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Great 9/23 Sign: Astrology or Bible Prophecy?

Great 9/23 Sign: Astrology or Bible Prophecy?

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the
Co-Prophet of these End Times. Well, would you believe, in a few short
nine weeks from today, the great sign, as prophesied in Revelation 12:1, will occur
in the constellations; and here is how it looks. I am sure you have seen many
videos about it posted on YouTube and many articles on the internet. But it was
I who discovered this sign more than 6 years ago in April of 2011. And now you
can find a half-dozen videos posted every day on the subject, more than
10,000 in total since that date back in 2011. And how many of them give me credit, by the way, for discovering the sign? Well, so far, as far as I can see, none! But,
remember what Jesus said, a prophet is without honor in his own country; so we shouldn’t be surprised. And I got an interesting message from one of my
subscribers a couple days ago from Well Prepped Pantry and here’s what he
wrote: “third warning from Jim Beckwith (Jim evidently has posted four videos on
this topic just in the last couple of days) it’s calling out all Christians who
are spewing on about Scott Clarke’s 9/23 event data. He’s calling you a false
prophet, heretic or a liar if you subscribe to what is coming on 9/23. He is saying that this is forbidden astrology predicting. And he exposes Scott Clarke and Alan Horvath and Robert Breaker and others who claim that this date has to
do with the Rapture and I agree with Jim Beckwith, you can never know the date for the Rapture. Jesus said over and over again that He
will come like a thief in the night; He will come like a bridegroom at midnight. You cannot know when it will occur. So, anyone who says that September 23rd is the date of the Rapture, they are full of baloney. The Rapture could occur today or this week, or this month! Please don’t plan on a specific date for the Rapture; you have to be ready at all
times. However, I do disagree with Jim Beckwith’s article because he says that
this great sign is about astrology; that is a mistake. Satan is the author of
astrology and that is a perversion of God’s signs. Jesus said there would be
signs in the Sun, Moon and the stars to announce His coming and the Bible says
that this is the great sign, the Revelation 12 sign of the woman clothed
with the Sun. But Jim Beckwith did give an interesting note in his video and he
says there is an article in Wikipedia on this. So let me show you this; I had not
been aware that Wikipedia was now covering this Revelation 12 sign. You
can look this up for yourself, it’s quite interesting and they make a few mistakes. Beckwith says that the “wiki” in Wikipedia stands for a wicked. Well I always did
kind of question that term; I always thought it stood for witches, WICCA, but
anyway that’s what Jim Beckwith says. And here’s this article and it’s a pretty
good overview except for, as I say, a few errors. “The Revelation 12 sign is an
apocalyptic belief promoted by a number of Christian ministries and news
organizations which state that a literal fulfillment of the prophecy given in
Revelation 12:1 will occur on September 23rd, 2017. This passage of Scripture in
the Christian Bible describes a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under
her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head. She is pregnant and cried out in
pain as she was about to give birth.” One of my subscribers sent me an interesting
note, well how do you know that she is in pain? How do the stars and the sun and
the planets indicate pain? And I think he has a good point; maybe
something will occur on that date that indicates pain, maybe a lot of thunder or
something. Or it could be that you’re just supposed to extrapolate that. In
other words, a woman in labor is in pain. I tend to that latter theory myself.
“Many Christians worldwide believe that an astronomical alignment involving the
constellations Virgo and Leo, the sun, moon and planets Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter occurring in September 2017 will fulfill this purported prophecy
word-for-word. This astronomical alignment will come into position on
September 23rd and by the next day will be gone.” And as I say, that occurs nine
weeks from today. And then Wikipedia gives an overview, and here’s where they
make a rather obvious mistake: “There is some ambiguity in regards to when this
alignment was first discovered (no, there’s no ambiguity; I discovered it
back in April of 2011) but on July 30th, 2011, Scott Clarke from ERF ministries
posted a video on YouTube describing the alignment which many Christians
worldwide have now come to believe is the Revelation 12 sign. In 2012, Unsealed
World News suggested that the purported sign might be connected to the Rapture
of the Church (wrong!) though they have repeatedly stated that the exact date of
