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Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Libra Compatibility

Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Libra Compatibility

With the sign of Libra, Astrologers would
say that Libras could be very promiscuous. It’s not so much as being promiscuous as Libra
people are charming and they are very friendly to everybody and are very easy to please.
A lot of Libras can be very indecisive. It can be rather frustrating, they really don’t
want to make up their minds. If someone can make up their minds for them they tend to
go in that direction. Libras are very good with partnerships. They like to partner up
with people. That is one of the main traits of a Libra, their charm and their ability
to partner up with others. Libras are very narcissistic. They tend to be very charming
and work well with others so that they can spend things around to them. Which isn’t to
say this is good or bad. They do this for a sense of their own balancing if they decide
to balance. It’s narcissistic but it is not as self-centered as a Leo is. A Leo like the
attention whereas Libra people will take in partnerships for their gratification so they
know that they’re can be involved. So can Libras be promiscuous? I suppose that you
could see the sign as such. It’s mostly because they are charming to everyone. And because
they are indecisive and easily to be lead in areas they cannot make up their minds about.
They would probably just rather put their purposes, their ideals and their opinions
aside to couple up with other people because they just don’t want to make up their minds.

67 Replies to “Guide to Astrological Sign Compatibility : Libra Compatibility”

  • vinny1010 says:

    Yeah same here…

  • Khin Griswold says:

    He said the same thing in like 5 different ways for 2 min straight….

  • Neeto85 says:

    I love that this is being done, but who's this guy? This whole thing would be about a quarter of its length if he didn't repeat the same damn things so many times.

  • peezhead says:

    aquarius, leo and gemini if u ask me

  • peezhead says:

    nah man fuck you…lol(im a libra)

  • Emily Gardner says:

    my sister is a libra, and she can never make up her mind. im a taurus and i always have to help her make up her mind with shopping,food,movies, etc. we are a good balance.

  • Melissa Sanchez says:

    same here ;]

  • cmbears17 says:

    i'm a Libra with a Cancer man it's been almost 5 years and we have almost killed each other so far…..

  • memphisarab says:

    i agree 100% being a libra. and sometimes sags too!

  • peezhead says:

    yeah ur right sagittarius too. i forgot to add them in. And there's a lady at my job who says that really loves me and she's a sag. She actually buys me lunch…lol

  • memphisarab says:

    keep pimpin big dog!

    i've read some rare reports about us being comp w/ scorpio and aries occasionally. i guess anything right under the right light. :/

  • monikafyfy says:

    where is the compatibility thing in this video???

    well i'm a libra who for years got in loved and involved with virgos( all from 11/09 wiked!!)

    but ended up with a scorpion, and have to tell is a love / hate relation…
    but is like this for 11 years

    but he is a Controler
    hate it and there is when the Hate parts happen between us

  • LukeTheFlook says:

    im wondering if libras can be good with other libras. i met this wonderful girl and i want to know if we could be good together

  • Brad Eddy says:


    I'm a virgo, and I dated a girl that is a libra..

    I could'nt freaking STAND how she was so indecisive…

    I got impatient with her MANY times..

    that's why her and I don't talk much anymore..

    because we were friends for a about a year..

  • homegirl5000 says:

    im i libra and my boyfriend is a cancer and we been together for 5 years,hes is a different person every day , just like the moon his mood changes and he so sensitive , it drives me nuts, but he hates how i cant make up my mined even bout what move to watch or what candy to get and that drivs him crazy, we almost brake up every month, but we still just cant get enough of echother now matter how crazy we drive one another…lol

  • Mike Santos says:

    I'm gemini guy. i love libra girl. Supposedly libra – compatible with aquarius, and Gemini. Because Air Sign . Air sign is the only the group the most intellectual people of all signs. I know how Libra is very very smart – practical. see libra girl should be gemini guy. Libra guy should be with Aquarius girl. Aquarius guy should be Gemini girl. that's real cycle.

  • Mike Santos says:

    The reason why i like libra girl. Is because first very smart. very practical. 2nd easy to ask to go along with. Gemini needed that..3rd. Very artistic. See with libra girl i can ask anything intellectually . their opinion my opinion I love the way libra thinks. If you notice the band " The Beatles" two great composer: John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Thats Libra and Gemini. lols World record album in the history. #1 Greatest band of all time. 2 nirvana. kurt Cobain Aquarius. lols. The Air Signs!

