates have the same characteristics. They are all different. That is reason why we must check a person’s birth horoscope or birth/natal chart. Only the person’s horoscope can determine their personality and one should not just go by their Western astrological monthly Sun sign or just birth month alone. But in Vedic astrology we check the birth place based on latitude and longitude. Geography is very important in Vedic astrology. So birth place is important along with birth date and birth time ( not just birth date and month). If anyone of these information is incorrect then their entire horoscope becomes incorrect. So knowing the place and time of birth is also critical in determining the person’s nature. If we don’t know those details then just going by the birth month is a very big approximation in Western Sun sign based prediction of a person’s nature. We can perhaps buy zodiac sign based gift items such a T-shirt or a coffee mug which has become very commercial. But this has no useful purpose for us. For example, to a hindu temple priest people mention their birth star called as Nakshatra and Moon sign called as Rasi and not mention their birth month as October. In our horoscope/birth chart we must check where the moon is located i.e. in which zodiac sign, that will our Moon sign called as Rasi. Moon sign is very important and Vedic astrology is based on Moon sign. Because Sun sign is what we see or assume about a person and Moon sign is what they actually are or how they actually behave. So Moon sign is more important. So their qualities, character and thinking is based on their Moon sign. For instance there are some moon signs which brings out more negative attributes, which are easy to find out. Then it is easy to check compatibility between two moon signs i.e. between two people’s character. Western astrology is completely different, it is based on tropical system, while Vedic astrology is Sidereal system which gives more importance to Moon sign (Rasi) and constellations/birth stars (Nakshatras). But still if you want to find your true Sun sign, check your horoscope and locate the position of the Sun in your birth chart (which zodiac it is placed) and don’t just go by checking Western astrological Sun sign by seeing birth month. Based on your Sun’s location is your birth chart you may find out certain aspects of personality, power, ego, authority, father figure and also powerful position in the government. Same way if you want to find a person’s nature, character or their thinking/mind you must check your Moon sign, where moon is placed in birth chart. Or to find relationship match between two persons, Moon sign matching is more important. Sometimes we will break a friendship or any relationship because we will find that a person is very mean. It will be according to their Moon sign and more afflicted their moon is the more negative attributes come out. So that’s the reason why we can’t decide from what we see about a person ( Sun sign) but we can understand more by seeing what they actually do or read their mind ( Moon sign). So we need that trust building time to find out about a person’s true nature or find out their Moon sign which will help to figure out their mind, emotions, thinking ability, character etc to a great degree and it will be pretty accurate. Going by birth month based zodiac Sun sign and posting on social media could be done for fun, but it is not true. Birth star based Moon signs are the way to go to know about a person’s true nature. Thank you. “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all”.

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