the Rapture is unknown and might happen sometime before or after September 23rd.” Well, that is a correct view point as far as the rapture goes it will not occur on
September 23rd; you can put me down as saying that. Right now there may
be some very significant events that occur before September 23rd and the Rapture could occur at any time. And there is another interesting thing about
that Wikipedia article, and they give a lot of references about
people talking about this great sign on the internet. And this will occur more and more as we approach the date And one of the references was to the Catholic Astronomer So I want to read a little bit from this article because it’s quite interesting; this guy is a skeptic, his
name is Christopher Graney. And he gives a little incident here: “one day
last fall I was working in my office when my desk phone rang.
It was a reader of the Catholic Astronomer calling me with a question. He asked why the Vatican Observatory blog was full of discussion on black holes or
whatnot, when there was something much more momentous to talk about. It turns
out that the momentous thing to which my caller was referring was an arrangement
of celestial bodies that will occur this year, 2017, on September 23rd. On that date, according to various internet sources, the heavens themselves will be a tableau
of Revelation 12. On September 23, 2017 the Sun will be in the zodiac
constellation Virgo (a woman clothed with the Sun). The moon will be at the feet of
Virgo (with the moon under her feet). The nine stars of the zodiac constellation Leo, plus three planets Mercury, Venus and Mars will be at the head of Virgo (on
her head a crown of twelve stars). The planet Jupiter will be in the center of
Virgo, and, as the weeks pass after September 23rd, Jupiter will exit Virgo to the east,
pass her feet, so to speak (she was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she
labored to give birth and she gave birth to a male child destined to rule all
nations with a rod of iron). Now I went through all of that, as I say, more than
six years ago but I very much appreciate Christopher Graney and the Catholic
Astronomer for giving this more publicity. And, as I say, more and more
people are going to learn about this in the next weeks and months and I want to
mention here Chaisza7’s video in which he said this constellation occurs,
this alignment occurs, only once in every seven thousand years. Now Christopher Graney thinks that he has found other examples of this sign. Now here are two examples that he says on
September 5th, 1293 and September 14th 1056 and I think you can see that. And
I’ll put a link to his site so you can check it out for yourself. Here’s two more he says occurs on September 24, 1827 and September 6, 1483 and I have looked at those carefully and they just do not fit as well as this
September 23rd. And Christopher Graney totally overlooks, he does not factor in,
that Jupiter will be in Virgo’s womb for nine months, nine and a half months, a
little over 42 weeks; in other words, exactly mimicking a normal human baby’s
gestation period. That does not occur, that combination of events does not
occur, only once in every seven thousand years, as Chaisza7 pointed out, in other words, only once in all of human history; it is truly the great sign. And
now I want to give you my interpretation of what is going to happen on September
23rd and it is NOT the Rapture but it is found in Bible prophecy and that is in
Micah chapter 5, verse number 3: “therefore will he give them up even till the time
wherein she that travails shall bring forth: and the remnant of his brethren
shall be converted to the children of Israel.” This is referring to the brethren
of Jesus, the Jewish brethren, who will be converted to the remnant Catholic Church; they will accept Catholicism. I’ve been saying that all along; Donald Trump will
be converted. That is when he will “know God” as Isaiah prophesied in his chapter
45. The Jews will also be converted, they are the brethren of Jesus; they will
be converted to the children of Israel, that is the code word, in both Isaiah and
Micah, for the remnant Catholic Church. And, as I say, don’t
be surprised if something amazing happens before that date because what is
it that will convert Donald Trump and the Jews and Donald Trump’s Protestant
brethren? It’s very possible that September 23rd is more the culmination
of a tremendous series of events. Well, that’s speculation on my part; all
I know is that Bible prophesy, in both Revelation and Micah and Isaiah will be
fulfilled and the great sign occurs on September 23rd in nine weeks, be prepared. And as always if you would like to know more information about my ministry here on YouTube visit my website

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  • NewAidea says:

    RAPTURE is right-after the tribulation. Please pp read the Bible 1000 times if it's necessary

  • Paul Graham says:

    Wiki is used as the word "quick" in Australia.