  • Mike Santos says:

    thats means.. you can be pratical minded. easy to get along with people.

  • Mike Santos says:

    i know.. but then libra don't know that!!. they think gemini is two face…. blah blah.!!! blah. If we are two face.. So you think John F. Kennedy is two face? You Morrisey is two face. You think. Morgan freeman is two face? Tupac, Che gavara, bob dylan, Marilyn Monroe, Betoweven, Mc Escher, – I don't think so!!

  • ACParker13 says:

    yes, kennedy was very 2-faced, he had the best intentions in the world but he was 2-faced, most politicians are, so maybe just take him out of ur list, politicians mite deserve their own astrological sign haha

    the rest of the list.. who's to know besides people that know them personally, if you are going to judge the accuracy of astrology by celebrities you aren't going to get very far, people make careers out of helping celebrities portray certain images, what you see is NOT what you get

  • Mike Santos says:

    @ACParker13 really!!! its not all about celebrities, I based on on the general, Beethoven wasn't celebrities he was one greatest musicians of all time, and as well as Mc Escher was greatest artist ( were underrated ) in history. Explain how John F. Kennedy is two face? Because apparently He's one greatest American President in history. And then you gonna call it two face. OH yeah for the record the guy who shot Kennedy is Libra. lols!!! hahahalo . I"M serious. What's hes name Oswald? something.

  • ACParker13 says:

    lee harvey oswald i believe

    i'd rather not get in debate on the subject, especially on youtube

    but i will say this.. JFK was like an actor, who campaigned like he was auditioning for the lead role called the President of the US. he was a very intelligent man, had great political views, and was probably the best president ever in terms of speaking and winning people over, however he was not perfect, he had his faults just like everyone else

    ..and that's all i've got to say about that lol

  • Mike Santos says:

    @ACParker13 i agree… I don't really believe on this astrological signs. Because not all signs are not really same. ON the other hand, there's chinese zodiac, sun's signs, moon's signs, The number signs ( Numerology ), and the day you're born. So it's not just horoscope. there's more you have to know. So if you're a libra and your moon sign is aries. Then you different person in a way.

  • dramacrazy365 says:

    yes they can work my bro is a libra and he got married to my sis n law and shes a libra too they r great together 🙂 libra libra can work ///haha im a libra too 🙂 hope that helps 😉

  • Kingofeurope says:

    Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius are the best matches for Libra. Capricorns aren't our worst match, as long as there's no argument or conflict between them. Cancer is the absolute worst.

  • JML510 says:

    That's bullshit. I wouldnt go by that if I were you, man

  • Jhazel Despe says:

    LIBRA and LEO?? is it good??? :DD

  • keyron campbell says:

    I'm dating a cancer now the they change everyday it's so much work. I love her so I guess it can work. I'm a libra

  • keyron campbell says:

    @meiry53 I'm a libra and aquarius is a good match for a Libra.

  • keyron campbell says:

    @Kingofeurope Cancers H### No.

  • keyron campbell says:

    @itzarexx A cancer has issues I'm a libra and I'm dating one now and its so much work. I don't know what I'm going do.

  • keyron campbell says:

    @dramacrazy365 Libras are great. I'm just happy I was born when I was. Oct 11.

  • keyron campbell says:

    @waterwingit13 yep cancers are something else. my last two relationships was cancers and they are they type of people that's hard to understand and it takes a lot of work. You gotta ask yourself is it worth it. I'm in love with one now and her mood is different everyday. i guess I gotta make it work because I love her.

  • dramacrazy365 says:

    @keyron23 lol yep we are awesome lol …im happy i was born when i was too :)…oct 2 😀

  • CDanielzSpecialist says:

    the divorce rate in the united states is well over 50%. Those are just marriages. It's only going to get worse too!!!

  • WafflesFTWx3 says:


  • Lee Tucker says:

    2 thumbs upp. I'm a mother fukin libra. Yeahh baby. The Cupid of zodiacs. WTF u got to say bout that. BOTCHES!!!!!!'nn

  • Lee Tucker says:

    Lov u to aries!!!!!

