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Germany in One Day, Rostock & Warnemünde (Travel Vlog) | Mikey Dunn

We are now in Warnemünde, Germany, I’m probably pronouncing that wrong. Um, and then we are planning to hopefully get a excursion here on land to a nearby town called Rostock because all the excursions
for Germany on this ship were already sold out when we boarded so, yeah we’re gonna figure it out. There’s also like excursions to Berlin, but the train ride is like two hours, it’s not air conditioned,
and by the time you get there you have little time to do stuff and then you come all the way back. So we’re just gonna do stuff nearby, there’s a lot of neat towns to check out. Now, we are on a tour
bus that is gonna take us to Rostock and then we get back here, let’s see at what time, we get back here at three
o’clock in the afternoon and then oh, there goes dad, (lols) then we’re gonna explore
the rest of Warnemünde. Um so our itinerary for today is this: Here’s our tour bus, and we
can get a water or a beer that’s why my dad went
down there to get a beer. And we’re basically going to depart and then visit some churches,
explore downtown for a bit, and then come back. Tristan got to speak some
German to the tour guides today. – Yeah – [Mikey] What did you talk about? – Uh we talked about how long
I’ve been learning German, where we’re from, we’re from the U.S., and uh, so on and so forth. – [Mikey] Okay. – I really gotta spit by
gum out though because it’s rude to talk to Germans
with gum in your mouth. – [Mikey] Oh true. Since
you haven’t spoken German on the vlog yet, say something in German. – (speaks in German) My bad I messed up. – [Mikey] Translation? – Okay, um, hi how’s it going? (Mikey lols) I have been learning to speak
German for about seven years and um we’re going to see
what we can do around here. – [Mikey] Are you excited? – No! – [Mikey] Mom and dad are down there What kind of beer did you get? (melodic music) (upbeat music) Alright, so we just
learned a little bit about the history of German religion, where in Northern Germany
churches are Lutheran and generally in southern Germany churches are more Catholic. Um, there was Catholic influence
inside Lutheran churches but then, after a war and
conflict and what not, a lot of iconoclasm and stuff was burned. So, though they look
beautiful on the outside, the inside is much simpler, so we’re about the see
what the inside is like. How you doing, mom? (Mikey lols) How are you, Mom? – Hi! – Wow Mom! – Having fun! – Yes. It’s kind of warm today, isn’t it? – Yes. (faint church bells) (up tempo music) – Okay, we’re back on the bus and now we got out beers. – Yah! – We already tried it, it’s pretty good. Kind of bitter, hoppy,
but it’s very authentic. But Tristan’s gonna reenact how he sampled his just now. – Alright let’s see how this tastes! Reenactment! (pretends to spit out beer) (lols) Rostocker! – Yah. – How would you pronounce this? (speaks German) – Yeah, I was way off. (lols) (speaks German) – And I’m probably pronouncing it wrong but, um, that’s how I remember it. – But, as you saw over there, we learned a lot about the history of Rostock, um, and that
this area was actually under Soviet Union occupation
after World War II. Um, and what that meant… What was is it established as? The…? – During the Soviet, uh, influence, it was called GDR. – Oh! During… – German Democratic Republic. I’m used to saying (speaks German) which means (speaks German) which is exactly the same
thing, but different German. – Yes. – So, yeah, that was the Soviet side which is where we’re in now, considering we are in
east Germany and yeah! That’s how I remember it. – And before the church, we learned a lot of the history of this town and how it’s had… There was a fire, and it wiped out a lot, and then… all… and
the wars wiped out a lot, so it’s just the city that’s been constantly rebuilt over and over again. But before London became huge, Rostock was one of the
largest cities in Europe, and definitely in Scandinavia, but nowadays things have changed. (tour guide announces we’re leaving) Oh, we’re leaving! (up tempo music) (melodic music slows down) – [Male Tour Guide] The
Pulpit, made in 1574 but only this stair was made by him. The lid was made 150 years later. They are two different styles. Yeah? The lid is made in Baroque style. (up tempo music) – So, we’re just waiting
for the astronomical clock to do its thing in about a minute. It’s gonna do that at noon. Here it is… (clock chimes) (organ music) After we just saw the little service um, they played the organs. It had, I think 5,000 pipes. (Tristan speaks German) – Gummy bears? – Yeah, so it’s like your