  • marie broderick says:


  • Lilli pod says:

    People might be interested after the eclipse. That's only 30 days. I know in the UK in 1999 the mood started to change. I think that was August as well

  • John Brody says:

    Is this the time when the Antichrist will appear?

  • Larry Tischler says:

    Oops! 666 hand sign at 0:58?

  • Paul Bany says:

    Thank you for the clarification William!

  • Jez WWG1WGA says:

    interesting as usual Mr. Tapley. Looking forward to the date, God willing.

  • IndigenousPotliquor says:

    Your view on Satan perverting Gods signs and turning it into astrology is 100% correct. The story about the Magi following the Northstar is a lot more to it other than they just looked in the sky and started following a star. There's a whole backstory that people don't care to look into just the case with this on September 23. I personally feel that this great sign all points to the wheat and the tears being put into motion.

  • Adrian Macor says:

    Rapture is Protestant theology not Catholic

  • Misha-el Ministries says:

    I feel it is more concerning at this time to understand why Jesus said anyone who comes to me and does not hate his mother father sisters brothers friends even his own life cannot be his disciple. And anyone who puts his hand to plowshare a looks back is not worthy of Him. I will tell you many a Christian who did many great things will be left behind. Why? Reread my first two sentences. And because they were to busy practicing religion instead of putting into practice Jesus Words. Blessed is the man who does his Words. Cursed is the man who just talks about them and does not.

  • @LadyG11 says:

    The Wise Men followed the stars to find Christ. Following and using Astrology isn't the same. The Lord also said A day with Me is like a 1000yrs and a 1000yrs is like a Day. So time is not something we can measure to anything with God.

  • 49jubilee says:

    not necessarily, however it will be Virgo to Libra
    also, 7/20/69
    was the day we went to the moon, and 69 looks like the sign of CANCER (moonchild)
    and, the equinox, has 720 minutes of daylight and nighttime
    1 Tishri 5778

  • @LadyG11 says:

    Isn't FLOTUS Melania already Catholic? Or seems drawn to Catholism. This is disturbing considering Pope Francis and his beliefs. He has no problem with Islam.

  • jimoconnor76 says:

    Hi Bill, I remember that video, I thought it was amazing then. The Maji looked at the stars for Our Blessed Lord's first coming. The signs in the Heaven's all herald the Second Coming of Jesus. This sign also heralds the birth of the Remnant church.
    Only God knows exactly what will happen. The greatest event to build the Remnant is The Warning. Will this event be tied to The Warning, will the Remnant Church be born on the day that Jupiter is no longer transposed in Virgo?
    More Importantly, who is this woman, who give birth to "The King"? Is it the same Virgin who gave birth to "The King of Kings"? The answer is yes, The Virgin Queen, is Mary, the Mother of Salvation!
    Good Bless you

  • 49jubilee says:

    Mazzaroth, is what the BIBLE speaks of
    Job 38:32
    counterfeit, is astrology

  • Daria Angkadiredja says:

    The proportion of the image in the sculpture is very nice to watch! It's cool!

  • TheMassanova says:

    just to let you know on the 23 of settember its also the day of birth of PADRE PIO in italy a italian monk from San Giovanni Rotondo great man

  • David.D.L Israel says:

    We shall see!!!! ⚔️🔷⚜️♠️⚔️

  • K Villa says:

    I give you credit. 😀

  • Michael Gehris says:

    Yes 666 occult illuminati
    Hand Sign…oh no…sir

  • Michael Gehris says:

    Rapture is false doctrine of scofield interpreted bible not truth…

  • Michael Gehris says:

    Astrology is of science not christian

  • Jjade Fernans says:

    Why did u make a 666 in yr video Mr Tapley ?