  • TheAs57 says:

    @meiry53 Libra and Aquarius get along pretty well. i know this from experience.

  • allen green says:

    That is sad that is me.. why do people have to steal and smile in your face… i think we are lonely and we get flattered when given attention… always happy and smiling. yes me mom is from venus to and get along perfect…she is a taurus… im always helpin people.. my emotions and face movements seem to make me feel down when i realize what kind of situtation i gotten into.. hurt to see that life is real. After all no one else is perfect you will see sometimes.just pay attention to people.

  • Cain Lucas says:

    I'm a Libra,and I have very strong feelings for an Aquarious.
    And I kind of agree with Gapan,we're just lonely,and we get flattered when people would waste their time with us.

  • SS GG says:

    Libra and Leo=good
    Libra and cancer=probably the worst for me

  • melody nu says:

    Im a scorpio dating a libra and its awesome so far 🙂 any thoughts on our compatibility????

  • melody nu says:

    well true he can be questionable at times but we always work it out.. my libra is such a sweetheart 🙂

  • AngelaTruffles says:

    LIBRAS RULE BITCHES!!! its true

  • jbear4life says:

    @505299 I'm in the same boat i to am a Capricorn an i get along so well with my Libra man, the only problem we have it that we are not always on the same page about things other than that he it a magnet to me :))

  • Allison Lowe says:

    I am libra and my fiance is virgo.. best match ever..

  • cutehellbutterfly says:

    yes i am a libra and a girl and my bf is aquarius guy (obvious) and we fight but omg we make up so good

  • genuinelibra says:

    1. @broadwaybabe07 they start fighting with you 4 stupid reasons and they are soo Arrogant They think that they are always right, they think that they know the best answers to all life problems and they think that they are better than most of the ordinary people. don't jump with him right away..? thats another No No, No eventually you will start noticing His way around YOU! And observed him. don't let his puppy eyes fool you. A Libra that cares for the same Zodiac LIBRA.

  • genuinelibra says:

    @broadwaybabe07 I don't get along with pisces errrr !!! My Mom is Aquarius and mY Dad is Pisces and I myself I'm Libra. I can't stand my dad sometimes And i said it in another youtube video Becareful!!! – they can be Cheaters and Judgemental

  • genuinelibra says:

    ADD ME All Libras
    Capris –

  • predatorsl10 says:

    @ItaloMexcarrasco It's true. I dated libra and she always thought that she was right and made fight out of literally nothing. In the end I had to break up with her no matter how hard it was for me. She was also hiding her emotions no matter how hard I tried to get her to tell me what's going on (I could see there was something wrong). Most of the times I thought it's something serious, but like I said it was worries for absolutely nothing and being really insecure. But that's just libra for you.

  • Brittany Oden says:

    @meiry53 same here and were highschool sweethearts 🙂

  • hotdrumchick says:

    He's partly right, but all Libras don't fit into his description.

  • BossyGirlEnt says:

    @latosa4life RUN!!!

  • melody nu says:

    @BossyGirlEnt lol why?

  • Admiral Desiree J Terrebonne says:

    Life is full of decisions, live in the moment and do the right action for the right reason. No regrets – grab that brass ring, remember the consequences.

  • XY ZW says:

    @hotdrumchick Are you even a libra? he didnt say much about libra but everything is true.

  • XY ZW says:

    @nigga4676 we will

  • hotdrumchick says:

    @thesideswipe180 Oct 2. Some things he mentioned don't work for me, but like I said……

  • conni70 says:

    jeeez…he makes it sound like Libras are followers and have no backbone…remember, Libra is a Cardinal-Masculine sign meaning that initiative and leadership are inherent traits in Libra…the best description for Libra is "an iron fist in a velvet glove"…

  • conni70 says:

    @SeventhSun… not rue…a Libra Sun sign is very compatible with Scorpios, as long as Libra has Water signs in their chart or Venus in Scorpio…

  • skyfire878 says:

    LIBRA, my best match 🙂

  • skyfire878 says:

    i know your out there 😉

  • skyfire878 says:

    my best match is a Libra! 🙂

  • SimpleeAndrea says:

    Aquarians are le best. Er'body likes ussssss~~ ;D

  • melody nu says:

    aww why?

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