gummy joint paradise. (lols) – Ah! Well anyway, now we are going to find a German restaurant for lunch and then we have some
time to explore Rostock. So, this is like the main street of shops and whatnot. Wow! (up tempo music) – [Mikey] Hullo? – (clears throat) ‘Sup? – [Mikey] Hullo? (lols) It’s a video. – I figured so. – Alright, our food has arrived. We got three different kinds of schnitzel. So, I got schnitzel
with hollandaise sauce. Tristan got schnitzel with
like, citrus flavoring, and Dad got schnitzel with… Uh… mushroom. (indistinct chatter) We just had lunch so now we’re gonna ascend
back to the surface. Uh, and we have about an hour to explore before we have to get back on the bus. (up tempo music) We have left Rostock and we are now heading to Warnemünde. Right, Tris? – Yeah. – And Tristan is on a
quest to find a bierstein. So, um, Warnemünde is actually very close to the cruise ship but we have to take this tunnel-bridge-thing
to get across the river. Look! It’s right here. (up tempo music) We found a windmill but
it’s a little out of focus so let me flip the camera around. (up tempo music) And we’re back! It’s actually the next day so we’re kind of doing things out of order and skipping time and stuff. And this is our balcony
during the day time! So you can see but now we are at sea so as you can see behind me… Nothing. But, looking over the balcony just shows you the scale of the ship. We are near the front. There’s some people down there. Some balconies down here. More luxury balconies that they’re bigger. Like our chairs are kind
of small but it’s fine, but they have like
full-on, like, recliners down there and stuff but I don’t really see people hanging out there that much so I don’t know what they’re up to. We’re actually near the front of the ship so the bow is just out of view but you can see the structure that kind of sticks out of it. It’s actually the bridge, so the captain is up there somewhere. Germany was great, as you saw. We were exploring Warnemünde but it was really hot and we were really tired
and sweaty by that time so my mom and I came back to the ship and then we went to the pool and chilled out and stuff all while my brother
and my dad continued to pretty much walk everywhere. Tristan was in search of a bierstein, which is actually
pronounced (speaks German) I don’t speak German
so… I can if you like. (lols) Comment below if you
actually know the reference. Tristan’s actually changing right now but I’ll ask him to show us what the stein looks like and he also got like a
full sized German flag too but it was like quest to find the store because were like, “Yes,
there’s store for this, but could not find it like at all”. So anyway, and then we had dinner and explored the ship some
more and then went to sleep. Okay, let me edit in a quick clip of Tristan showing us the stein. – [Mikey] Tristan is now here
to show us his bierstein. – We’re out by the ocean… (Mikey lols) If you wanna get krunk,
this is the way to do it. – [Mikey] What is it
made out of? Like metal? – Uh, no, it’s made out of like cardboard (Mikey lols) and newspaper – [Mikey] Shut up! – We have here, um… (speaks German) Which means, of course,
Baltic sea, Warnemünde. And then on the bottom here, or… Yeah, yeah. In the middle actually, we have Rostock So we have like the little coat of arms or the symbol of Rostock with German flags and we also have um… What the area is known for in these four little circles here. Pretty nice. Then we got like the
cool carving on the side, you got the official lid, I mean, I like wanna drink out of it but probably mom won’t let me. Really, really nice. I didn’t take it out of the box until now but um, yeah! This is basically the one that I chose from. There were a lot to choose from but I ended up going with this. So, probably going to get another one when we go… – [Mikey] Oh my god! – I don’t know. You
know how like old people collect like really antique plates? This definitely can make me feel old. – [Mikey] This is Tristan’s actual… Second stein, but full-sized one? – Yeah, my second full-sized one. The first one, you… We got from Disney World
and this one we got from actual Germany. – Okay, great! So now
you know about the stein. Thank you, Tristan! Okay.. (lols) Well anyway, that’s it for Germany. We are on our way to Estonia, it’s gonna take us a day at sea ’cause it’s like super far away. Then after Estonia is
Russia, then Finland, Sweden, and then another day at sea, and then we’re back in Copenhagen. So, I’ll end this vlog now. If you wanna watch more, check out the links below and it’s be in the end
card right after this. So, I’m Mikey Dunn. Thanks for watching! Until next time! I am done! Bye! (electronic music)

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