  • Dee Smith says:

    So you say……….???????????????????

  • Dee Smith says:

    This is a possibility not written in stone. It is not astronomy which is over thousands of years old so as to know the seasons and God stated He gave the signs of the heavens for signs to his people to know what needs to be known. These signs are from God.

  • Esther Pacheco says:

    It would be nice if people would give you the credit you deserve, but life is not always fair. The important thing is that people are taking note, and hopefully getting prepared spiritually. I agree with you that Mary's Rosary is the most important weapon for this type of battle.

  • pitbullwinkle says:

    My birthday is September 18

  • lightzZz10 says:

    interesting that you posted this video on The Feast Day of Saint Mary Magdalene.
    the second woman to see Christ after His resurrection, The Blessed Mother being the first.
    Christ is King!!!
    Ave Maria.

  • Lu Hoffma says:

    Love you Bill you are my hero

  • Meh Cookieee COOKIESS says:

    he will not come secretly hes not coming anytime soon hal lindsey john haggee all are false prophets if you think theirs a secret rapture is not in the word period edger wisehut 1981 1985 1988 1996 2000 stop ill bet my salvation no secret rapture it will be on a day the sabbath sabat 7th day saturday at midnight jewish time between sept 10=17th october 10=17 th at the last trumpet after the great tribulation after the 7 years after gospel preached to all the world its not roman catholic either its what the jews beleive if they really beleived in god scripture says in the 7th month the 10 day shall be atonement for your sins after the wedding 7 days later then the lord will receive your offering who knows the day and hour with lightning fire smoke winds sighns and wonders so according to the word of god 70 year last end generation starts next year 2018 the middle is the passover again only biblical dates not imagined made up ones and right now id say obama is the antichrist his name equals 666 and this pope if he lives that long is the false prophet so dont say you didnot know now you do Leviticus chapter 23=25 who knows the day and hour moses did and jesus joshua told you and so did aposle paul in 2nd corinthiens 15 51=53

  • VictoryInJesus812 says:

    Have you messaged Scottie Clarke as to why he is deceiving the people by not properly crediting you?

  • Timothy Drake says:

    Thank you so much for these 9/23 videos. I'm going through a hard time and these videos are the only things helping me.

  • p pio says:

    Padre Pio!! My favorite Saint – "a prophet " a Super Saint!! had spoken of The End Times- He was born Sept 23rd!! Keep Steadfast with Praying the Rosary. Padre Pio said the Rosary was our weapon for End Times. If you don't have one – then while your driving you have five buttons on the radio that you can push – to keep track – just start with the first station for the first 10 Hail Mary,s (turn volume down of course) then push the second radio station for the next 10 HAIL MARY'S and so on until you are on the 5th radio station and viola' the Rosary has been said. Thank You William – you are my number one YOUTUBE channel by far!! please keep up the Godly work that you do.– Pio

  • 33reboot says:

    yhis article explain that The duration of the pregnancy could vary up to 5 weeks according to each woman

  • ulphil08 says:

    August 21 is a total solar eclipse. This is quite significant and being overlooked by many

  • john b says:

