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Hip Hop Astrology: Offset is a Sagittarius!

Hip Hop Astrology: Offset is a Sagittarius!

Offset definitely did drop a dope album this year, you know, for 2019. A lot of people talking bout it, talking about how flames it was which it had to be since he is a fire sign, right. [laugh] But seriously though, Offset being a Sagittarius something I always say with Sagittarius being that they’re mutable signs and have that dynamic of being mutable that means they have a lot of versatility and you know that I always say that with a lot of Sagittarius such as Jay-Z, DMX, Nicki Minaj Styles P, Mos Def, you know to name a few, you know, you see the Sagittarius and see how versatile they are with their freestyles or when they rap You know it’s really unpredictable and that’s what it is with Sagittarius, you know, they’re known as a sign that’s very witty. I can think off the top of the head When it comes to them being fire signs, you know with that fire you know they ignite to excite, so when they rap it has that extra dynamic to it, that flair, like I always say. So you know with seeing Offset come off with that dynamic and that type of flow and style, I was just waiting for it you know as a Sagittarius cause they have that element of surprise sometimes. and overall with the Migos, you know, all three of them just have interesting flows, you know. Him, Take Off, and Quavo. Take Off too especially he has a dynamic flow and he’s also a mutable sign, you know, he’s a Gemini an opposition of Offset and actually with that being in mind when Offset is around the both of them he actually picks up that energy a lot cause you know, Sagittarius are susceptible to energy and being around other people so because of that sometimes they could mimic other energies in a way. So that’s why its really wise for them to sometimes be more hermetic and become more of that 9 frequency because they are originally the ninth month. Which is an Aries kind of dynamic where they have to do things individually to really grow and manifest their true gift. And for them to truly manifest their gift they have to go through tremendous sacrifices. You know Sagittarius can sometimes be spend thrifters and sometimes shallow. Which you can see with Offset’s lyrics, right? Kinda gas you up with that but now he has his other side to him And that’s the deeper side of Sagittarius, you know. Once they go through certain things and definitely Offset, you know, definitely had to own up to responsibility really young you know because he did have children at a young age, which actually worked to his benefit because Sagittarius, you know, they tend to be the kid of all the zodiac signs they have like that Peter Pan syndrome With him having kids at a very young age definitely matured him early. And Offset has that strong support system with his family and being a member of Migos with Take Off & Quavo. This helps them because they’re air and fire With Quvao being fire, that cardinal energy Aries it really encourages Offset for him never to give up You know, Aries is that sign that never gives up, you know, they’re like the leader They’re ruled by Mars so with that being in mind, it really motivates to Offset to really take off [laughs] I guess It’s part, it’s the Sag in me you know. It’s the wits I told you Nah but seriously though, with Take Off he actually compliments Offset really well You know him being an air sign because with Offset being a Sagittarius you know, they tend to be high tempered and get upset really quickly if you come at them a certain way or say something to them very personal, they’ll just snap out of nowhere so with TakeOff being there as an air sign they tend to soothe that quality down where fires won’t erupt as much and also this goes for him being around Quavo as well cause Aries get high tempered as well. And as a matter of fact, Aries and Geminis compliment each other really well and there are plenty of air signs and fire signs that Aries and Geminis are best friends or family related.

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