October 3, 2019 0

GRF Lehends’ Prediction On Group A: GRF>G2>C9

Hello. I’m GRF’s supporter, Son ‘Lehends’ Siwoo. Since it’s my first time to Worlds, I’m happy to get so much attention. And I only think about giving the fans a good performance. About C9, I… Well, in G2’s case, they’ve been doing well. They won the last MSI, too. So I have information about them, but I don’t have much for C9. So it’s difficult for me to talk about C9. I’ve wanted to meet Ming and CoreJJ. Ming, I think… In my opinion, he’s a good player I’ve wanted to face. For CoreJJ… He was good before, but recently he is not. That’s why I wanna meet him. So I can win. We’re quite close. CoreJJ contacted me recently. He said, “my performance has dropped.” I wanna see whether it’s real or not. First of all, GRF will stand on top for sure. G2 will be second while C9 being third. I think so. Of course, I must beat SKT. I’ve got defeated so many times, so I must win over them at least once. My teammates are working hard to win Worlds. We’ll keep on practicing and bring good results to our fans. Thank you.

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