    As we get closer to Sept 23rd the only thing we can compare this great sign to in Revelation is the star of Bethlehem.
    Three wise men or what the catholic church elevated the three wise men to the three kings of the east.
    These three kings followed the star to venerate and worship the king of kings.
    Notice one of the gifts.All three gifts are ordinary offerings and gifts given to a king. Myrrh being commonly used as an anointing oil.
    Legend has it that they converted to Christianity there after.
    So this event could include a Trump conversion.
    Trump is of German ancestory.
    It just so happens that the Three Kings Shrine and where they were buried is in Germany
    at the Cologne Catholic Cathedral.
    Trump's grandparents are from Bavaria;Germany the catholic part of that country.
    Trump's second cousin has connections to the Heinz founders.
    Recently on a side note last Saturday off of I-75 I was in Dalton;Georgia and just found out that Marla Maples Trump's former wife was born there in 1963.
    Anyways back to the three wise men.
    The Persian priestly caste of Zoroastrianism were a part of their religion, these priests paid particular attention to the stars and gained an international reputation for astrology, which was at that time highly regarded as a science. Their religious practices and use of astrology caused derivatives of the term Magi to be applied to the occult in general and led to the English term magic, although Zoroastrianism was in fact strongly opposed to sorcery.
    My point in all of this is see the connection with the star of Bethlehem and the great sign.
    As God has something planned so did the devil.
    King Herod had plans to kill all the first borns when Christ was born.
    Just the way the devil will have his own plan to distract people away from the great sign.
    The devil knows scripture better than us.
    Do a little research on Omega Men with Charlton Heston filmed in 1971.
    This movie is based on a film called I Am Legend.
    It's in regard to the last man on earth.
    A biological attack guess what day Sept 23rd!
    Heston answers a phone call in his office and someone on the other line says a drug or
    vaccine named as the numbers 9/23/17!
    This was filmed in 1971!
    One woman survives the attack Rosalind Cash.
    Could this woman represent the woman in the great sign?
    Crazy stuff……

  • tubby taylor says:

    9/23 is the 40th day since the the assumption 8/15

  • tubby taylor says:

    and 33 days from the eclipse 8/21

  • Orange Julius says:

    Truly believe all of this will come and go just as many Youtube date setters have been wrong as well. That being said I believe all of this is part of a bigger plan designed to test us and see who can endure. Many seem to be getting frustrated and a falling away of sorts seems to be taking place. This is a marathon folks not a sprint, patience is the key. God Bless!

  • Chicagoman36 says:

    The Rapture of The Church doesn't Happen until After Revelation Chapter 4!! So Revelation Chapter 12 Sign can not happen yet!!!

  • Luckyplate Goodies Channel says:

    the birth of antichrist??

  • Living Proof says:

    Mr. Tapley, Michale Rood has done a video on the 9/23 Revelation 12 sign. It compliments your discovery. He thinks it may signal the beginning of Tribulation or the convermation of the covenant, perhaps the Ark will be shown on that day.

    As soon as I saw your video proof on the great sign I knew this had to be legit, or at least the best chance so far, from all the other 'prophecies' over the year; y2k, mayan calender, etc. All of which I never believed.

  • Sandra Lavini says:

    Excellent video. Here is where the term "wiki" comes from:

  • Elizabeth Kaufmann says:

    The date is sept 23rd according to the Julian calendar but is oct 5th according to the gregorian calendar…

  • Marcus Chu says:

    Prayer and reparation while there is still time.

  • Jesus Lordandsavior says:

    As always, great knowledge/wisdom! Your brother in & thru Christ/Yeshua,
    Thank you,

  • zoltangz1 says:

    What is your opinion of this video, William ?

  • glenn jarrett says:

    It appears that the great sign is about coronation first, (the reception of the crown) then the child is taken to the throne. It seems that this point is not being understood. The body of Christ will be empowered first, then taken up. in the Father's love ……glenn

  • Gospel Word Power Ministry says:

    Question. Is the Zodiac constellation given by Biblical inspiration or is it paganism. And if the Zodiac is paganism then why are the Revelations 12 symbols given interpreted as though they were Pagan? And isn't the Revelation 12 sign seen in heaven, not in the celestial? (and please dont be like everyone else and quote the "sign in the sun moon and stars" verse. I repeat is the Revelation 12 sign said to be seen in heaven or in the universe?) Shalom.

  • markobaggio says:

    william as usual does a great job,,, for me i dont see what the fuss is about,,, a bunch of stars in a pattern whoopdydo

  • Brian Hayes says:

    Great job can't wait for your next video what do you think of the eclipse in August some city's telling people to have extra food and gas

  • Shroud Codes. com says:

    And what of the Aug. 21st, 2017 eclipse of the Sun?

  • marie leopold says:


  • Leo D. D. Lion says:

    Hopefully the Holy Spirit descends on all those mentioned including Trump.
    Then they'll be breaking in the Catholic Churches to get in..

    But if not,,, then a Chastisements.

    Third Eagle,

    I came across a YouTuber named
    Amazingly he shows data that a comet will be passing Earth on
    12 October this year…

    Why mention it,, 13 Oct. is the 100 yr. Anniversary of the Fatima miracle…

  • penney holley says:

    on September 23 CERN is supposed to be running at max capacity. In my heart and in my gut, I feel this is when "the angel is given the key to unlock the gates of hell". To unleash Abbadon for a short while to gather his army for Armageddon. This is prophesy fulfilled in Revelation as well. The Rapture is imminent any time now. Prepare and repent, He said.

  • Leo D. D. Lion says:

    Back in the old days an eclipse was the forewarning of the death
    of a national leader, or vip…

  • Leo D. D. Lion says:

    God punishment occurred in Noahs time because if homosexuality, and Sodom and Gamorah, because of homosexuality.
    We are living again as in those times ..

  • Leo D. D. Lion says:

    The Great apostasy from the church and in the church is going full speed and needs to be stopped…

  • Leo D. D. Lion says:

    Sum it up:
    100 years after the warning at Fatima …
    As in the days of Noah….
    The Great Apostasy…

  • Abel Flores says:

    I think this sign does have something to do with Trump

  • Eamon Joe Kelly says:

    just joking though you are great at what you are doing I do like it and good job at that

  • Clive James says:

    Where are people planning to be at the time of this sign? (I might just stay home!)

  • Tracy Meyer says:

    Anyone with Internet access can write and make changes to Wikipedia articles, except in limited cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism. Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or, if they choose to, with their real identity.
    Wikipedia:About – Wikipedia

  • Michigan Homesteader says:

    Mr. Tapley, the Bible does not say Jesus will come as a thief, it says he will come as a thief to those who are not in Christ, it goes on to say but to those who are in Christ he would not come as a thief. Just paraphrasing! It will be no surprise to the elect.

  • Leo D. D. Lion says:

    Oh boy,,
    A Catholic bishop in the state of Oregon and or State of Washington and his respective Diocese has fully implemented Amoris Latisia.. (AL)

    I quickly read through the Bishops instructions for AL and the core / focus is:
    * 1. Divorced and or remarried Catholics can receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.

    *2 Homosexuals can receive Holy Communion.

    *3. Cohabitation before or after marriage is allowed and those in this life setting can receive Holy Communion.

    There's more but you can foresee where this is going….

    Also,,, the AL instructions described and presented information specifically about the
    sinner's consciousness e.g. was he/she objectively or subjectively state of consciousness…

  • Chris Brown says:

    Wiki-wiki is Hawaiian for quickly.

  • redeyeracing2 says:

    isn't it interesting years ago you said WWIII started in north korea and here we are talking about war with North Korea more than ever

  • Boshy Bosh Boo says:

    Mr. Tapley which Bible do you read?

  • SilentHyena says:

    Comet flies into virgo's womb about 9 months before 9/2017.

  • Erathor Noname says:

    thirdeaglebooks have you heard of the messages given by the Holy Trinity and our Blessed Mother thru the visionary Maria Devine Mercy ? If not you should really take a look as it tells about the predicted Illumination of Conscience and the Antichrist as well as his precursor Bergoglio the False Prophet.. alot of prophecies have come to pass.. I hope you read this and all of you who follow this channel 🙂

  • mosesmoses2000 says:

    The people that miss the Rapture will want To Have Wings Of eagles and Fly Maybe to Israel….

  • mosesmoses2000 says:

    Is it possible that the Statue of Liberty may signify the woman of revelation 12..  American have bug Out Bags all Over The Place an Have been told to Prepare big time, So Maybe those in the USA who Miss the rapture will Be the woman Who fly the friendl skies Of United Out Of america to survive A Nuclear war Here and go To Israel an d Hide For 3/12 Years, Even Trump Has An extra Airforce 1….

  • Fubritzu says:

    I am not a defender of Robert Breaker at all. But he did not specially say the Rapture would occur that day. Everything he does say is mere speculation. I do not subscribe to his channel.

  • john b says:

    Let's hope Trump doesn't wait until his deathbed before his Catholic conversion like John Wayne.
    John Wayne became a good friend of Archbishop Tomas Clavel, who served part of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles after being exiled from his archdiocese in Panama in 1968. Their friendship further confirmed to him that he wanted to join the Catholic Church.

    Then, in 1979, as he was dying of cancer and surrounded by his family in his home, he finally decided to join the Catholic Church. He requested for Archbishop Clavel to come to his house, but he was too ill to come, and so another archbishop in the diocese was sent.

    Wayne was received into the Catholic Church and then died just two days later.

    Why did he wait until his deathbed to convert? His grandson explained that Wayne was regretful about not becoming a Catholic sooner, blaming “a busy life.”

  • Timothy G says:

    Who makes a zero sign like a 666?? That looks shady!! Also I have been watching you for a few months and like some of your videos.. Your Trump / Francis prediction was a dud. Why did you not talk about the Australian Cardinal accused of pedophilia?? That was a major worldwide Catholic story! Strange that you said nothing about this story! Makes me raise an eyebrow about you.

  • john b says:

    Here we go folks with the mark of the beast all in the name of security and convenience.
    Detroit Tigers have a new entry system into Comerica stadium this will lead into American airports for travel etc….please if anyone sees other reports of the mark of the beast being rolled out please send us a link.
    Next will be our health records…drivers license on and on…….on.
    To use the biometric system, you must register your fingerprints, which is free. Registration at Comerica was offered Monday and will be available at a kiosk on game days. To sign up, which takes about five minutes, you'll need your ID and to correctly answer a series of questions, the company said. You then scan all 10 fingers.

  • Steve Pollak says:

    Surely, if you can boldly declare that all these people will convert to catholocism, it is worth your time to explain to us why we would do it. If it would save us, make the case for it. Isn't that more important than repeating you should be given credit for "discovering" a scripture that's been in the Bible for 2000 years? Wouldn't it be better to explain to us and make the case for converting? I would think that would be your mission, not credit.

  • Snowfirel says:

    Eagle, be patient and watch this video please: #Flat Earth 21 Questions Mirror720P

  • majoor cuool says:

    Abraham Lincoln free black My brother
    Am black

  • Dan Dodge says:

    No, you did not "discover" the Rev 12 sign. If anyone did it was Scott Clark. Stop pumping yourself up so you can generate ad revenue. If you had read your Bible you would know love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Hans-Georg Lundahl says:

    3:36 "wiki" in wikipedia stands for quick – it's from I think Maori.

  • Michael Gehris says:

    Yes sir, and you were first, did your research, not Scott Clark, Amen.

  • frankenpope says:

    there are channels giving you credit for discovering the sign but now all the deceived pre-trib. believers think it's the pre-trib. rapture and it's not there is NO pre-trib. rapture.

  • john b says:

    The Perseids meteor shower, also called the “Tears of St. Lawrence,” is a meteor shower associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle, which drops dust and debris in Earth’s orbit Aug 11-12th.August 10th is the feast day of St.Lawrence and of course this year we have the Aug 21st total solar eclipse.
    St. Lawrence was martyred on Aug. 10 in the year 258, during the persecution of the emperor Valerian, along with many other members of the Roman clergy.
    What's really interesting is that on July 21st 2017 of all places Hollywood opened up a film in Israel called Valerian and the City with a Thousand Planets.

    While fighting the Persians, Valerian sent two letters to the Senate ordering that firm steps be taken against Christians. The first, sent in 257, commanded Christian clergy to perform sacrifices to the Roman gods or face banishment. The second, the following year, ordered the execution of Christian leaders.
    Wow! more Christian persecutions on the way……

  • Jesus and Mary, Inseparable - Flat Earth Catholic says:

    I am fascinated by this sign in the heavens on the 23rd september. My mother tells me september is the month of the Virgin too?? Its all geared up for something momentous. I think it will be the start of a worldwide economic collapse myself which will probably result in a world war. No! not a nuclear world war. I dont the world leaders are that daft to have a nuclear war. But in my opinion the Usa will suffer greatly and decent into chaos and that will leave the door open for the fulfilment of catholic prophecy that Russia will overrun europe. That would then lead to the consecration of Russia which has not happened yet (even cardinal Burke has recently said so. See lifesite news here: Then the world will have an era of peace after the whole world acknowledges the Triumph of Mary and her amazing greatness. I would love to be able to place the three days of darkness in that timeline too but i just do not know how it can fit in there? Anyone have any ideas?

  • makeshiftgrenades says:

    Ya I watched scottie video he says he is not saying the rapture will happen on Sept 23rd but he does say it points to it , more than once he said he doesn't claim it will

  • John Bolo says:

    as a Catholic Mr Tapley amazed that you even believe in rapture there's no such thing that was made up by a Protestant

  • Jody Sephus says:

    I believe there is an Astrology angle to it as well Brother William, but Definitely see the significance of 9:23 in Daniel because that's the single verse that holds the key to unlocking "All" end times related prophecy in Daniel.
    Many a prophet has concluded Daniel 9:26-27
    to be referring to an end times scenario but is it really? The
    Consummation mentioned in the very last verse certainly is but here's
    the problem with that entire scenario. See, it's been discovered here
    lately that the last 4 chapters in Daniel was originally just two longer
    ones instead. But someone Divided them in two so what we know as
    9,10,11,12 should have actually read 9/11,10/12 just two longer
    chapters. Its been proven Brother in 8 different ways in so much
    that he cannot get a single argument anywhere. (i can go fetch them if
    need be)
    That part is a Proven fact now, so tell me Brother when one realizes
    this to be true, then you go back to the beginning of the conversation
    where Gabriel said that he had come to give Daniel a better
    understanding of the Matter and the Vision in 9:23 what did that really mean?
    When one realizes that 11 is actually connected to the tail end of
    Daniel chapter 9 then chapter 11 must be included as well. Amen?
    Now you can see it just as it was supposed to be where the Matter is
    all about Jesus Christ and His first and second coming mentioned in
    those last two verses, but the Vision part is referring to the entirety
    of Daniel chapter 11. Now things actually make logic because at the end
    of Daniel chapter 8 Daniel still didn't quite understand it. Even though
    Gabriel was under obligation to do so. (read 8:16)
    So when the Angel/Saint returned over a decade later in chapter 9 what
    else could that vision in verse 23 be referring to? Wouldn't it be a travesty if Gabriel didn't mention it right then and there? Especially after Daniel had already just waited well over a decade. God bless you my precious Brother.

  • T J says:

    A warning to all the false teachers & prophets – REPENT OR PERISH….

  • Greg Lindstrom says:

    Is it possible we borrow all our Rapture ideas from extra biblical writings. The rapture seems more important than the savior, more important than restoration the rapture is a privileged escape for the Church bride. The one that missed the part about Jesus being Jewish.

  • Jeffery Leiva says:

    It’s now October 13th. What happened To September 23rd?

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